Say sayonara to days of squinting through glare (or trying to put things in focus), with polarized prescription sunglasses made just for you. Designed to eliminate blinding glare and accommodate prescription needs, these frames will have you wishing you had gotten a pair sooner. Join SportRx as we share the top 5 best polarized prescription sunglasses that reveal one of the most comfortable visual experiences yet!

Table of Contents

A. Why Should I Get Polarized Sunglasses with Prescription?
B. Best Polarized Prescription Sunglasses
1. Oakley Holbrook
2. Wiley X Gravity
3. SMITH Outlier 2
4. Maui Jim Red Sands
5. SPY Cyrus
C. Shop Polarized Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx

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Join Eyeglass Tyler as he reveals the top 5 best polarized prescription sunglasses! To see the lineup in its entirety, keep on reading below.

Why Should I Get Polarized Sunglasses with Prescription?

Before we reveal why you would want polarized prescription sunglasses, let's first review how polarized lenses work.

Glare is created when vertical sunlight hits off a horizontal surface. This reflected light is otherwise known as blinding glare and is commonly found around bodies of water, bright roads, and snow.

Polarized lenses use a chemical treatment to eliminate glare. This treatment is applied in a vertical pattern on the lens to block the horizontal light, which reveals greater visual clarity and contrast. Polarized lenses also combat the risks associated with glare such as reduced visibility, distorted color, and eye strain.

In addition to a more comfortable visual experience, prescription polarized sunglasses will give you the optical boost you need to enjoy the view. Tailor-made to your prescription needs, you'll achieve greater definition without compromising on glare-defense.

Graphic of water that shows vision through prescription polarized sunglasses and standard non-polarized lenses.

Best Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Now, that we understand how polarization works (and why you want it!), let's check out the frames!

Oakley Holbrook

Clear vision, glare defense, UV protection, and impeccable style? The Oakley Holbrook has got it all. This gorgeous lifestyle frame has reached iconic status and continues to be an Oakley favorite today. Made from lightweight O Matter™ and featuring Oakley's Three-Point-Fit system, you'll get a fit so comfortable, you may even forget you're wearing sunglasses. The only reminder that you're wearing the Holbrook? The crystal-clear optics you'll receive from custom prescription Oakley lenses. PRIZM Polarized lenses block 99% of glare and the square shape makes them an excellent candidate for low and high prescriptions.

Oakley Holbrook polarized prescription sunglasses with black frame and PRIZM ruby lenses.

Oakley Holbrook in Polished Black with PRIZM™ Ruby Polarized Lenses

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Oakley Holbrook Key Features

  • PRIZM™ Polarized lens tech blocks 99% of glare & is Rx-able
  • O Matter™ frame construction is lightweight & durable
  • Three-Point-Fit creates a secure fit without any uncomfortable pressure points
  • Keyhole nose bridge encourages air flow & decreases fogging
  • SFW: 132mm

Wiley X Gravity

If you need a frame that is extreme as you are, look no further than the Wiley X Gravity. With its 8-base wrap, removable foam eyecup, rubber grip, and strap-compatibility, the Gravity can take on any adventure with ease. It also boasts an ANSI Z87.1 safety rating, so you can wear these with the utmost confidence that you're protected by the best.

As for the lenses, the Wiley X Gravity is available with a variety of polarized prescription lens options that reveal brighter color and enhanced contrast. Our opticians recommend Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses for its polarized efficiency and Rx-ability. And that safety rating we just mentioned? Your prescription lenses are also ANSI-approved.

Wiley X Gravity polarized prescription sunglasses in black with blue mirror lenses.

Wiley X Gravity in Black Crystal with Green Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses

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Wiley X Gravity Key Features

  • Wiley X polarized prescription lenses are ANSI-approved
  • 8-base wrap delivers maximum protection from sun, dirt, & debris
  • Removable foam eyecup provides extra security & eye protection
  • Comes with T-peg strap to convert sunglasses to goggles
  • SFW: 135mm

SMITH Outlier 2

For the perfect hybrid frame, the SMITH Outlier 2 can take you from leisurely hangouts to active days on-the-go. While it has a lifestyle look, megol nose pads keep it securely in place for when you're on the move. The generous square lenses work well with a range of prescriptions and are available with SMITH's contrast-enhancing ChromaPop™ lens technology.

SMITH Outlier 2 sunglasses in black with polarized brown mirror lenses.

SMITH Outlier 2 in Matte Black with ChromaPop™ Polarized Bronze Mirror Lenses

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SMITH Outlier 2 Key Features

  • Available with ChromaPop™ lens technology for brighter colors & contrast
  • Square lenses work well with a variety of prescriptions
  • Hybrid style that makes this an ideal everyday frame due to its versatility
  • Megol rubber nose pads deliver grip & comfort
  • SFW: 135mm

Maui Jim Red Sands

Our Sports Opticians see a lot of frames and the Maui Jim Red Sands continues to be one that gets our team excited. It's ultra-lightweight, looks great on a variety of face shapes, and features the impressive PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. When wearing prescription PolarizedPlus2® lenses, you'll achieve enhanced colors and contrast that truly make nature pop. It also blocks harmful blue light so you can spend days under the sun in comfort & confidence that your eyes are protected.

Maui Jim Red Sands sunglasses in tortoise with polarized HCL bronze lenses.

Maui Jim Red Sands in Black and Grey Tortoise with HCL Bronze Lenses

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Maui Jim Red Sands Key Features

  • PolarizedPlus2® lens tech blocks 99.9% of glare
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads deliver a perfect fit & secure grip
  • Nylon injected frame is ultra-lightweight & comfortable to wear
  • Available as Asian Fit and Readers
  • SFW: 138mm

SPY Cyrus

California style meets superior optics in the SPY Cyrus. The boldest design in our lineup of the best polarized prescription sunglasses, the Cyrus doesn't shy away from attention. Thick temples, oversized lenses, and harsh angles, it's a frame for the daring — who aren't afraid to admit they need a little help with their vision.

The SPY Cyrus is available with a range of polarized prescription lenses, including HD+. You'll get unbeatable clarity, glare-free vision, and an elevated mood thanks to the proprietary lens tech that manipulates the light spectrum.

SPY Cyrus sunglasses in black matte with polarized green lenses.

SPY Cyrus in Soft Black Matte with Happy Grey Green Polarized Lenses

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SPY Cyrus Key Features

  • Available with SPY HD+ Polarized prescription lenses
  • Bold design delivers extra sun protection
  • Made from premium Propionate for comfortable & durable wear
  • SFW: 139mm

Shop Polarized Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx

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