Driving is one of, if not the most important, situations where the right pair of sunglasses can help keep you safe. With the right pair of Oakley driving sunglasses, you can stay glare-free while offering your eyes optimal sun protection.

What to Look for in Oakley Driving Sunglasses

We discuss everything you need to consider when buying driving sunglasses in our Driving Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide. In this roundup we will quickly cover the proprietary technology Oakley uses which make for a better on-road experience.

Frame Technology

Lightweight, durable, grippy, and comfortable. Oakley driving sunglasses check all the boxes. O Matter frame material is incredibly resilient and lightweight to meet your everyday needs without weighing you down. Unobtainium grip nosepads and temple arms will keep the sunglasses glued to your face so readjusting them is never an issue. With wraparound fits for extra coverage to lifestyle designs for every occasion, Oakley driving sunglasses meet a wide variety of preferences.

Lens Technology

When it comes to lenses, Oakley has it dialed. PRIZM, Oakleys contrast enhancing lens technology, works by manipulating the light spectrum through boosting colors your eyes are more sensitive to and filtering out the dull colors. This leads to better separation of colors and maximum detail. We recommend PRIZM polarized lenses for driving because the polarized filter will cut glare bouncing off car bumpers and windshields, making it easier for you to focus on the road ahead. Dive deeper into the world’s leading lens technology in our Oakley PRIZM Guide.


The Top 5 Oakley Driving Sunglasses of 2020

1. Holbrook

This timeless style is inspired by mid-century silver screen stars. The Holbrook is a frame that is perfect for just about any occasion, especially driving.

Holbrook in PRIZM Black

Oakley Holbrook in Polished Black with PRIZM Black Lenses

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Oakley Holbrook Features:

  • The keyhole nosebridge oozes style while accommodating for a variety of nose shapes and sizes.
  • Embrace a bold look with this on-trend lens shape.
  • O Matter frame material creates a lightweight feel without compromising durability.


Check out our complete review of the Holbrook.

2. Mainlink XL

The Mainlink family incorporates sport features in a lifestyle design for maximum versatility. This casual design can be worn on the daily so you don’t have to swap frames when you get in the car for your commute.


Oakley Mainlink XL

Oakley Mainlink XL in Matte Black with PRIZM Black Polarized Lenses

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Oakley Mainlink XL Features:

  • Unobtainium nosepads and temple arms provide relentless grip, even on the hottest days.
  • O Matter frame construction for the perfect blend of weight and strength.
  • This frame design can handle tough prescriptions, making it perfect for those with a high Rx.


Check out our Mainlink vs. Mainlink XL video to see which size is best for you.

3. Turbine

If a wraparound sunglass is more your style, try out the Turbine. The curvature of the lenses provide an extended peripheral view so you don’t have any glare sneaking in on your blind spots.

Oakley Turbine

Oakley Turbine in Matte Black with PRIZM Tungsten Polarized Lenses

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Oakley Turbine Features:

  • Get all the grip you will every need with Unobtainium coated temple arms and nosepads.
  • Wraparound design keeps glare from sneaking in from the sides and offers better sun protection.
  • O Matter frame material creates a lightweight and flexible feel.


Learn more in our full Turbine review.

4. Portal X

Similar to the Mainlink series, the Portal X packs sport features into a casual design. This made the cut due to the versatile functionality and ability to the be your one pair of sunglasses that can do it all.

Oakley Portal X

Oakley Portal X in Polished Black with PRIZM Black Polarized Lenses

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Oakley Portal X Features:

  • Laid-back aesthetic if perfect for life on-the-go.
  • The nosepads and inside of the temple arms are coated in Unobtainium grip to keep the frames optically aligned.
  • O Matter frame material is both lightweight and impact resistant.


Learn more about this model in our Portal X Review.

5. Frogskins

Originally introduced in 1985, the Frogskins has never gone out of style. This sunglass can be worn for most any occasion which is what makes it ideal for driving around town in.

Oakley Frogskins

Oakley Frogskins in Black Ink with PRIZM Ruby Lenses

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Oakley Frogskins Features:

  • The retro-inspired design will have you looking like a true Oakley fan.
  • A keyhole nosebridge adds to the overall fit and comfort of this frame.
  • Plenty of PRIZM lens options and a variety of PRIZM Rx offerings.


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