Looking for some awesome Costa sunglasses, but don’t know what color lens is right for you? If that’s the case, then no need to worry because SportRx has you covered. In this episode of SportRx, Sunglass Rob and Johnathan from Costa give us the ultimate Costa lens color guide. Out on a boat by the beautiful Hotel Del, off the shores of Coronado Island, Rob and Johnathan give their expert breakdown on the different strengths of each lens. In addition, they go over the different tiers of lens color shading and how each one would benefit you. For a complete breakdown of the 7 Costa lens colors, check out our Costa Lens Color Guide below!

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Starting from the lightest colored lens, Costa 580 Sunrise Silver Mirror, this lens is perfect for conditions with limited light. These lenses offer an amazing brightening effect. Thus, these would not be ideal for a super bright day as they let it 30% of the light which is about 3 times more than other Costa lenses. The Sunrise Silver Mirror is ideal for dawn, dusk, and overcast days when you’re out on the water and looking for those fish, but need a little pop from your lens.

Costa 580 lens color guide

Costa Diego in Matte Black with 580G Sunrise Silver Mirror lens

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Moving on to a darker lens, we have the Costa 580 Copper lens. This lets in 12% of light and creates a warm look with the brown lens. Additionally, this lens also makes everything pop and offers good contrast. So, if you’re sight fishing inshore and need some protection but also some contrast then these are perfect for you.

Costa Rinconcito in Matte Black with 580P Copper lenses

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Moving just a little darker than the Copper lens, we have the Costa 580 Gray Lens with no mirror. These also offer 12% light transmission. Gray is a neutral lens color and doesn’t affect the appearance of colors. In other words, colors that normally appear blue still look blue, only darker from less light coming through the lens. However, they do significantly enhance the colors with 580 lens technology and create a crisp look. These lenses are best for standard fishing activities and everyday use.

Costa Tuna Alley in Matte Black with 580G Gray lenses

Costa Tuna Alley in Matte Black with 580G Gray lenses

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Next up, we have the Costa 580 Copper Silver Mirror lens. This also has the same light transmission of 12%. However, with the mirror, this lens is more reflective and offers greater protection. These are great lenses for sight fishing because they optimize contrast. Ultimately, the lens is versatile for fishing as well as everyday activities.

Costa 580 lens color guide

Costa Sullivan in Shiny Black Kelp with 580G Copper Silver Mirror lens

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Next up, we have the Costa 580 Green Mirror lens. This lens only allows 10% of the light to come through. Though darker than the Copper Silver Mirror lens, still offers great contrast and accentuates shadows and colors in the water.

Costa 580 lens color guide

Costa Rincon in Smoke Crystal with 580G Green Mirror lens

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The Costa 580 Blue Mirror lens is Costa’s most popular lens color offered. This fan-favorite has a gray base and has a similar effect of putting a drape over a window. This lens offers a 10% light transmission. Overall, these are great for offshore fishing in situations where you are deep in the ocean and facing heavy sun and glare coming off the water.

Costa Aransas

Costa Aransas Matte Black with 580G Blue Mirror

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Last but not least, we have the Costa 580 Gray Silver Mirror lens. This is the newest lens Costa offers and is a great alternative to the popular Blue Mirror. So if you’re looking for similar performance to the Blue Mirror, but want a more neutral alternative, the Gray Silver Mirror is perfect. These also provide 10% light transmission and are ideal for reducing glare during any type of activity.

Costa Fantail Driving Sunglasses

Costa Fantail in Blackout with 580G Gray Silver Polarized Lens

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