Want to know what Oakley sunglasses will fit your head? We have put together a detailed list with size references of Oakley’s most popular sunglasses. This will give you an idea of which models will work best and be the most comfortable for you.

There are plenty of features to consider when buying a pair of Oakley sunglasses. First, you have to choose what discipline you want to use them for; lifestyle, sport, or maybe a bit of both. After that, it comes down to the PRIZM lens options and frame colorway. But perhaps the most important consideration is fit.

If your Oakley sunglasses don’t fit correctly you will probably look like a kook, not to mention they will cause headaches or be falling off your face because they are too loose. We created this guide to help you find the right pair of Oakley sunglasses to fit your face.

Table of Contents

1. Small Oakley Sunglasses
2. Small-Medium Oakley Sunglasses
3. Medium Oakley Sunglasses
4. Medium-Large Oakley Sunglasses
5. Large Oakley Sunglasses
6. Extra Large Oakley Sunglasses

How do I know what Size my Oakleys are?

On the inside of the temple arm you will find the eyesize, commonly known as lens width. This number will be followed by the Oakley icon and then a second number which is the bridge width. The third number, following the bridge width is the temple length.

For example, on a pair of Oakley Frogskins the number may read: 55, Oakley icon, 17 133

This translates to a lens width of 55mm, bridge of 17mm, and temple length of 133mm.

In the case of the Frogskins, there is a number in front of the eyesize, 24-306. This is the part/SKU# that is unique to the specific frame and lens colorway of the frame. This number has nothing to do with frame size but can be helpful when identifying your sunglass.

What Does ‘XL’ mean in Oakley Sunglasses?

‘XL’ designates a frame in a larger size. It is common for Oakley to introduce a model and then create a larger, ‘XL’ version of the same frame but in larger dimensions. All Oakley ‘XL’ sunglass cater to larger heads. We have a complete guide to Oakley Sunglasses for BIG Heads if you are specifically looking for large sunglasses.

What Does ‘XS’ mean in Oakley Sunglasses?

Similar to ‘XL’ indicating an alternative size, ‘XS’ denotes a smaller frame size. For example, Oakley ‘Frogskins’ are also available in a smaller size as ‘Oakley Frogskins XS’.

What is Oakley Standard Fit?

Oakley standard fit is the basic or classic fit Oakley sunglasses have been known for. The main purpose for this designation is to give a reference point between standard fit and ‘asian fit’.

What is Oakley Asian Fit?

Oakley ‘asian fit‘ sunglasses are designed to better fit the face shape and structure of someone with a flatter face and higher cheekbones. All Oakley asian fit sunglasses will have larger nosepads and some frame chassis are actually wider and flatter than the ‘standard fit’ versions. Larger nosepads help lift the sunglasses off your face and help to compensate for a flatter nosebridge. Many half rim asian fit sport frame lenses are also cut flat on the bottom to avoid making contact with the face.


Small Oakley Sunglasses

Flak XS

Oakley Flak XS

Oakley Flak XS in Celeste with PRIZM Ruby Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak XS

Part of the Flak Jacket series, the Flak XS has all the sport capabilities you need in a small size. This sunglass is designed to fit youth head sizes or really anyone in need of a smaller fit.

Holbrook XS

Holbrook XS

Oakley Holbrook XS in Polished Navy with PRIZM Sapphire Lenses

Shop Oakley Holbrook XS

Following the popularity of the Holbrook, the Holbrook XS has all the same great features in a smaller package. Have you seen our complete guide to the Holbrook? It has all of the details on every unique rendition of the Holbrook.

Frogskins XS

Oakley Frogskins XS

Oakley Frogskins XS in Arctic Surf with Fire Iridium Lenses

Shop Oakley Frogskins XS

A smaller version of the Frogskins was a no brainer. The Frogskins XS features a keyhole nosebridge and classic lens shape to keep you or your child looking cool no matter what. This frame is also offered in a standard fit which you can check out further down.

Radar EV XS

Oakley Radar EV XS

Oakley Radar EV XS in Polished White with PRIZM Field Lens

Shop Oakley Radar EV XS

Perfectly designed to give you all the coverage and grip you need. The Radar EV XS also features vents in the top of the lens to reduce any chance of fogging the lens when you are breaking a sweat.

