SMITH Squad goggles are designed with large cylindrical lenses made from a molded carbon-x material that makes the lenses tough. SMITH Squad lenses are equipped with the Fog-X technology and TLT Optics for pristine vision on the slopes. The minimal semi-rimless frame and fully integrated strap connection point provide the functionality you need with out extra moving parts! SMITH Squad lenses feature an interchangeable feature to enable ease of adaptability to every weather condition on the slopes.

How to Change SMITH Squad Goggle Lenses | SportRx

9 Steps to Change a SMITH Squad Lens

Making a SMITH Squad Lens Change can be tricky, but here are 9 steps to make it a smooth and easy process! When changing the lenses, do not be afraid to use some force to get the lenses in and out of the goggles. Also, be careful not to get finger prints on the inner side of the goggle where the Fog-X technology is equipped.

1. Open up the goggle by lifting the top lip.
2. Turn both outriggers to their unlocked positions (sideways).
3. Pull out the shield lens from the outriggers and nose-bridge (shield lens should now be out).
4. Insert the new shield lens by connecting the "male" connectors on the shield lens to the "female" holes on the nose-bridge.
5. Connect the bottom of the shield lens to the bottom "line up" in the goggle.
6. With outriggers in unlocked position (sideways), connect the side of the shield lens to the goggle.
7. Lock outriggers.
8. Align the top of the shield lens to the notches in the top of the goggle, and close the top lip.
9. Check over the goggle to make sure everything is connected in its appropriate position.

If you have Rx needs, SportRx crafts prescription goggle inserts that fit amazingly well into your SMITH Squad lenses to provide you with crisp, enhanced visibility in a pair of SMITH Squad prescription goggles to see better while you are conquering the mountain doing your favorite snow sport! Questions about prescription goggle inserts or SMITH Squad goggles? Feel free to contact us! We're happy to help!