Thinking about getting a new pair of Ray-Ban eyeglasses? Maybe it’s time to update your look and you’re not sure which Ray-Bans to get into? Should you go for the hot aviator look? Or would a more studious vibe suit your style? Cat-eye, rimless, or square frames? Retro or modern look? So many choices! At SportRx we live, breathe, and sport eyeglasses day in and day out. We know which Ray-Bans are your best bet for 2019! Stick with us as we walk you through the best Ray-Ban eyeglasses of 2019.

Table of Contents

1. What to Look for in Ray-Ban Eyeglasses
1.1. Frame Technology
1.2. Lens Technology
2. The Best Ray-Ban Eyeglasses of 2019
2.1. RB2185V – Wayfarer II
2.2. RB3648V – Marshal
2.3. RB3947V – Round Gaze
2.4. RB5154 – Clubmaster
2.5. RB6317
2.6. RB5362
2.7. RB6433
2.8. RB7140
3. Get The Best Prescription Ray-Ban Eyeglasses at SportRx


In the video below, SportRx’s Sunglass Rob and Ray-Ban’s Alana show off the newest, the best, the hottest, and beautiful-est Ray-Ban eyeglasses for 2019. And the best thing is, SportRx has them all available now! Read on to learn more about our top picks.

What to Look for in Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

Frame Technology

Just hear the name Ray-Ban and high-quality frames made of luxury materials come to mind. This list contains Ray-Ban frames made of a variety of materials from acetate to nylon and even steel. Acetate is popular because it’s lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. Nylon is super durable and flexible, as well as comfortable. Steel is a strong, lightweight choice.

Lens Technology

Naturally, Ray-Ban quality extends to the array of lens materials used in various frames. With choices of polycarbonate, Trivex, or high index, Ray-Ban lens technology is sure to cover your needs. Polycarbonate is the standard for eyeglasses, and our high-grade lenses are both impact-resistant and lightweight. Trivex is a slightly lighter and thinner material, great for if you want to cut back on lens thickness. And if you’ve got a very high prescription, go for high index lenses to get thinner lenses with the same prescription quality.

Feeling a bit more stylish? Then consider a Transitions lens to have your glasses double as sunglasses. Transitions darken in sunlight and lighten indoors, giving you a range of options in just one pair of glasses. But whatever your choice, all our lenses provide 100% UV protection.



Ray-Ban RX2185V Wayfarer 2

Ray-Ban RB2185V Wayfarer II in Black

Shop Ray-Ban RB2185V Wayfarer II

The original Wayfarer is naturally retro, as it first came out in 1952. Now it’s updated for 2019. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer II is rounded with more of an uplift than the square original. It’s available in either black or Havana colors, and the 50 eyesize fits smaller faces well.


Ray-Ban RX3648V Marshal

Ray-Ban RB3648V Marshal in Blue

Shop Ray-Ban RB3648V Marshal

The Ray-Ban Marshal sports a double bridge with really cool angles. If you’re looking to update your aviator look, the Ray-Ban Marshal is for you. It’s on-trend with clear, square aviator styling at its best. This rad look comes in many awesome colors and is available in a medium and large fit.


Ray-Ban RX3947V Round Gaze

Ray-Ban RB3947V Round Gaze in Gold/Black

Shop Ray-Ban RB3947V Round Gaze

Open on the bottom, the rimless lenses are the distinguishing feature of the Ray-Ban Round Gaze. It’s an on-trend round style, the perfect choice for progressive lens wearers. This round eyeglass is great for a more studious look and is available in two sizes.


Ray-Ban 5154 ClubMaster

Ray-Ban 5154 Clubmaster in Dark Havana

Shop Ray-Ban RB5154 Clubmaster

The well-known, ever popular Ray-Ban Clubmaster, now updated for eyeglasses, is one of our top on-trend picks. This stylish semi-rimless lens, open on the bottom, will turn heads everywhere you wear them. Available in several fun colors and a 49 eye size for smaller heads.


Product Image RB 6317 Top Brushed Brown on Gunmetal

Ray-Ban RB 6317 in Top Brushed Brown on Gunmetal

Shop Ray-Ban RB6317

Our personal favorite here at SportRx, the Ray-Ban RB6317 is slightly conservative and classic-looking yet fun. The definitive Ray-Ban look of the RB6317 makes it one of the most rad eyeglasses we’ve seen for 2019. Clean and sharp for anyone to wear.


Ray-Ban Eyeglass RX5362

Ray-Ban RB5362 in Black on Transparent

Shop Ray-Ban RB5362

This is more of a feminine frame with a cat-eye uplift on the frame edges. The Ray-Ban RB5362 is a best-selling butterfly style, great for women seeking a flattering and uplifting eyeglass look. Available in Ray-Ban’s classic black frame or a grey/red combo, and in both medium and large sizes.


Ray-Ban Eyeglass RX6433

Ray-Ban RB6433 in Matte Black/Silver

Shop Ray-Ban RB6433

Real clean, real classic Ray-Ban eyeglasses. Sport this flat metal rim design for a simple but cool look. The Ray-Ban RB6433 is a classic understated Ray-Ban eyeglass style we love for 2019. Available in so many color choices, you may have to indulge in two pairs!


Ray-Ban Eyeglass RX7140

Ray-Ban RB7140 in Transparent Blue

Shop Ray-Ban RB7140

The last of our 2019 finalists, the Ray-Ban RB7140 is clean and on-trend, and available in a variety of colorways. Two of our favorite color combinations are black and gold, or copper and blue. Sport this trend-setting Ray-Ban round eyeglass, and you’ll feel and look great anywhere you go.


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