Looking for some Costa sunglasses, but not sure which lens color is right for you? SportRx has you covered. We'll break down all seven Costa lens colors, explain how they stack up against one another, and share in which environments they each excel. We've also got a handy Costa lens color chart that summarizes each lens in just a few words, so you can find your match in mere seconds. So, what are you waiting for? Let's cast away into the ultimate Costa Lens Color Guide!

Table of Contents

A. Video Guide
B. Costa Lens Color Chart
C. Costa Lens Colors
1. Blue Mirror
2. Green Mirror
3. Grey Silver Mirror
4. Copper Silver Mirror
5. Grey
6. Copper
7. Sunrise Silver Mirror
D. Costa Lenses FAQs
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Video Guide

Join Sunglass Rob and Johnathan from Costa off the shores of Coronado Island as they share everything you need to know about Costa lens colors. They give their expert breakdown on the different strengths of each lens, and discuss how the different tiers of lens colorshading can benefit you and your fishing environment. For a complete review of the seven Costa lens colors, continue reading our Costa Lens Color Guide below.

Costa Lens Color Chart

For a quick and easy lens comparison, check out our Costa lens color chart. We'll review each of these lenses in detail next.

Lens ColorImageBase ColorBest forLight ConditionsVLT %Rx-able?
Blue MirrorCosta Blue Mirror LensGreyOffshore fishing in bright sun; open water with reflective glareLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright10%Yes
Green MirrorCosta Green Mirror LensCopperSight fishing in full sun; inshore and on flatsLight Conditions Icons Medium to Bright10%Yes
Grey Silver MirrorCosta Gray Silver MirrorGreyWater and land activities with variable light conditionsLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright10%Yes
Copper Silver MirrorCosta Copper Silver MirrorCopperInshore sight fishing with variable light conditionsLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright12%Yes
GreyCosta Gray LensGreyAll-inclusive water and land activitiesLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright12%Yes
CopperCosta Copper LensesCopperSight fishing, driving, everyday activitiesLight Conditions Icons Low to Bright12%Yes
Sunrise Silver MirrorCosta Silver Sunrise Mirror LensYellowFishing in low-light conditions; dusk, dawn, overcastLow Light Overcast Icon30%Yes

VLT: Visible Light Transmission is the amount of light that passes through a lens. The lower the percentage, the darker the lens tint will be with the least amount of light reaching your eyes.

Costa Lens Colors

All Costa lenses are polarized and use 580 lens technology. With a 99.9% polarization efficiency, 580 lenses eliminate reflected glare off the water, revealing brighter, denser colors for enhanced definition, and increased visual clarity on the open waters. Ultimately, you'll experience more comfortable vision and reduced eye strain, regardless of which Costa lens color you choose.

Onto the lenses!
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Blue Mirror

Starting with Costa's most popular lens color, the Blue Mirror lens offers the most sun protection in bright conditions. With a neutral grey base and 10% light transmission, you'll notice a natural effect similar to putting a sheer drape over a window. As for the blue mirror, it combats blinding glare and will keep your vision comfortable when facing bright sun. Because of this, the Blue Mirror lens is ideal for offshore fishing or any deep ocean activities.

Costa Tuna Alley polarized sunglasses with blue mirror lenses.

Costa Tuna Alley in Ocearch Matte Tiger Shark with Blue Mirror 580G Lenses

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Green Mirror

Similar to the Blue Mirror lens, Costa's Green Mirror lens excels in bright sun. However, the Green Mirror's copper base brings out a warm amber hue that provides a great deal of contrast and accentuates shadows and colors in the water. Because of this, our Sports Opticians recommend the Green Mirror lens for inshore or freshwater fishing. Greener water plays beautifully with the copper base to make details pop, while the green mirror protects your vision from harsh glare.

Costa Fantail PRO sunglasses with green mirror polarized lenses.

Costa Fantail PRO in Matte Wetlands with Green Mirror 580G Lenses

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Grey Silver Mirror

The Grey Silver Mirror lens is the newest lens offering from Costa 580 lens technology. It is a great alternative to the popular Blue Mirror, but creates a more neutral visual experience. The grey base provides a soothing visual effect and the silver mirror helps with brightness. This Costa lens color also has a 10% light transmission, making it an ideal choice for reducing glare during any type of activity.

