If you wear eyeglasses, chances are they're one of the most important parts of your everyday life. Not only are they vital for clear vision, but eyewear is also an extension of your unique personality. Join SportRx as we highlight the best women's eyeglasses of 2022!

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Women's Eyeglasses
1. Frame Technology
2. Lens Technology
B. Best Women's Eyeglasses of 2022
1. RAEN Marin
2. Oakley Leadline Rx
3. Maui Jim MJO2207
4. Wiley X Serenity
5. Maui Jim MJO2123
6. Costa Pacific Rise 310
7. Ray-Ban RB7140
C. Best Women's Eyeglasses of 2020
D. Women's Prescription Eyeglasses at SportRx

What to Look for in Women's Eyeglasses

When selecting a new pair of glasses, there are a few key features to look for that make a big impact.

Frame Technology

When it comes to frame materials, there are plenty to choose from:

  • Acetate is a lightweight, hypoallergenic type of plastic.
  • O Matter™ is Oakley's proprietary frame material, and is lightweight and durable.
  • Titanium is a lightweight metal material.
  • Stainless steel is a tough material that doesn't rust.

Hinges also factor into fit. There are different types of frame hinges, each with their own pros and cons. Barrel hinges are the most common, making them easier to repair. Meanwhile, spring hinges are another type of hinge that let the temples push slightly outward — handy if your face is a little on the larger side. Spring hinges also tend to be more durable than barrel hinges, but are more difficult to repair.

Lens Technology

For the best optical experience, you'll want the best lenses for your prescription. SportRx offers many different types of lens customizations and technologies to suit the Rx needs of any wearer:

  • Single Vision, Bifocal, or Progressive
  • Polycarbonate, Trivex, or High Index
  • Signature Lenses, Polarized, or Transitions
  • Various lens coatings

Best Women's Eyeglasses of 2022

Now that you have an idea of what to expect as far as the build, let's take a look at our picks for the best women's eyeglasses of 2022!

RAEN Marin

Designed for women, the RAEN Marin is a fashionable frame for all face shapes. Made from lightweight acetate, the eyeglasses are perfect for a day at the office in front of the computer. Bent temples provide a secure fit, while the five-barrel hinge technology ensures the glasses are durable and sturdy.

RAEN Marin Women's Eyeglasses

RAEN Marin in Brindle Tortoise

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Marin Key Features

  • Lightweight acetate construction makes it comfortable to wear all day
  • Five-barrel hinges ensure glasses are secure
  • Fashionable, rounded frames
  • SFW: 127 (48 eyesize), 130 (51 eyesize)

Oakley Leadline Rx

Crafted from Oakley’s lightweight and durable O Matter™ material, the Leadline Rx delivers on fashion and function. Trubridge technology allows for multiple Unobtainium™ nose pads, providing the most optimal fit and no-slip grip. The adjustable temples allow for customization, while the saddle nose bridge evenly distributes frame weight.

Oakley Leadline Rx Satin Brown Tortoise - Clear

Oakley Leadline Rx Satin Brown Tortoise - Clear

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Leadline Rx Key Features

  • Lightweight O Matter™ frame material offers comfortable wear
  • Unobtainium™ grips get tackier when wet
  • Saddle bridge nose equally distributes the frame weight
  • SFW: 127 (52 eyesize), 130 (54 eyesize)

Maui Jim MJO2207

Part of Maui Jim’s Acetate Collection, the MJO2207 eyeglasses are an everyday look with out-of-this-world lens technology. Maui Blue Light Protect lenses combat eyestrain from harmful blue light, while High Contrast lenses increase contrast and clarity. MauiBrilliant™, the brand’s advanced lens material, offers superior optics in a lightweight design. A stylish saddle bridge and thin Sea Fan wire temple cores round out the glasses for an all-around exceptional look.

Maui Jim MJO2207

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MJO2207 Key Features

  • Maui Blue Light Protect reduces eyestrain and fatigue
  • Maui High Contrast sharpens clarity and reduces glare
  • MauiBrilliant™ lenses are as clear as glass at 1/3 of the weight
  • SFW: 130 (51 eyesize)

Wiley X Serenity

The Wiley X Serenity will take you wherever you need to go — to the office, to the gym, or even an afternoon ride on your motorcycle. With an ANSI Z87.2 safety rating, the glasses are impact-resistant and engineered to protect your eyes. Side shields offer additional peripheral protection, and an anti-fog lens coating ensures your lenses remain clear. While the Serenity places an importance on the safety and security of the frames, style is not far behind! The fashionable rounded, square frames flatter a variety of face shapes.

