Any experienced fisherman knows that sunglasses are one of the most important pieces of equipment to have out on the water. This is crucial to protecting your eyes but also helping you better enjoy your fishing experience. After all, it should be about relaxing and having a good time more than anything. Oakley Polarized Fishing Sunglasses allow you to see beneath the surface of the water while offering top-level glare protection.

What to Look for in Oakley Fishing Sunglasses

Below we will give you a brief look at some of the proprietary technology that goes into creating Oakley fishing sunglasses.

Frame Technology

O Matter

Oakley’s proprietary frame material is O Matter. It is highly durable and flexible and found in just about every Oakley sport sunglass. This nylon-fused plastic is also used in all of the Oakley fishing sunglasses below.


Grip is extremely important in fishing sunglasses. Sunscreen and sweat increase chances that your sunglasses will slip down your nose. Oakley’s Unobtainium grip ensures that you won’t have to keep adjusting your sunglasses throughout the day. This material gets stickier and tackier the more you sweat.

Lens Technology

PRIZM Lens Technology

Oakley engineers developed PRIZM Lens Technology to boost contrast and manipulate the light spectrum, making everything more vivid and easier to see. There are several different categories of PRIZM lenses for sport and everyday activities alike. Lucky for you, they also have PRIZM fishing lenses. PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized boosts green and copper hues making fish easier to spot. On the flip side of the fishing spectrum is PRIZM Deep Water Polarized. This lens works by filtering out shades of blue. Spotting fish beneath the surface becomes easier because it allows you to see through the water rather than just the reflection of glare on the surface. We even have a comparison of PRIZM Deep and Shallow Water so you can find the right lens for your needs.

HD Polarized

Glare can ruin your day. It causes headaches and makes seeing anything below the surface of the water impossible. Oakley HDPolarized lenses block out 99% of reflective glare to reduce eye fatigue. They are so successful at fighting glare because they are made as a single pair to guarantee the axis of polarization is centered across both lenses. Other brands manufacture their lenses at different times which throws off the axis of polarization and lets more glare pass through the lens.


Oakley’s proprietary lens material is a high-grade polycarbonate blend. Essentially, it is the best polycarbonate lens you can find. Plutonite lenses block out 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and blue light up to 400 nanometers to keep your eyes fully protected form the sun.

The Best Oakley Sunglasses for Fishing

Oakley Split Shot

Oakley Split Shot

Oakley Split Shot in Polished Black with PRIZM Shallow Water

Shop Oakley Split Shot

The Split Shot has everything you need in a fishing sunglass. A wraparound design with extended side shields and top of frame block out all light to keep your eyes fully protected from the sun. The brow line of the frame is sloped down on the edges to avoid making contact with the brim of your hat. The thin temple arms can also be comfortably tucked underneath your hat. Included is a 20″ coated woven steel leash which can be easily detached/reattached. A full saddle Unobtainium nosebridge gives you all the grip you need to keep these sunglasses from sliding down your nose.

See our complete Split Shot Review.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL w PRIZM Deep Water

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in Polished white with PRIZM Deep Water Polarized

Shop Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

The ‘XL’ in Flak 2.0 XL refers to extended lens height for maximum coverage and protection. The bottom of the lenses are curved on the bottom to fit around your cheekbones. The non-xl version features lenses with a flat bottom. Oakley’s proprietary frame material, O Matter, makes this sunglass pliable enough to meet any of your fishing needs.

Learn more in our Flak 2.0 XL review.


Oakley Gascan

Oakley Gascan with PRIZM Black Polarized

Oakley Gascan in Steel with PRIZM Black Polarized lenses

Shop Oakley Gascan

About as classic as it gets! The Gascan has been in the Oakley lineup for ages but for good reason. This high wrap sunglass blocks out all light to give you all the protection you need on the water. It has a very similar style to the Fuel Cell(below) but is slightly smaller, catering to medium size heads. We also have a Gascan vs Fuel Cell comparison if you want to see all of the differences between the two frames.

Oakley Fuel Cell

Oakley Fuel Cell in Matte Black with PRIZM Deep Water

Oakley Fuel Cell in Matte Black with PRIZM Deep Water Polarized

Shop Oakley Fuel Cell

The Fuel Cell is the big brother of the Gascan. A super wrapped fit, extra large lenses, and complete coverage make this sunglass the complete package for any of your fishing needs.


Oakley Turbine

Oakley Turbine with PRIZM Deep Water

Oakley Turbine in Polished Black with PRIZM Deep Water Polarized

Shop Oakley Turbine

The Turbine is yet another great fishing sunglass from Oakley. A full frame design and maximum wrap and coverage will keep you fully protected from the elements. Unlike the Fuel Cell and Gascan, the Turbine has tons of grip embedded into the frame. Unobtanium grip on the temples and nosepads keep these sunglasses securely on your face no mater how hot it gets out on the water.

Check out our in-depth Turbine review.


Oakley Double Edge

Oakley Double Edge w PRIZM Deep Water

Oakley Double Edge in Matte Black with PRIZM Deep Water

Shop Oakley Double Edge

The Oakley Double Edge is for the larger heads out there. A tall and wide lens gives you tons of coverage so you don’t miss a thing. If you break a sweat reeling in your catch, Unobtanium grip nosepads keep the Double Edge in place and on your face. Get it with PRIZM lenses so you can see and track fish easier!

Learn more about the Double Edge.

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