Small-Medium Oakley Sunglasses

Half Jacket 2.0 XL

Half Jacket Black Iridium

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL in Polished Black with PRIZM Black Iridium Lenses

Shop Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

The Half Jacket 2.0 XL is a great small to medium fit with more emphasis on medium. This is a step up from the Flak XS but a size down from the Flak 2.0 XL. The ‘XL’ refers to the curved shape on the bottom of the lens. This is designed to provide extra coverage while avoiding contact with your cheekbone. The ‘non-XL’ lens has a straight cut on the bottom in case you have higher cheekbones or prefer more clearance between the lenses and your face. It is important to note that the frame chassis is the same between the ‘XL’ and ‘non-XL’ versions.


Oakley Frogskins with PRIZM Rose Gold

Oakley Frogskins in Matte Brown Tortoise with PRIZM Rose Gold Lenses

Shop Oakley Frogskins

The Frogskins are a lifestyle classic from Oakley. This 80’s inspired shape never goes out of style! The Frogskins is a great fit on medium faces but is definitely considered one of Oakley’s smaller sunglasses.


Medium Oakley Sunglasses


Oakley Latch

Oakley Latch in Matte Tortoise with PRIZM Black Lenses

Shop Oakley Latch

Try out a round lens shape with the Latch. Whats especially unique about this frame is the built-in latch mechanism in the temple that works as a clip so you can move seamlessly throughout your day by clipping them to your shirt or pocket when you are indoors.


Oakley Apparition

Oakley Apparition in Satin Black with Black Iridium Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Apparition

The Apparition is a new addition to the Oakley lineup and part of the Ahyris Collection. The spring hinges and saddle nosebridge create a comfortable fit that is perfect for medium size heads.


Holbrook in PRIZM Black

Oakley Holbrook in Polished Black with PRIZM Black Lenses

Shop Oakley Holbrook

Get a casual look that can be dressed up or down with the Holbrook. The keyhole nosebridge caters to a variety of nose shapes and sizes while the studded accents give this frame extra style points. The Holbrook is offered in an ‘XS’ and ‘XL’ size but this standard fit is best if you have a medium to large head. We also have a review of the Holbrook vs Holbrook XS if you want to see more about the sizing differences.

Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Flak 2.0 xl prizm road

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in Matte Grey Smoke with PRIZM Road Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

The Flak 2.0 XL is the ultimate sport sunglass. We categorized this frame as a medium fit but it really works for a variety of head sizes. From medium heads to large heads, this sunglass gets the job done! And it is also available in asian fit.


Medium-Large Oakley Sunglasses


Oakley Mainlink

Oakley Mainlink in Grey Ink with Sapphire Iridium Lenses

Shop Oakley Mainlink

Want a sunglass that has sport features in a casual look? The Mainlink has you covered. Unobtanium grip on the temples and nosepads provide enough grip for anything you will encounter. This sunglass has a medium to large fit but there is also an ‘XL’ Mainlink for all the big heads out there.


Oakley Gascan with PRIZM Black Polarized

Oakley Gascan in Steel with PRIZM Black Polarized lenses

Shop Oakley Gascan

As far as classic wrap frames go, the Gascan is a legend! As you may have seen in our video above, this sunglass is one of the smaller full wrap styles in Oakley’s lineup.

Latch Alpha

Oakley Latch Alpha

Oakley Latch Alpha in Matte Black with PRIZM Ruby Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Latch Alpha

Putting a modern twist on the Latch series, the Latch Alpha brings premium materials to an edgy design. Adjustable nosepads create a more customizable fit and the rolled Unobtanium temples will have you feeling luxurious.


Oakley Targetline with Dark Golf

Oakley Targetline in Matte Black with PRIZM Dark Golf Lenses

Shop Oakley Targetline

We love the Targetline because it is another athleisure sunglass that you can wear when you are working out or just going out with friends.

