Having trouble finding a sunglass that fits your face size? We know the struggle. Discovering a pair of sunglasses that fit properly is key to getting the most enjoyment out of using them. As a top player in the sunglass world, Oakley has quite the variety of sunglasses and they have even taken into account the need for smaller sizes. We hope to pass on our knowledge of smaller sized Oakley sunglasses so you can find your perfect fit.

Best Oakley Sunglasses for Small Faces

1. What to Look for
1.1. Lens Materials
1.2. Frame Materials
2. Top 7 Oakley Sunglasses for Small Faces

What You Need to Look for:

When it comes to finding exactly what you're looking for, it helps to know a thing or two about the specific lens and frame materials.

Lens Materials

No matter what size sunglasses you end up choosing, PRIZM lens technology is a must! It is Oakley's contrast-enhancing lens that works by filtering out distracting colors and accentuating colors your eyes are more sensitive to. The result is a visual phenomenon like nothing you have experienced before. All the details in your environment will POP with color and the world becomes even more beautiful. There are even PRIZM lenses designed for specific sport environments to enhance your play by improving your reaction time! Check out our complete Oakley PRIZM lens guide to learn more. Did you know you can even get PRIZM in prescription? If you wear an Rx and want to know which sunglasses will work for your range, you can always contact one of our certified opticians for more information.

Frame Materials

No matter what activity you are getting into, durability is essential. With O Matter frame material you never have to worry about your sunglasses breaking down on you when the going gets tough. This frame material has been put to the test by world class athletes. Meeting that level of standards speaks to the quality and durability of O Matter.

Now if you plan on using your sunglasses for sports or are prone to breaking a sweat, Unobtainium grip is a great feature to have. It can be found on several of the frames in this roundup and it will help keep the sunglasses in place and on your face. This Oakley grip material becomes stickier and tackier the MORE you sweat, making it an athlete's dream.

Top 7 Oakley Sunglasses for Small Faces

It's about that time to check out our top 7 picks of Oakley sunglasses for small faces.

1) Oakley Frogskins

Oakley Frogskins with PRIZM Rose Gold

Oakley Frogskins in Matte Brown Tortoise with PRIZM Rose Gold

Shop Oakley Frogskins

Frogskins Key Features:

  • Get the retro-inspired design that was originally introduced in 1985.
  • A keyhole nosebridge caters to a wide variety of nose shapes and sizes.
  • The unisex styling looks great on both women and men.
  • Also available in XS if you need to size down.


Check out our complete Frogskins collection review.

2) Oakley Gibston

Oakley Gibston

Oakley Gibston in Polished Black with PRIZM Grey Lenses


Shop Oakley Gibston

Gibston Key Features:

  • A lower price point saves you money without sacrificing quality.
  • The wraparound fit gives you full coverage, plus protection from the sun.
  • Embrace the simplicity of the design with all the essentials you need in a sunglass.


Dive deeper into the Gibston with our full review.

3) Oakley Fives Squared

Oakley Fives Squared

Oakley Fives Squared in Polished Black with Black Iridium Polarized Lenses

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Fives Squared Key Features:

  • Thin temple arms can be worn comfortably with a hat or helmet.
  • Unobtainium nosepads increase frame retention and grip.
  • The wraparound style keeps sun from sneaking in on your peripherals.

4) Oakley Radar EV XS

Oakley Radar EV XS

Oakley Radar EV XS in Polished White with PRIZM Field Lens

Shop Oakley Radar EV XS

Radar EV XS Key Features:

  • Unobtainium nosepads and temple arms keep the frames in place and on your face.
  • The sport-driven design excels for a wide variety of activities including baseball, running, and cycling.
  • Vents in the top of the shield increase airflow to reduce fogging.

5) Oakley Holbrook XS

Holbrook XS

Oakley Holbrook XS in Polished Navy with PRIZM Sapphire Lenses

Shop Oakley Holbrook XS

Holbrook XS Key Features:

  • Get the classic Holbrook design in a smaller fit!
  • Rivet styling on the sides of the frame add a timeless aesthetic that looks great on all occasions.
  • The keyhole nosebridge creates a more comfortable and balanced fit.


Learn more in our Holbrook XS review.

6) Oakley Flak XS

Oakley Flak XS

Oakley Flak XS in Matte Black with PRIZM Black Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak XS

Flak XS Key Features:

  • Oakley's #1 sport sunglass is now available in a smaller size!
  • The semi-rimless design makes swapping lenses a breeze.
  • There is enough Unobtainium on the nosepads and temples to have you covered for ANY physical activity.

7) Oakley Turbine XS

Oakley Turbine XS

Oakley Turbine XS in Matte Black with PRIZM Daily Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Turbine XS

Turbine XS Key Features:

  • Unobtainium on the nosepads and temple arms increase grip the more you sweat.
  • The wraparound style offers extra coverage from the sun.
  • The style and materials make this sunglass versatile enough to transition from lifestyle to sport.

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