Costa Rinconcito sunglasses in gray and blue with gray silver mirror lenses.

Costa Rinconcito in Ocearch Matte Ocean Fade with Grey Silver Mirror 580P Lenses

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Copper Silver Mirror

Next up, we have the Costa 580 Copper Silver Mirror. This is our first Costa lens color that has a light transmission of 12%, which allows a little more light through than our previous lenses. The copper base has a brightening effect on scenery, while the silver mirror offers greater protection from reflective glare. The Copper Silver Mirror lens is perfect for sight fishing because they optimize contrast in varying conditions. Ultimately, this is a versatile choice for inshore fishing as well as everyday activities.

Costa Panga sunglasses in taupe transparent crystal with copper silver mirror polarized lenses.

Costa Panga in Shiny Taupe Crystal with Copper Silver Mirror 580G Lenses

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Moving a little darker than the Copper Silver Mirror lens, we have the Costa 580 Grey lens with no mirror. These also offer a 12% visible light transmission, but provide more natural vision. Unlike lenses with copper bases, grey is a neutral color that doesn't affect the appearance of colors. For example, the ocean's blue water will still appear blue, but slightly darker due to less light coming through the lens. The Costa Grey lens is best for standard fishing activities and everyday use.

Costa Slack Tide sunglasses in black and tortoise with gray lenses.

Costa Slack Tide in Matte Black / Tortoise with Grey 580P Lenses

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Another popular Costa lens color, and easily one of the most versatile, is the Costa 580 Copper lens. It lets in 12% of light and creates a warm wash of color with a brown tint. Additionally, this lens offers exceptional contrast in a variety of lighting conditions and makes everything pop. If you're sight fishing inshore and need some protection, but also some contrast, the brown lens is the perfect medium.

Costa Waterwoman sunglasses in tortoise with copper lenses.

Costa Waterwoman in Shiny Palm Tortoise with Copper 580P Lenses

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Sunrise Silver Mirror

Closing out our Costa Lens Color Guide, we have their lightest color, the Sunrise Silver Mirror. This unique lens is perfect for conditions with limited light and is ideal for early-rise fishing. They deliver an amazing brightening effect and allow 30% of light through, which is about three times more than other Costa lenses. Because of this, these lenses would not be ideal for a super bright day. They are, however, perfect for dawn, dusk, and overcast days when you're out on the water and looking for fish, but need a little visual boost from your lens. This lens is also still fully polarized!

Costa Diego sunglasses with sunrise silver mirror lenses.

Costa Diego in Matte Black with Sunrise Silver Mirror 580P Lenses

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Costa Lenses FAQs

You've made it through the ultimate Costa Lens Color Guide, but do you still have questions? Not to worry, we've got more answers. Read below to discover some of the most popular questions our Sports Opticians get about Costa lenses.

What is the best Costa lens color for fishing?

Choosing the right lens color largely depends on your fishing environment. For inshore fishing, Costa's Copper Silver Mirror lens is ideal for variable light, while the Green Mirror lens is the preferred choice in brighter conditions. For offshore fishing, Costa's Blue Mirror lens combats blinding glare off the water's surface to keep your vision comfortable against harsh sun. If you fish in low-light conditions — think dusk or dawn — the Sunrise Silver Mirror allows in the most amount of light, while the yellow base enhances contrast.

What is the best Costa lens color for driving?

Costa's Copper lens is ideal for driving due to its contrast-enhancement and versatility. The copper base provides a warm wash of color that makes details of the road pop, so you can easily spot potential hazards during the drive. This lens color also provides a soothing visual experience, making it ideal for long road trips or frequent wear.

Which Costa lens color is darkest?

The darkest Costa lens color is their Blue Mirror. It has a 10% visible light transmission and provides the maximum amount of protection from bright sun. The grey base provides a neutral color experience, while the blue mirror combats reflective glare. Sports Opticians often recommend this lens color for any open ocean activities, including offshore fishing.

Which Costa lens color is lightest?

The lightest Costa lens color is the Sunrise Silver Mirror. It has a 30% visible light transmission, which is three times higher than most other Costa lenses. Since this color allows the most light through the lens, it is best suited for fishing at dusk, dawn, or on overcast days. This lens color is not suitable for driving.

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