The Costa Del Mar Copper lens is the most versatile option for any fisherman used to being offshore for long hours. In this review, Ali Hussainy of BD Outdoors joins Sunglass Rob off the coast of San Diego to talk to you about one of the most popular lenses Costa Del Mar has to offer.


Costa Del Mar

Costa is one of the most trusted brands by fisherman every since its conception in 1983. They are the go-to company for anything that involves being on the water and is the favorite brand by fisherman across the country. The copper mirror lens comes with Costa’s patented color enhancing 580 plastic and glass technology, this is great for seeing the colors you want such as those reds, greens, and blues while blocking out those nasty reds and yellows. This lens also has a 99.99% polarizing effect, which provides the most protection possible for your eyes. No matter where you are or what kind of conditions you’re in the copper lens is the best all-around fit compared to the other specialty lens Costa has to offer.

Costa Copper Lens

Costa Piper in Satin Rose with Copper Silver Mirror lens

These lenses are one of the darker varieties Costa offers. The copper tint still allows a 12% VLT. However, you will be able to see clearly while giving you that warm brown look it’s intended for. They are perfect for daily use because the copper tint will be work in both sunny as well as overcast days just the same.

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