If you want the biggest and newest innovation in goggles but can't fit into the SMITH 4D MAG, you’re in luck! The SMITH 4D MAG S is everything larger-headed shredders have gotten to boast about but in a smaller version. Stick around as we go over the unboxing of the new SMITH goggle.

New SMITH 4D MAG S Goggle

A. SMITH 4D MAG S Unboxing
1. Packaging and Accessories
2. SMITH 4D MAG S Snow Goggle
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SMITH 4D MAG S Unboxing

The SMITH 4D MAG S comes with all the bells and whistles. From accessories to goggle components, we’ll unpack why skiers and snowboarders pay a pretty penny for these sick new MAGs.

Packaging and Accessories

smith 4d mag s unboxing goggles and accessories

After opening the graphic 4D MAG S box, you'll see a sturdy hard case. This case is great for Indy, Epic, and other season pass holders to protect their precious cargo while traveling to different ski resorts. The bottom of the hard case comes with a venting system to cycle out sweat and moisture after a hot day on the slopes.

Inside the hardcase, you get a SMITH lens goggle sock to protect your goggle lens from scratching. Farther down inside the case, you find a SMITH sticker to show off your SMITH pride. Also included is an extra lens in a microfiber bag. The microfiber bag comes with two compartments, one narrow and the other wider. If you don’t feel like lugging around your bulky hard case all day, this is the lightweight way to carry a goggle and spare lens with you.

SMITH 4D S MAG Snow Goggle

Aside from all the bonus items in the MAG S box, let’s unravel what exactly you’re getting from the proprietary goggle. First off, you can select from multiple colorways. Each colorway and its lens combinations are made for specific environments and vision preferences. If you have any questions on which colorway is best for you, no worries. Contact SportRx and speak to a certified sports optician. They’ll help you choose the right goggle-set for you.

Like we mentioned above, the SMITH 4D MAG S is the smaller version of the standard-size. The 4D MAG S comes with same three layers of sweat wicking foam, a silicone-backed head-strap to grip onto your helmet, two ChromaPop lenses, and the MAG’s lens bird’s eye view functionality. The bird’s eye view is created by the curvature of the bottom edge of the lens, so you can stay alert to moguls and changes in terrain. Like the 4D MAG, the 4D MAG S comes with a magnetic lens-interchanging system for quick and easy lens swaps, and quick-lock technology to secure your lens in place.

SMITH 4D MAG S with Prescription

rx smith prescription ski snow goggle insert

SMITH Prescription Snow Goggle Insert

Shop SMITH Prescription Goggle Insert

Can I get my SMITH goggle in prescription? We’re glad you asked! Over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles can be a hassle. Wearing contacts when shredding down a mountain can be uncomfortable. So, what is the best option for prescription wearers? The SMITH snow goggle insert! This insert easily pops right into your SMITH snow goggle so you can enjoy the snowy views around you. The insert sits farther from your face than regular glasses. This extra space reduces fogging.

Shop SMITH Goggles at SportRx

Looking for the best place to buy your new SMITH goggles? When you shop at SportRx, you’re backed by our See Better Guarantee. Spend 45 days with your goggles. If you are not 100% satisfied, send them back. We’ll cover return shipping, and provide a full refund or credit towards a different purchase. Get your goggles before the snow season rush, and get your SMITH 4D MAG S snow goggles at SportRx today!