Since 1937, Ray-Ban has been leading the way for innovative lens technology. Originally designed to protect American military pilots’ eyes, performance has always been at the forefront of each invention and every lens Ray-Ban creates. Today, Ray-Ban utilizes their decades worth of knowledge to continue to push the boundaries of optical frames and the visual experience. SportRx has the pleasure of offering the Ray-Ban Optical Experience with Authentic Ray-Ban Clear lenses available in your prescription.

The Ray-Ban Optical Experience

1. Ray-Ban Clear Lenses
2. Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Type
3. Ray-Ban Lens Materials
4. Ray-Ban Anti-Reflective
5. Ray-Ban Blue
6. Ray-Ban Transitions
7. Ray-Ban Signature Logo

Ray-Ban Clear Lenses

Masters of their designs, Ray-Ban intimately knows every detail of their frames and understands how even the smallest component can influence one’s prescription experience. This knowledge is brought to life during the lens shaping process. Your Ray-Ban prescription lenses will fit perfectly within the frame while being tailor-made to your vision needs. Made with Digital Surface Technology, Ray-Ban prescription lenses are digitally optimized on the backside of the lens to bring the prescription closer to the eye and create a wider field of vision, greater clarity, and all-day comfort.

ray ban clear lenses digital graphic of lens with woman standing behind in ray ban glasses

Digital Standard Technology for optimal clarity & wider field of vision

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Type

Depending on your prescription, Ray-Ban offers Single Vision and Progressive lenses. Single Vision wearers will be delighted with crisp vision in the areas they need it most while Progressive wearers will experience enhanced clarity both near and far. For Progressive wearers, you’ll understand how crucial it is for the progression to be indiscernible. Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses should have a delicate transition from distance correction at the top of the lens, an intermediate middle, and reading at the bottom. The progression should feel natural and practically undetectable. Ray-Ban has key frame measurements that make the progressive lens experience as optimal as they come.

ray ban prescription lenses graphic with woman wearing ray ban glasses behind

Available in Single Vision & Progressive

Ray-Ban Lens Materials

Available in 1.59, 1.67, and 1.74, your Ray-Ban Clear lenses are completely customizable to your vision needs. With each lens material thinner than the predecessor, select the one that best suits your prescription and frame. If you need help deciding on which lens material is best for you, contact us and our opticians can review your prescription and discuss options.

Ray-Ban Anti-Reflective

Avoid the dreaded glare or ghost images with Ray-Ban AR coatings. Available in both Standard and Premium offerings, Ray-Ban AR does much more than prevent glare. Every Ray-Ban prescription lens also features the following:

  • Hydrophobic: Repels water to create droplets that effortlessly roll off.
  • Oleophobic: Repels oil making the lenses anti-fingerprint.
  • Anti-static: Reduces dust deposit meaning easy-to-clean glasses.
  • UV Protection: Prevents 100% of UV rays from reaching your eyes, even in Ray-Ban Clear lenses.

Ray-Ban Blue

In a digital era where so much of our time is in the presence of screens, blue light protection is more prevalent than ever. Ray-Ban Blue filters out the most harmful blue light while simultaneously reducing eye strain. You’ll experience a level of comfort that makes your screen-time more enjoyable and have the confidence in knowing your eyes are protected.

Unlike other blue-light filters on the market that feature a prominent blue tint, Ray-Ban Blue is practically clear. Virtually undetectable, your Ray-Ban Clear lenses will look just that- clear!

To learn more about the effects of harmful blue light and Ray-Ban Blue, read our blog on the Ray-Ban Digital Experience.

ray ban blue light filter lenses example

Ray-Ban Blue protects your eyes against harmful blue light

Ray-Ban Transitions®

If you need a lens that does it all, Ray-Ban Transitions® are here to make wearing your favorite frame an all-day affair. Featuring a clear lens that transitions to the iconic G-15 color, you’ll achieve unparalleled comfort- no matter the environment. Upon transition, you can enjoy a day outside, even if you weren’t expecting it.

To learn everything you need to know about this versatile lens technology, visit our blog on Ray-Ban Transition Lenses!

ray ban transition lenses in ray ban clubmaster glasses black & white example

Ray-Ban Transitions Clear to G-15 in RB5154 Clubmaster

Shop Ray-Ban R5154 Clubmaster

Ray-Ban Signature Logo

A stamp of approval from Ray-Ban themselves, all Ray-Ban prescription lenses feature the iconic logo on the right lens and the delicate RB initials on the left lens. A subtle nod to the Ray-Ban quality and level of craftsmanship we have been enjoying since 1937. Rest assured, the Ray-Ban logo will not be in your field of vision except for the sweet moment where you put on your glasses for the day. A small reminder that you’re getting the superior optics and Ray-Ban expertise that only they can provide.

Want to learn more about how this iconic logo came to be? Read about the history of the Ray-Ban logo and discover which frames still feature this instantly recognizable lettering. Spoiler alert: It's all of them!

ray ban clear lenses with logo graphic

Ray-Ban Clear lenses feature the signature logo etching

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Embrace the Ray-Ban Optical Experience at SportRx. Tailor-made by Ray-Ban. For you. If you still have questions, visit our extensive Ray-Ban Guide!

Whether you're looking for Ray-Ban eyeglasses, or simply need Ray-Ban replacement lenses for your favorite frame, Ray-Ban Clear lenses provide superior optics in true Ray-Ban style. As always, when you shop with SportRx, you're backed by our See Better Guarantee. Take 45 days with your Ray-Ban eyeglasses and if you're not 100% satisfied, simply let us know. We will coordinate with Ray-Ban to remake them to perfection, offer an exchange, or provide a full refund. Don’t let fears of shipping and restocking fees hold you back. We cover shipping- both ways, and never charge restocking fees. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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