Wiley X Serenity Eyeglasses

Wiley X Serenity in Gloss Brown Demi & Champagne / Clear Lens

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Serenity Key Features

  • ANSI Z87.2 safety rating
  • Side shields block excessive light, wind, dust, and debris
  • Oleophobic lens coating repels oils and minimizes smudging
  • SFW: 130 (53 eyesize)

Maui Jim MJO2123

The more Maui Jim frames, the merrier! The stylish frame design of the MJO2123 will make you stand out, and the Maui Jim lens technologies make your vision clearer than ever. Maui Blue Light Protect lenses improve contrast and resolution, while High Contrast lenses sharpen clarity. Additionally, MauiBrilliant™ is nearly as clear as glass, but only 1/3 of the weight.

Maui Jim MJO2123 Women's Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2123 in Black Gloss

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MJO2123 Key Features

  • Maui Blue Light Protect fights off eye fatigue
  • Maui High Contrast increases contrast and visibility
  • Frame material crafted from lightweight acetate
  • SFW: 130 (52 eyesize)

Costa Pacific Rise 310

Make a fashion statement in the Costa Pacific Rise 310! With an injected bio-resin nylon frame, the eyeglasses are eco-friendly and lightweight. An adjustable nose pad allows for the best optical alignment with a fine-tuned fit. Costa’s Hydrolite rubber material absorbs moisture and keeps the frames secure and comfortable, while maintaining its stylish look with a cat-eye design.

Costa Pacific Rise 310 SHINY TAUPE CRYSTAL - CLEAR

Costa Pacific Rise 310 in Shiny Taupe Crystal - Clear

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Pacific Rise 310 Key Features

  • Hydrolite rubber keeps frames secure
  • Adjustable nose pad offers better optical alignment
  • Trendy oversized cat-eye frame design
  • SFW: 133 (52 eyesize)

Ray-Ban RB7140

Last but certainly not least, the Ray-Ban RB7140! The stylish frames are composed of injected molding and thin metal temples, while remaining lightweight and easy to wear. Adjustable nose pads offer all-day comfort and customization for the best fit possible. An anti-reflective lens coating protects against glare, and the bent temples help secure the frames.

Ray-Ban RB7140 Women's Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RB7140 in Transparent on Blue

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RB7140 Key Features

  • Covered temple tips provide comfortable wear
  • Adjustable nose pad allows for frame customization
  • Anti-reflective coating reduces reflective light bouncing off lenses
  • SFW: 133 (49 eyesize), 137 (51 eyesize)

The Best Women's Eyeglasses of 2021

Continue reading for our 2021 picks!

Ray-Ban RB7140

For a show-stopping look that makes your eyes pop, consider the REXY-winning frame for Best Women's Eyeglasses — Ray-Ban's RB7140. Modern and chic, these glasses are the perfect finish to virtually any outfit. They're equipped with comfort features for easy, all-day wear and accentuate your face in all the right places.

Ray-Ban RB7140 Women's Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RB7140 in Transparent on Blue

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Key Features:

  • Contrasting metal temples
  • Lightweight, injection-molded frame
  • Adjustable nose pads and covered temple tips
  • SFW: 133 (49 eyesize), 137 (51 eyesize)

Maui Jim MJO2122

A truly timeless frame, Maui Jim's MJO2122 glasses are the luxurious prescription solution you've been searching for. Constructed to meet the highest Maui Jim quality standards, the glasses are the perfect complement to any face shape. The MJO2122 glasses will have you turning heads in no time.

Maui Jim MJO2122 Women's Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2122 in Cinnamon Fade to Rose

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Key Features:

  • Slim, acetate frame
  • Saddle-style fixed bridge
  • Spring hinge and bevel mount for a secure fit
  • SFW: 131 (53 eyesize)

RAEN Marin

Soft on the outside, sturdy on the inside, RAEN Marin achieves the ideal feminine/masculine mashup. Inspired by RAEN's Norie sunglasses, they maintain the high fashion feel that comes with the iconic cat-eye shape without sacrificing one bit of functionality.