Large Oakley Sunglasses

Radar Ev Path

Oakley Radar EV Path with PRIZM Trail Torch

Oakley Radar EV Path in Matte Black with PRIZM Trail Torch Lens

Shop Oakley Radar EV Path

The expansive lens on the Radar EV Path pushes into a large fit but it can also be worn by medium heads if you don’t mind the slightly over-sized appearance. This sunglass is a favorite among athletes due to the coverage and protection the shield provides.


Oakley Jawbreaker in PRIZM Road Black

Oakley Jawbreaker in Matte Black with PRIZM Road Black Lens

Shop Oakley Jawbreaker

Add a bottom to the frame of the Radar EV Path and you have the Jawbreaker. Vents around the outer edge of the shield give you enough airflow to stay cool when your situation gets hot. This sunglass also features adjustable temples for better helmet and size compatibility.

Holbrook XL

Oakley Holbrook XL

Oakley Holbrook XL in Black Ink with PRIZM Ruby Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Holbrook XL

The Holbrook XL is a true large sunglass for all the big heads out there. The Holbrook is also available in an “XS’ and standard fit size.

Mainlink XL

Oakley Mainlink XL

Oakley Mainlink XL in Matte Black with PRIZM Black Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Mainlink XL

It was only a matter of time before a larger size of the Mainlink was introduced. This is another versatile sunglass if you want a one-par-meets-all model. You can check out all of the size differences in our review of the Mainlink vs Mainlink XL.


mercenary prizm grey

Oakley Mercenary in Polished Black with PRIZM Grey Lenses

Shop Oakley Mercenary

As part of Oakley’s Latitude Collection, the Mercenary packs a punch with sport features embedded throughout the frame. The lenses on the Mercenary are massive, making it a great fit for large heads.

EVZero Path

Oakley EVZero Path with PRIZM Road

Oakley EVZero Path in Polished Black with PRIZM Road Lens

Shop Oakley EVZero Path

If a lightweight fit is more your style, the EVZero series won’t let you down. This full rimless frame weighs almost nothing and is incredibly flexible. This lens is designed to give you maximum coverage so it works best for larger heads but the temple retention caters to medium size heads too!


Oakley Sutro

Oakley Sutro in Matte Black with PRIZM Road Lens

Shop Oakley Sutro

Another recent addition to the Oakley lineup is the cycling purposed, retro inspired, Sutro. It may seem pretty obvious that these would fit a large head best but they even look great if you want a loud and over-sized aesthetic.

Det Cord

oakely industrial det cord ANSI

Oakley Det Cord in Matte Black with Grey Lenses

Shop Oakley Det Cord

The Det Cord is your go-to pair of safety glasses. The Det Cord features extra wrap and coverage you need to stay protected on your job site. Plus, if you wear a prescription, we can make custom safety-rated lenses for your frame.

Fuel Cell

Oakley Fuel Cell in Matte Black with PRIZM Deep Water

Oakley Fuel Cell in Matte Black with PRIZM Deep Water Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Fuel Cell

The Fuel Cell has a similar design as the Gascan but it has a larger fit. We also have a review of the Gascan and Fuel Cell if you want to see more details on how they compare.


Oakley Turbine

Oakley Turbine in Matte Black with PRIZM Tungsten Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Turbine

If you like the wraparound style of the Fuel Cell but need extra grip, the Turbine is the sunglass for you. Unobtanium grip on the nosepads and temples keep the Turbine optically aligned throughout your day. This frame has a large fit. If you dig the style but have a smaller head we recommend the Turbine XS.

Split Shot

Oakley Split Shot with PRIZM Deep Water lenses

Oakley Split Shot with PRIZM Deep Water Lenses

Shop Oakley Split Shot

The Split Shot is Oakley’s first ever fishing specific sunglass. However, its capabilities don’t stop there. This large sunglass is built with hat compatibility in mind and comes with a removable 20″ coated woven steel leash.


Extra Large Oakley Sunglasses

Double Edge

oakley double edge with prizm black

Oakley Double Edge in Polished Black with PRIZM Black Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Double Edge

You get double the frame with the Oakley Double Edge. This sunglass is HUGE and is only recommended for large-extra large heads. Check out a comparison of the Turbine and Double Edge to see a true difference in size.


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