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Cycling Glasses

Best Cycling Sunglasses with Interchangeable Lenses

Whether you start the day out on the bike, swap that lunch break for a ride, or train late evenings for an upcoming tour, cycling is a way of life. Cyclists are some of the most dedicated athletes we know, seizing any opportunity to get on the bike. Day rides, night rides, and everything in […]

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Best Cycling Sunglasses for Small Faces

Do you love spending your time on the bike, but find yourself struggling with slipping sunglasses and constant frame readjustments? At SportRx, nothing bothers our Sports Opticians more than ill-fitting glasses getting in the way of our favorite sports. That’s why we’ve created this lineup just for you, our small-faced cyclists. Join us for the best […]

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Oakley Crosslink Pitch Review

We are super excited about another addition to Oakley’s ever popular Crosslink Collection, the Crosslink Pitch. These glasses look a little less sporty than the original Oakley Crosslink, which gives them the ability to transform from work to play and then back again! They are equipped with the wonderful Unobtainium technology, which helps your glasses […]

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Tour de Frames: Tour de France Sunglasses 2014

  To find out what they’re wearing in 2019, check out our new blog here. We asked industry insiders what cycling sunglasses the pros will be wearing for Le Tour de France. Here’s what we found… There are going to be a lot of riders rockin’ some Oakleys, especially the RadarLock XL. Why? While riding […]

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Oakley Racing Jacket vs. Oakley Jawbone. Let’s clear up the confusion.

Oakley Racing Jacket vs. Oakley Jawbone. There’s been a little confusion about the difference between the Oakley Racing Jacket and the Oakley Jawbone, so let’s clear it up. Simply put, these glasses are nearly identical. Oakley just took the original Jawbone and renamed it, so the Jawbone has been replaced by the Racing Jacket. All of […]

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Cycling Sunglasses: Vision Is Important. Get the Right Pair.

Buyer’s Guide: How-to Choose the Best Cycling Sunglasses Read our updated Cycling Buyer’s Guide to learn about what goes into the perfect fitting pair, what to look for and avoid, and the latest lens and frames technologies to take you and your riding to the next level. Finding the right pair of cycling sunglasses can mean […]

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