RAEN Marin Women's Eyeglasses

RAEN Marin in Brindle Tortoise

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Key Features:

  • Slender acetate frame
  • Five barrel hinges and embedded wire core temples for ultimate strength
  • Classic cat-eye shape
  • SFW: 127 (48 eyesize), 130 (51 eyesize)

Costa Ocean Ridge 111

For all the times in between your adventures under the sun, Costa designed prescription glasses to keep your vision clear. The Costa Ocean Ridge 111 is packed with unique features you won't find on your average women's eyeglasses. The eco-friendly construction houses Hydrolite padding for a comfortable fit and non-slip grip to keep up no matter where your day takes you.

Costa Ocean Ridge 111 Eyeglasses

Costa Ocean Ridge 111 in Shiny Black/ Kiwi/ Kiwi Crystal

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Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly and durable resin nylon frame
  • Hydrolite nose pads and temple tips for a non-slip fit

Note: This frame is discontinued.


Slim-rimmed and polished to perfection, RAEN's Beal eyeglasses are beautifully versatile. From their strong construction and comfortable fit, to the way they boast an individualized style, these glasses are bound to be your favorite thing to wear every day.

RAEN Beal Eyeglasses

RAEN Beal in Rose

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Key Features:

  • Polished acetate frame
  • Flared beveled top
  • Five barrel hinges and embedded wire core temples for ultimate durability
  • SFW: 130 (50 eyesize)

Ray-Ban RB5228

For a frame you can make all your own, check out Ray-Ban's RB5228 glasses. Built for long-lasting comfort and representing the sleek and clean Ray-Ban style, the RB5228 can be dressed up or down to complete your functional and fashionable everyday look.

Ray-Ban RB5228 Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RB5228 in Grey & Clear

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable acetate frame
  • Classic Ray-Ban detailing
  • SFW: 126 (50 eyesize), 132 (53 eyesize), 137 (55 eyesize)

Maui Jim MJO2207

A staple in Maui Jim's Acetate Collection, the MJO2207 eyeglasses feature a dreamy silhouette that flatters all the right features. Starring Maui Jim's Sea Fan Core, they're the unique touch you need for an otherwise average look. Elevate your everyday style with the custom detailing of Maui Jim's MJO2207 glasses.

Maui Jim MJO2207 Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2207 in Milky Almond & Tortoise with Sea Fan Core

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight acetate frame
  • Thin, stainless wire temple cores
  • Saddle-style bridge
  • SFW: 130 (51 eyesize)

Costa Ocean Ridge 110

Virtually indestructible and eco-friendly, Costa's Ocean Ridge 110 eyeglasses feature a bio-resin frame with tri-fusion technology to achieve vibrant coloring. Not only will these glasses hold their shape in any condition, they'll stay in place because they're equipped with Hydrolite padding on the nose and temple tips.

Costa Ocean Ridge 110 Eyeglasses

Costa Ocean Ridge 110 in Shiny Honey Tortoise/ Blue/ Blue Crystal

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Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly and durable resin nylon frame
  • Hydrolite nose pads and temple tips for a non-slip fit
  • SFW: 124 (50 eyesize), 128 (53 eyesize)

Wiley X Serenity

Wiley X's Serenity is a game-changer in the world of eyeglasses. Safety-rated and boldly styled, they're the ultimate blend of fashion and function. Removable side shields ensure the versatility you need when you're headed from work to happy hour, while the sleek appeal makes them the ultimate solution for the modern woman.

Wiley X Serenity Eyeglasses

Wiley X Serenity in Gloss Brown Demi & Champagne/ Clear Lens

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Key Features:

  • Meets ASNI safety standards
  • Distortion-free clarity
  • SFW: 130 (53 eyesize)

Ray-Ban RB5279

Let your intelligence shine from the inside out with Ray-Ban's RB5279 eyeglasses. A refreshing take on a casual look, the frames are lightweight for ease of wear and represent a straightforward style you simply can't go wrong with.

Ray-Ban RB5279 Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RB5279 in Dark Havana & Clear

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable acetate frame
  • Iconic Ray-Ban logo on the temples
  • SFW: 131 (53 eyesize), 134 (55 eyesize)

Women’s Prescription Glasses at SportRx

Need women’s prescription glasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians, who can help you build your prescription eyeglasses.

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