Costa Blue Mirror Lens are perfect for those open ocean goers who get up with the sun and go home when it does. They are made by fisherman, for fisherman that want to enjoy more of the deep blue. With Costa's advanced 580 technology, there isn't a lens out there that provides as much protection from the sun. In this review, Sunglass Rob talks about the best lens for open ocean adventures from the beautiful San Diego coast.

Costa Del Mar

Costa has been a leader in engineering the best lens in the market for 35 years now, and the Costa Blue Mirror is their most popular. With its neutral grey base, the Blue Mirror provides just a little bit more protection for those looking to escape the mid-afternoon glare on the water. It blocks out 90% of the light while allowing just 10% in. Their patented 580 technology in this lens filters out light at the 580 nm wavelength making those harsh yellows disappear while boosting the reds, greens, and blues so that you can spot the perfect catch. For optimal eye protection, the blue mirror lens has a unique coating built in acting as an extra layer of protection which works by bouncing reflected light away from the eyes.

Costa Rincon with Costa Blue Mirror

Costa Rincon in Black with Costa Blue Mirror Lens

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