Sometimes a colored lens is more than what you want out of a pair of sunglasses. The world does not need to turn blue or yellow, just a shade darker. So whether you're making a fashion statement or want to see the world with natural contrast, the Costa gray lens is perfect for everyday use.

How Does the Costa Gray Lens Compare to Other Costa Lenses?

Costa Skimmer

Costa Skimmer in Matte Black with 580P Gray lenses

Costa designed seven different lenses to accommodate the various lighting conditions both on and off the water. Each lens has its ideal conditions. For instance, the Blue Mirror does wonders on the open water where the light is bouncing off the contours of the ocean surface. On the other hand, the Sunrise Silver Mirror is phenomenal for activities at dawn and dusk. There is also the Green Mirror that offers greater contrast, the perfect companion for any sight-fishers out there.

Then comes the copper and gray lens. Compared to the others, these are the most similar. They are versatile and are great for everyday use. The key difference is the type of contrast each color offers. Even though both lenses have the same 12% light transmission, the copper lens has a brightening effect while the gray lens darkens.

The gray lens is a neutral lens. It does not change the colors the way the other lenses do. This is its main appeal. It is perfect for anyone that wants Costa quality lens without completely changing the color of the world.

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Costa Gray Lens with Mirror or No Mirror?

There is one more consideration to make before grabbing a pair of gray lenses for your Costa frames. A regular or mirror gray lens. Consider this feature a functional yet stylish addition. The Gray Silver Mirror has 10% light transmission and is slightly darker. The mirror also helps reflect light off the shades which can reduce eye fatigue over an extended period of time.

Overall, the differences are noticeable, but not a must have unless planning to take them out on the water. The extra clarity is useful for sight fishing. People living in sunnier areas should also consider the mirror option, especially if they live in urbanize areas with many reflective surfaces.

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