Do you know what Polarized Sunglasses are?

Have you ever experienced being unable to see forward because of polarized light? Polarized lenses cut out horizontal and vertical glare that is created from the sun reflecting off various surfaces. Also, Polarized lenses consist of layered films and one of them will be coated with a special chemical that reduces the glare. Then, what are polarized sunglasses for? How do we know if it works or not? Go ahead to read this post and see why you need polarized lenses. Also, watch the video from Sunglass Rob from SportRx. He will clarify what polarized sunglasses are with a simple explanation.

How does Polarized Sunglasses work?

Now you know polarized sunglasses reduce glare like what Sunglass Rob said, then here is how it works. Lights are waves and they come from everywhere. Polarized lenses block the horizontal waves that come from the reflection of certain objects. If you cannot see more clearly through the lens than when you are not wearing sunglasses, you are missing the real view. The darkness of lenses helps to reduce polarized glare but it can’t help to get out of it and see better.

When do I need Polarized Sunglasses?

Fishing and Sailing

Especially, when you do some sports near water such as fishing and sailing, you definitely need to prepare polarized sunglasses for the better performance of your sports. The sun reflects in the water and will create a harmful glare. This will bother your sights to catch the fish or go in the right direction.

Baseball & Golf

For playing ball games such as baseball and golf, you need to see farther and clearer. However, if the sun is strong and shines from the opposite side, you will not be able to see through the sun. If you have a nice pair of polarized sunglasses, you will see farther and boost the performance of your activities.

Everyday Life

Generally, polarized lenses are needed pretty much every day. When you go sightseeing, beach walking, hiking, and driving, you may have experienced that you cannot look forward because of the sun. It can be very dangerous depending on where you are.

What are the Best Polarized Sunglasses?

Depending on your activities, you can choose a different style of polarized sunglasses. If you are more like an active person who enjoy sports a lot, you can choose sunglasses that covers all around the eyes. If you like hanging out outside in the sun and prefer to have more stylish sunglasses for fashion, you can get classic square sunglasses or aviator sunglasses.

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Are you into fishing or sailing or any other activities near the water? Do not forget to bring this outstanding sunglasses! Wide lenses and wrap-around frame of Costa Cape cover your face well and avoid sunlight and glare. Also, it features Hydrolite nose and temple pads that prevent from slipping and make your move more comfortable.

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If you enjoy sports every day, here is the one that will make your activities fun. Costa Fantail is built with heavy duty TR 90 nylon frames and superb protection that are durable to have while doing ball sports such as Baseball and Golf. Also, it keeps you looking fashionable, so you can wear it on the way to the range or back home.

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Can I have Polarized Lenses with Prescription?

Yes, of course. Even though you change the lens to a polarized lens, you can still have prescription lenses. SportRx has specialized opticians that will help you to see even better with the right prescription for you. Shop a new pair of polarized sunglasses at SportRx and be happy. We want you to be happy and satisfied with the product. Feel free to Contact Us for more questions.