Classic shapes, timeless style, and effortlessly cool attitude- we could only be talking one brand, Ray-Ban. When it comes to iconic designs, Ray-Ban has been leading the eyewear industry since 1937. Many of these recognizable sun styles have made their way to the optical world, joined by contemporary and unique frames exclusively available with clear prescription lenses. Today, SportRx presents the Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses of 2020 featuring the most stylish, comfortable, and rx-friendly glasses of the year.

Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses of 2020

1. RB5184 New Wayfarer
2. RB3916V Clubmaster Square
3. RB6448 Hexagonal
4. RB6465 Jack
5. RB7140
6. Ray-Ban Authentic Lenses
7. How to Buy Ray-Ban Eyeglasses Online

RB5184 New Wayfarer

An iconic sun style gone optical, the first frame in our lineup is the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. One of most popular Ray-Ban models at SportRx, this flattering frame delivers classically cool Ray-Ban style and all-day comfort. A soft square lens works on a variety of face shapes and holds a range of prescriptions with ease. One of the most versatile frames in our lineup of the best Ray-Ban eyeglasses, this frame matches any look – anywhere.

Ray-Ban RB5184 New Wayfarer glasses in black with clear prescription lenses

Ray-Ban RB5184 New Wayfarer in Shiny Black

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RB3916V Clubmaster Square

The iconic Ray-Ban Clubmaster gets a modern update with a new square lens design. The Clubmaster Square eyeglasses deliver all the stylish details from the original such as; mixed-material composition, distinctive browline, and signature rivets. A fresh design is brought to life with a reinterpreted lens shape. More angular and sharp than its predecessor, the RB3916V Clubmaster Square does all the work when it comes to making your eyes pop. This style works particularly well on those with round or oval faces. A perfect example of how a contrasting shape adds balance to the face.

#2 in best ray-ban eyeglasses of 2020 the RB3916V Clubmaster Square eyeglasses in black with silver metal details

Ray-Ban RB3916V Clubmaster Square in Shiny Black

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RB6448 Hexagonal

A minimalist metal frame makes a statement with this unique shape. The Hexagonal soared in popularity in its original sun design, so much so that it merits its own optical frame. This geometric shape creates an elegant frame around your eyes and puts you at the center of the masterpiece.

RB6448 Hexagonal glasses

Ray-Ban RB6448 Hexagonal in Gold

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RB6465 Jack

Introduced this year, the new RB6465 Jack is a frame to get excited about! Ray-Ban continues to impress us with their ability to create new designs inspired by iconic styles. The RB6465 Jack pulls design elements from the Ray-Ban Round and Hexagonal, while adding its own unique take. Featuring a curved bottom and angular top, this contrasting play of lines creates a strong visual impact.

Also worth noting, the Havana on Arista colorway features delicate acetate rings that are hand placed in each and every frame by an artisan in Italy! To discover all the special details of this frame, check out our Ray-Ban Jack review!

rb6465 jack in gold with havana rings

Ray-Ban RB6465 Jack in Havana on Arista

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A Ray-Ban frame so good, we brought it back for round 2! Originally included in the Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses of 2019, the RB7140 glasses continue to be a favorite frame in 2020. The phantos shape, unique mix of materials, and playful color combinations make these eyeglasses truly stand out.

#5 of best ray-ban eyeglasses of 2020 the rb7140 eyeglasses in red and gol

Ray-Ban RB7140 in Transparent on Amaranth

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Ray-Ban Authentic Lenses

Now that you’ve got the frame, the most important piece of your Ray-Ban prescription glasses are the lenses. The window in which we see our world, Ray-Ban Authentic Lenses have been tailor-made to perfectly fit their frames- and your prescription. Created with Digital Surface Technology, available in a variety of lens materials, and all featuring the Ray-Ban signature logo engraving, you’ll experience clear vision like never before in true Ray-Ban style. For more information, visit our blog on Authentic Ray-Ban Clear Lenses!

How to Buy Ray-Ban Eyeglasses Online

Still have questions about how to buy Ray-Ban eyeglasses online? We get it. Buying prescription eyewear online can be scary! We've taken out all the guesswork and have questions to all your answers in our Ray-Ban Buyer's Guide. If you're more interested in the ordering process itself, we've got you covered with our step-by-step How to Buy Ray-Ban Eyeglasses Online tutorial. We'll take you through each step of navigating the SportRx website, finding your perfect Ray-Ban frame, and building your custom Ray-Ban prescription glasses!

Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses Online at SportRx

At SportRx, we are passionate about prescription eyewear and only offer the best styles to fit your unique vision needs. All of the frames in our lineup of the Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses of 2020 are available in YOUR prescription. Tailor-made to your vision needs and unique style, Ray-Ban prescription glasses will quickly become your new favorite eyewear. We have helpful guides and tools throughout the customization process and have a team of friendly opticians ready to help, 7 days a week. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you into Ray-Ban prescription glasses that will have you seeing clearly in no time.

Ditch risky only shopping with our See Better Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses, simply let us know within 45 days of receipt. We will remake them to perfection, coordinate an exchange, or provide a full refund. Don’t let fears of shipping and restocking fees hold you back. We cover shipping- both ways, and never charge restocking fees. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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