Oakley Cycling Sunglasses: Best of 2019

Oakley has been paving the way for cycling glasses since the introduction of the Eyeshades at the Tour De France in 1984. Since then, Oakley has continuously set the bar for performance standards in the cycling world. Staying ahead of the pack through innovative design and functionality have been key drivers to the success of Oakley Sunglasses. With so many great options we had to break it down so you can find the frames that are perfect for you.

Sunglass Rob and UCLA cyclist phenom, Evan Christianson, review our top picks of the Best Oakley Cycling Sunglasses of 2018 in the video below. We are currently working on our 2019 video. Stay tuned!

PRIZM Road Lenses for Cycling

Having the best cycling frame is only half of the equation for the best pair of cycling sunglasses. Adding in a world-class lens will take your riding to the next level. All of the sunglasses in this review are available with PRIZM Road lens technology to help you see better and react faster for a more enjoyable experience. Find out more about PRIZM Road in the video below.

Not sure about what to look for when buying cycling sunglasses? We have a guide for that too! Otherwise, check out all our top Oakley cycling sunglass picks below.

The Best Oakley Cycling Sunglasses of 2019

Flight Jacket

flight jacket prizm road Oakley Flight Jacket in Matte Navy with PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Flight Jacket

The Flight Jacket kicks things off as Oakley's newest addition to their cycling collection. So I know what you’re thinking…where’s the top? The convertible top design for the Flight Jacket gives you an unobstructed view when tucked in on your bike without losing frame durability. Oakley researchers developed Advancer Technology to mitigate fogging by pushing the frames directly forward on your face, creating a cooling effect as more air flows through. These frames also come with an extra set of shorter temple stems for ultimate helmet compatibility. Reach your top speed in the Oakley Flight Jacket with PRIZM lens technology.

Flak 2.0 XL

flak2.0xl prizm road Oakley Flak 2.0 XL in Matte Grey Smoke with PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

The Flak 2.0 XL has been a top-selling frame for years. The tried and true design is suitable for a variety of conditions, making it popular among all sport enthusiasts. The semi-rimless lens allows you to see more of the world around you, especially when you are looking down. Full unobtanium temples and nose pads keep the frame stuck to your face for perfect optical alignment all day long. This frame is also available in asian fit if you have higher cheekbones and a less prominent nose bridge.

*The Flak 2.0 is available in prescription

EVZero Path

Oakley EVZero Path PRIZM Road Oakley EVZero Path in Matte White with PRIZM Road

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As the name implies, the EVZero Path weighs just about nothing! This full rimless frame is light as a feather making it feel like you are not even wearing sunglasses. The lightweight feel combined with Unobtanium nose bridge and temples are perfect for breaking a sweat on longer rides. For maximum speed and coverage, checkout the EVZero Path!

Radar EV Pitch


radar ev pitch prizm road Oakley Radar EV Pitch in Polished White with PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Radar EV Pitch

The Radar EV Pitch continues the Oakley Radar legacy with an extended view. The full shield provides you with what you would expect with a classic Oakley cycling frame. The vents in the lens will keep you cool and prevent fogging. And when you are sweating like crazy, the frames will stay perfectly in place with Unobtanium grip on the nose pads and temples. The lens on the Radar EV Pitch is slightly larger than the Radar EV Path. With highly durable O-matter frame construction, the Radar EV Pitch is the total package.

Radar EV Path


Oakley Radar EV Path PRIZM Road sunglasses Oakley Radar EV Path Matte Black with PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Radar EV Path

The Radar series offers ultimate coverage and durability for all your cycling adventures. The shield lens is built with vents on the top for fog fighting on hotter days. The Unobtanium on the nose bridge and temple arms keep the frames in place for all the bumps in the road. This frame is slightly narrower and has a cut to not rub against your cheeks. The Pitch doesn't have this design, giving you more coverage. The Radar series combine durability and coverage for a pair of sunglasses that can meet any road condition.

*The Radar EV Path is available in prescription

Flak Beta

flak beta prizm road Oakley Flak Beta in Polished White with PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Flak Beta

The Flak Beta has made an impact as the newest addition to the Oakley Flak collection. The proprietary O-Matter frame construction can withstand most anything that you throw at it. A bottomless frame design eliminates the problem of the frame getting in the way of your downward view. Oakley's three-point fit system makes for both a comfortable and secure feel when you are flying around on your bike. The Flak Beta is also available in Asian fit for the most optimal sizing options. You can't go wrong with the sporty style and functionality of the Flak Beta.

*The Flak Beta is available in prescription

Crossrange and Crossrange XL


crossrange prizm road Oakley Crossrange in Black Ink with PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Crossrange

NOTE: Oakley no longer includes two sets of temples and two nosepads with any Crossrange model. This product will come standard with the lifestyle temples and nosepad only.

The Oakley Crossrange offers the best of both worlds by combining a performance frame with a casual look. This frame also features Oakley's three-point fit system for comfort all day long. The Crossrange is available in an XL version for you bigger heads out there. Whether you are setting a PR on your daily ride or meeting some friends out for lunch, the Crossrange will keep you looking cool, calm, and collected.

*The Crossrange and Crossrange XL are available in prescription



Oakley Jawbreaker PRIZM Road, Oakley PRIZM Road Oakley Jawbreaker featured in Polished White PRIZM Road

Shop Oakley Jawbreaker

The Jawbreaker stands the test of time as a go-to for many cyclists. Adjustable temples, total coverage, and comfort make this frame the total package. The O-matter frame construction is built for battle and will hold up to meet your demands. Like the Radar series, the Jawbreaker has a vented shield lens to combat any fogging possibilities. Unobtanium on the temple arms and nosepad give you the comfort and secure fit you expect from Oakley cycling sunglasses.

*The Jawbreaker is available with an embedded rx lens

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