Want to know what Oakley sunglasses will fit your head? We put together an Oakley size comparison featuring the most popular sunglasses, so you have an idea of the best and most comfortable models for you. Watch Tyler and Andrew as they discuss the Oakley size basics in this video or keep reading to learn more.

Note: Some of the frames featured in the video are discontinued. See the blog below for the more current list!

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What to Look For in Oakley Sunglasses
How Can I Determine The Size of my Oakleys?
1. Small Oakley Sunglasses
2. Small-Medium Oakley Sunglasses
3. Medium Oakley Sunglasses
4. Medium-Large Oakley Sunglasses
5. Large Oakley Sunglasses
6. Extra Large Oakley Sunglasses

What to Look For in Oakley Sunglasses

There are plenty of features to consider when buying a pair of Oakley sunglasses. First, choose what you want to use them for: lifestyle, sport, or maybe a bit of both. After that, it comes down to the PRIZM lens options and frame colorway. But perhaps the most important consideration is fit.

If your sunglasses don’t fit correctly, you won’t look or feel your best — not to mention they will cause headaches or fall off your face. We created this Oakley size comparison to help you find the right pair that fits your face.

How Can I Determine The Size of my Oakleys?

On the inside of the temple arm you will find the eye size — more commonly known as lens width. This number is followed by the Oakley icon and a second number, which is the bridge width. The third number (following the bridge width) is the temple length.

For example, the number on a pair of Oakley Frogskins may read: 55 O 17 133. This translates to a lens width of 55mm, bridge of 17mm, and temple length of 133mm.

In the case of the Frogskins, there is a number in front of the eye size: 24-306. This is the part/SKU# that is unique to the specific frame and lens colorway. This number has nothing to do with frame size, but may help identify your sunglasses.

What Does XL mean in Oakley Sunglasses?

XL designates a frame in a larger size. It is common for Oakley to introduce a model and then create a larger XL version of the same frame. These have a wider frame as well as larger lenses.

All Oakley XL sunglasses cater to larger heads. Check out our list of the best Oakley Sunglasses for BIG Heads if you are specifically looking for large sunglasses.

What Does XS mean in Oakley Sunglasses?

XS denotes a smaller frame size. For example, Oakley Frogskins are also available in a smaller size as Oakley Frogskins XS.

These frames are perfect for kids or adults with small faces. For a full list of our favorite Oakleys for faces on the smaller side, read Best Oakley Sunglasses for Small Faces.

What is Oakley Standard Fit?

Standard fit is the basic/classic sizing identification Oakley sunglasses are known for. This designation provides a reference point between standard fit and Asian Fit.

What is Oakley Asian Fit?

Oakley Asian Fit sunglasses are designed for the face shape and structure of someone with a flatter face and/or higher cheekbones. These sunglasses have thicker nose pads that help lift the sunglasses off the face and compensate for a flatter nose bridge.

In the case of the Flak 2.0, the frame chassis is even wider and flatter than the standard fit version. Many half-rim Asian Fit sport frame lenses are also cut flat on the bottom for avoiding contact with the face.

Small Oakley Sunglasses

These Oakley sunglasses are best for adults with small faces or for kids looking for some style at school.

Flak XS & Frogskins XS

Oakley Size Guide Flak XS Frogskins XS

Shop Oakley Flak XS

Shop Oakley Frogskins XS

Small-Medium Oakley Sunglasses

A bit larger than the S Oakley frames, we have the Holbrook XS and Fives Squared — which are still good for adults with smaller faces as well as older kids.

Oakley Holbrook XS & Fives Squared

Oakley Size Guide Holbrook XS Fives Squared

Shop Oakley Holbrook XS

Shop Oakley Fives Squared

Medium Oakley Sunglasses

These medium-sized Oakley classics look great on a variety of face shapes. You probably know whether you need big or small sunglasses, so a medium is a safe bet if you’re unsure.

Split Shot & Frogskins

Oakley Size Guide Split Shot Frogskins

Shop Oakley Split Shot

Shop Oakley Frogskins

Half Jacket 2.0 XL & Latch

Oakley Size Guide Half Jacket 2.0 XL Latch

Shop Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

Shop Oakley Latch

Holbrook & Mainlink

Oakley Size Guide Holbrook Mainlink

Shop Oakley Holbrook

Shop Oakley Mainlink

Split Time & Clifden

Oakley Size Guide Split Time Clifden

Shop Oakley Split Time

Shop Oakley Clifden

Medium-Large Oakley Sunglasses

These medium-large sunglasses are for those with a more sizable noggin or who prefer an oversized fit.

Mercenary & Fuel Cell

Oakley Size Guide Mercenary Fuel Cell

Shop Oakley Mercenary

Shop Oakley Fuel Cell

Drop Point & Double Edge

Oakley Size Guide Drop Point Double Edge

Shop Oakley Drop Point

Shop Oakley Double Edge

Flak 2.0 XL & Portal X

Oakley Size Guide Flak 2.0 XL Portal X

Shop Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Shop Oakley Portal X

Large Oakley Sunglasses

Now we’re comfortably into the big heads range with these Oakley frames. However, a medium may enjoy these frames if an oversized style is preferred.

Turbine & Det Cord

Oakley Size Guide Turbine Det Cord

Shop Oakley Turbine

Shop Oakley Industrial Det Cord

Gascan & Sutro

Oakley Size Guide Gascan Sutro

Shop Oakley Gascan

Shop Oakley Sutro

Holbrook XL & Radar EV Path

Oakley Size Guide Holbrook XL Radar EV Path

Shop Oakley Holbrook XL

Shop Oakley Radar EV Path

Extra Large Oakley Sunglasses

Mainlink XL

You can check out all of the size differences between this and the standard in our review of the Mainlink vs Mainlink XL. Fair warning: this is a big frame.

Oakley Size Guide Mainlink

Shop Oakley Mainlink XL

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