Get ready for your best season in perfectly-fitting ski & snow goggles. Designed specifically for small faces, and handpicked by Sports Opticians, these goggles stay comfortably in place while delivering enhanced contrast out in the snow. Join SportRx as we reveal the 2021–2022 season's best ski & snow goggles for small faces!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look for in Snow Goggles
C. Best Ski & Snow Goggles for Small Faces
1. Oakley Flight Tracker S
3. Zeal Optics Portal
4. Giro Contour RS
5. Anon M2
D. Prescription Snow Goggles Inserts at SportRx

Video Review

What to Look for in Snow Goggles

Before we jump into our lineup, let's do a quick recap of what to consider when shopping for snow goggles. We'll break it down into two categories: frame technology and lens technology.

Frame Technology

There are a few performance features that make a real difference when you're shredding the slopes. Here is a list of frame features that you'll want on your next pair of snow goggles:

  • Triple-layer foam creates a comfortable seal around your face to keep cold air out while also wicking away sweat
  • Adjustable silicone-lined strap provides a no-slip grip around your helmet and customizes the fit
  • Interchangeable lens systems to easily swap lenses according to lighting conditions

Lens Technology

The key ingredient to a great ride ultimately comes down to clear vision. This includes knowing where to carve your lines, spotting your take-offs and lands, and simply enjoying the view. Here are the main features to consider when comparing lens technologies:

  • Contrast-enhancing lens technology that makes details pop so you can find your lines down the mountain with ease
  • Impact-resistant materials that can withstand a tumble (or two)
  • Anti-fog coating to prevent fogging & keep your vision clear

Want even more information about how to pick snow goggles? Visit our in-depth Snow Goggles Buyer's Guide.

Best Ski & Snow Goggles for Small Faces

Now that we're familiar with snow tech, let's get into the goggles!

Oakley Flight Tracker S

Kicking off our lineup is the smallest size of the Oakley Flight Tracker family: the Flight Tracker S. This compact goggle features a toric lens, which combines both spherical and cylindrical shapes — so you'll get better optics and a sleeker design. Its triple-layer face foam keeps the cool air out and creates a plush and comfortable fit. Extra padding along the nose bridge accommodates any nose shape or size, so you get a custom goggle-fit experience. You'll confidently ride downhill with your goggles firmly in place from the generous 40 millimeters (mm) silicone strap.

The Flight Tracker S is available with Oakley PRIZM™ Snow lens technology, which boosts contrast out on the slopes. Available in eight different tints, you're guaranteed to get an ideal match for your favorite skiing or snowboarding environment and conditions. And when conditions change, you can easily swap them out thanks to the built-in interchangeable lens system.

Oakley Flight Tracker S small snow goggle in white with blue prizm sapphire shield lens.

Oakley Flight Tracker S in Matte White with PRIZM™ Sapphire Lens

Shop Oakley Flight Tracker S

Oakley Flight Tracker S Key Features

  • Toric lens provides great optics in a more laid-back style
  • Triple-layer face foam & extra padding along nose bridge prevents cold air from sneaking in
  • 40mm silicone strap is adjustable & provides secure grip around your helmet
  • Interchangeable lens system features contrast-enhancing Oakley PRIZM™ Snow
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx


The ever-popular SMITH I/O gets a welcome update with the MAG lens interchange system — and in a small fit! The I/O MAG S delivers effortless lens-swapping designed for small faces. Featuring ChromaPop™ lens technology, you'll get greater clarity and more natural color in comparison to standard lenses. It also filters out wavelengths of light that create color confusion — so your vision has greater definition and contrast.

It's no surprise that SMITH jam-packed performance features into the I/O MAG S. It has DriWix face foam to wick away moisture, 5X™ anti-fog lens technology, and a Responsive Fit™ frame to adjust to your unique facial features.

SMITH I/O MAG S small goggles for skiing and snowboarding. Black strap with white SMITH text and a green blue mirror shield lens.

SMITH I/O MAG S in Black with ChromaPop™ Sun Green Mirror Lens


SMITH I/O MAG S Key Features

  • Smaller fit of the popular SMITH I/O MAG
  • MAG lens interchange system is easy-to-use and features ChromaPop™ lens technology
  • Three-layer DriWix face foam wicks away moisture while 5X™ lens tech prevents fogging
  • Responsive Fit™ frame adjusts to your face for a custom fit
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Zeal Optics Portal

If you're looking for an effortless and secure lens interchange system, look no further than the Zeal Optical Portal. The rail lock system allows you to magnetically switch between lenses with ease, while the lock keeps it securely in place. You can select from a variety of lenses that are designed to enhance your view or choose Automatic+ lenses that adjust color to changing light conditions.

As for the goggle frame, the rimless design looks perfect on smaller faces. The frames provide a wide field of vision for carving out snow paths without overwhelming your face or helmet. Style, perfect fit, and performance? Checkmate.

Zeal Portal in lineup of the best ski & snow goggles for small faces. Black strap with Zeal printed on it and a blue gold alchemy mirror shield lens.

Zeal Optics Portal in Dark Night with Alchemy Mirror Lens

Shop Zeal Optics Portal

Zeal Optics Portal Key Features

  • Full rimless goggle provides maximum field of vision
  • Greatest peripheral vision without seeing the goggle frame
  • Spherical lens contours the face to keep out cold air
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Giro Contour RS

Giro remastered the classic Contour snow goggle in this newly reduced size (RS). Built to contour smaller faces, you’ll get all of the performance features from the original Contour in a more petite design. The toric lens shape and Expansion View Technology provides a wide field of vision while VIVID lenses make details pop. The Quick-Change Magnetic-Assisted Lens System allows you to swap lenses on-the-go, so you always have the perfect level of contrast.

The Contour RS also excels at keeping you cool. The triple-layer face foam wicks away moisture and the EVAK vent system manages sweat for a fog-free ride.

Giro Contour RS snow goggle in white with rose gold shield lens.

Giro Contour RS in White Craze with VIVID Rose Gold Lens

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Giro Contour RS Key Features

  • Reduced size (RS) of the original Giro Contour
  • Expansion View Technology provides wide field of vision & unobstructed peripherals
  • VIVID lens technology boosts contrast
  • Quick-Change Magnetic-Assisted Lens system allows you to easily swap lenses
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Anon M2

Closing out our lineup of the best ski & snow goggles for small faces, we have the Anon M2. Utilizing its Magna-Tech® quick lens-change technology, you can swap your PERCEIVE lenses with ease. PERCEIVE lenses provide high-contrast vision and boast a hydro-oleophobic coating to keep your vision clear from sweat and fog. The spherical shape complements the natural curvature of the eye, so you get distortion-free vision and a wide field-of-view.

Finally, we've got to shoutout the real MVP of this goggle: the Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI®). This allows you to seal your Anon MFI® facemask to the goggle in a snap — so you can cruise downhill in warmth with protection from the elements. To top this off, you'll receive a free facemask included with your purchase of the M2!

Anon M2 ski & snow goggles in black with green shield lens.

Anon M2 in Black with PERCEIVE Variable Green Lens


Anon M2 Key Features

  • MFI® technology allows you to easily snap in an Anon facemask to the M2 goggle
  • Magna-Tech® quick lens-change system means simple and fast lens swapping
  • PERCEIVE spherical lenses provide superior optics and wide field-of-view
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Prescription Snow Goggles Inserts Online at SportRx

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