Early risers and dusk light fishermen will love the newest color lens from Costa Del Mar, the Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror. This lens excels in low lighting conditions as no other lens can. It's a must have for any fisherman that needs contrast and clarity when it matters the most. Be sure to have a pair of these lenses for your next trip out on the water.

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Costa is a leader in crafting the clearest polarized performance sunglasses on the market. This is no small feat. Superior lens technology combined with unparalleled fit and durability brought Costa to the top. The Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror lens is just the latest product of Costa innovation.

Costa mirror lenses are made through an ion deposition process. Multiple coatings are applied to the lens, making them some of the most scratch resistant mirrors available. Yet, a Costa mirror finish is not merely aesthetic. It bounces reflected light off the surface of the lens for improved color, contrast, and clarity.

sunrise silver mirror lens

Costa Motu in Blackout with Sunrise Silver Mirror Lenses

The Sunrise Silver Mirror allows 30% light transmission compared to the typical 10-12% of other polarized sunglasses. Extra light transmission is perfect for the darker hours or poor weather conditions when lighting is the difference between seeing and fishing blind.

Most of Costa's Angler, core collection, is available with the Sunrise Silver Mirror. Additionally, the lens is available in 580P and G, Costa's best color enhancing lenses. All of Costa's plastic lenses also feature C-Wall technology. The molecular bonding on the lens offers outstanding scratch and smudge resistance, repelling water, oil, and sweat.

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A Lens Not for Everyone

As amazing as they look, the Sunrise Silver Mirror is not an everyday lens. Costa has always catered to water sports enthusiasts, and this particular lens is such a product. This lens is for low light and overcast conditions, consistently offering heightened contrast for those situations. If you need sunglasses for those times, the Sunrise Silver Mirror is for you. For an everyday lens, consider getting frames with Costa's Gray Lens.


Get Authentic Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror in Prescription

So whether the Sunrise Silver Mirror is right for you, all of Costa's color lenses are available in 580P and G. They are even available in a prescription at SportRx. Contact Us to speak with our certified opticians with all your questions. We can help you find the right lens for the occasion in the frames you want.

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