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We asked industry insiders what cycling sunglasses the pros will be wearing for Le Tour de France. Here's what we found...

There are going to be a lot of riders rockin’ some Oakleys, especially the RadarLock XL. Why? While riding in a very aggressive position, like on a TT bike, the extra-tall height of the lenses gives riders a lot of room to look through the glasses rather than being forced to look over the frame. The lenses also have anti-fog vents and come in a variety of cool colors – all of which are interchangeable for seamless adaptability to different light conditions. So be on the lookout for the Oakley RadarLock XL.

Oakley RadarLock XL Cycling Sunglasses, Oakley RadarLock XL Prescription Sunglasses, Tour de France Sunglasses

Oakley RadarLock XL

On the road stages, we’re also going to see the Oakley RadarLock Path and RadarLock Pitch. Each of these come in a lot of frame and lens colors, and they are also coming out with custom Tour de France colors this year, so I’m sure you’ll see those on some of the pros. Also, be on the lookout for Mark Cavendish wearing his own signature series of RadarLock Path.

Oakley RadarLock Path, Oakley RadarLock Path, Oakley RadarLock Path Prescription Sunglasses, Tour de France Sunglasses

Oakley RadarLock Path

Moving on to Rudy Project, Rudy Project is the brand of choice for everybody’s favorite super hero, Peter Sagan. We are expecting a lot of riders to be wearing the Rudy Project Agon. The pros usually wear a specific team racing edition, which basically has an extra plaque on the side with a big Rudy Project logo. The Agon is basically the newer generation of the Rydon. They’re super durable, very lightweight, have adjustable nose pieces, and come in some really fun colors. So be on the lookout to see Sagan rockin’ the Rudys, and basically the whole Cannondale pro cycling team in Rudy Project helmets.

Rudy Project Agon Cycling Sunglasses, Rudy Project Agon Prescription Sunglasses, Tour de France Sunglasses

Rudy Project Agon

Next we have Bollé, which has stepped its game up over the last couple seasons. I believe they’re sponsoring the GreenEDGE cycling team. The model we've seen on the pros in the recent past has been the Bollé Vortex. It’s a pretty sweet frame: very lightweight, provides a lot of coverage, and has anti-fog venting. My guess, though, is that a lot of the pros will be wearing a newer model called the 6th Sense, which has less frame, so it’s a little more of an open design, allowing for a more open field of vision.

Bolle Vortex Cycling Sunglasses, Bolle Vortex Prescription Sunglasses, Tour de France Sunglasses

Bolle Vortex


Bolle 6th Sense Prescription Sunglasses, Prescription Cycling Sunglasses, Tour de France Sunglasses

Bolle 6th Sense

Finally, we have Smith. Some Smith designs sprinkled in, most likely the Pivlock V2 Max and the Pivlock Arena (which hasn’t yet been released to the public.)

Smith Pivlock V2 Max, Tour de France Sunglasses, Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

Smith Pivlock V2 Max

And then of course, our favorite announcer from NBC Sports, Paul Sherwen, is going to be wearing some Intersection III eyeglasses from Smith, and some Kingdoms. He also has a pair of Smith Nomads, so if you see him out there doing some outdoor commentary, he’ll be rockin’ his Nomad shades with some ChromoPop lenses. Get some!

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