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The Rudy Project

Thinkin' Bout a New Pair of Cycling Sunglasses?

A Buyer's Guide to the Best Cycling Sunglasses & Prescription Cycling Glasses So, you're a cycling hot shot, a full-fledged, road racing dynamo itching to climb hills with the best in the biz. Or, maybe you're not, and you know what, that's okay. Not everyone is going to tackle le Tour de...

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Tour de France Showcases the Best Cycling Sunglasses!

You Call it le Tour de France, we like to call it le Tour de Frames From July 4th to July 26th cycling fanatics around the world rejoice! Why? Because it means le Tour de France (a.k.a.the most prestigious race in the history of the sport) has arrived and is here...

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Use It Or Lose It! - FLEX with SportRx 'til March 15th!

Use Your FSA Account Funds on Cool Prescription Eyewear before the Extended March 15th Deadline!     Flexible spending accounts or "FSA accounts" have funds that expire on December 31st each year...most of the time. On the most part, Flex funds do not roll over into the next year, so it's...

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Best Marathon Running Sunglasses

Best Marathon Running Sunglasses It’s Marathon season! Don’t forget to hit the pavement with your favorite pair of running sunglasses for your upcoming races! Whether you’re running for your first marathon or training to break your personal record, vision and UV protection for your eyes are important while making your...

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Tour de Frames: Tour de France Sunglasses 2014

Find out What Sunglasses the Pros Are Wearing at Le Tour de France 2014! We asked industry insiders what cycling sunglasses the pros will be wearing for Le Tour de France. Here's what we found... There are going to be a lot of riders rockin’ some Oakleys, especially the RadarLock...

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7 Reasons Why We Love the Rudy Project Horus

7 Reasons Why We Love the Rudy Project Horus Rudy Project Horus (red/silver) The Rudy Project Horus has been among the most popular sport sunglasses since they were released on the market. There are probably a million reasons why this is, but here’s seven: 1) Amazing Fit. The Rudy Project...

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Best Military Eyewear. SportRx Has You Covered.

Best Military Eyewear We have a huge military community here in San Diego, and eyewear for our servicewomen and men is something we take pride in offering. Whether you're looking for prescription or non-prescription eyewear, we have a variety of choices to accommodate your style. All of our military eyewear is...

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Wrap Around Sunglasses for High Rx

Wrap Around Sunglasses for High Rx We have mastered the art of prescription wrap around lenses. Our optical lab uses digital wrap compensation in order to minimize the distortion that comes with wrap lenses. So if you've been told by your optometrist that you can't get your prescription in wrap...

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