Costa Del Mar Green Mirror lens is simply the best choice for freshwater fisherman and those who enjoy staying close to the shore. These lenses are on the darker side only allowing 10% of light to get in, however, the copper base brings out a warm brown amber feel that provides a great deal of contrast. They are perfect for an overcast sky where you don't need to block out a ton of the light but are still looking to see colors pop. In this review, Sunglass Rob is joined by Ali Hussainy of BD Outdoors off the coast of La Jolla to talk to you about one of the most versatile lenses Costa Del Mar has to offer.


Costa Del Mar

Costa has been in business since 1983 and is a leader in providing customers with the sunglasses for on and off the water. They take pride in their designs, and are among the most popular sunglasses for fishing, sailing, and surfing on the market today. Costas patented 580P and 580G lens technology filters out light at the 580 nm, making unwanted color confusion disappear while boosting the vividness of reds, greens, and blues that are crucial to spotting that perfect fish. On top of the stylish light green tint, the Green Mirror also has a special copper base that creates a warm brown for your eyes that is great for any type of lighting.

Costa Rincon

Costa Rincon in the Matte Smoke with 580 Green mirrored lens

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