With snow season just around the corner, you've probably realized you need new snow goggles. Well, if you know anything about snow goggle brands, you probably want the best-of-the-best — SMITH. However, with so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to find your perfect fit. Thankfully, we’re going to go over SMITH goggle sizes so you can find the goggle that's right for you.

SMITH Goggle Size Guide

A. SMITH Goggles by Size
1. SMITH Goggles for Small Faces
2. SMITH Standard Fit Goggles
3. SMITH Goggles for Big Heads
B. SMITH Goggles in Prescription
C. Shop SMITH Goggles at SportRx

SMITH Goggle Sizes

Let's start with the smallest goggle. When choosing new goggles, SMITH makes it easy to find your correct size. Sizing currently begins with the Grom, which is great for kids ages six to nine. Next, SMITH goggles for small faces are signified with an "S". These goggles tend to fit larger teens and women better than some of the larger models. Aside from SMITH's small-sized goggles, another good option for small faces is the SMITH Skyline, whose design makes it fairly small.

For most adults, SMITH Standard Fit goggles fit well. These are the adult goggles that don't have a letter (S,M,XL) to signify an alternative fit. If you need a larger than average sized goggle, you probably guessed it. SMITH has identified their goggles for big heads with "XL". When you can fit into two different sized goggles, it’s always best to go with the larger of the two. The larger fit will give you a wider lens and better peripherals.

SMITH Goggles for Small Faces



Shop SMITH Grom Snow Goggle

Starting with SMITH kids goggles, we have the Grom for the Groms. This goggle fits kids ages six to nine. It is too big to fit the smallest of tykes and may be too small for youth entering their preteens.

SMITH I/O MAG S (Asian Fit)

smith io mag s asain fit snow goggle

SMITH I/O Mag S (Asian Fit) Snow Goggle with White Chunky Knit Strap and ChromaPop Everyday Rose Gold Mirror Lens

Shop SMITH I/O MAG S Snow Goggle

Next, we're moving on to the SMITH I/O MAG S. Because the small version of SMITH goggles tend to fit women best, they usually come in more feminine colors.

SMITH Skyline

smith skyline snow and ski goggle

SMITH Skylike Snow Goggle with Black Strap and Chromapop Photochromic Rose Flash Lens

Shop SMITH Skyline Snow Goggle

Though the SMITH Skyline doesn't have an "S" after it, if you are looking for a more affordable small goggle, the Skyline runs small and still comes with standard SMITH features.

SMITH Standard Fit Goggles


smith io mag snow goggle blackout

SMITH I/O MAG Snow Goggle with Blackout Strap and ChromaPop Sun Black Lens

Shop SMITH I/O MAG Snow Goggle

The SMITH I/O MAG is your average fit goggle. This one fits most adults and comes with magnetic technology for easy lens interchangeability.

SMITH Frontier (Asian Fit)

smith frontier snow and ski goggle asian fit

SMITH Frontier (Asian Fit) Snow Goggle with Black Strap and Blue Sensor Mirror Lens

Shop SMITH Frontier Snow Goggle

The SMITH Frontier (Asian Fit) is the most affordable of the goggles we'll be going over today. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like the other goggles, but because it is the Asian Fit version, it is going to be great for those who need a standard fit and have a flatter nose.

SMITH Goggles for Big Heads


smith io mag xl ski goggle for big heads

SMITH I/O MAG XL Snow Goggle with Black Strap and ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror Lens

Shop SMITH I/O MAG XL Snow Goggle

Instead of going from the standard fit to L, or large, the SMITH I/O MAG XL is going to be the next size up from what most people fit into. It is the best fit for the biggest of heads.


smith squad xl ski goggle for big heads

SMITH Squad XLSnow Goggle with Black Strap and Chromapop Sun Black Gold Mirror Lens

Shop SMITH Squad XL Snow Goggle

Another SMITH goggle for big heads is the SMITH Squad XL. If you find yourself loving this goggle and like to hit the mountains in the hotter months, SMITH also makes the Squad XL in a MTB version.

SMITH Goggles in Prescription

Can I get my SMITH goggle with a prescription? We’re glad you asked! Over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles can be a hassle. Wearing contacts when shredding down a mountain can be uncomfortable. So, what is the best option for prescription wearers? The SMITH snow goggle insert! This insert easily pops right into your SMITH snow goggle so you can enjoy the snowy views around you. The insert sits farther from your face than regular glasses. This helps prevent trapping heat between you and the lens, ultimately reducing fogging.

Shop SMITH Goggles at SportRx

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