The Maui Jim rimless sunglasses collection features a wide array of great-looking frames and we're here to tell you all about them. If you've ever thought about going the rimless frame look, you've landed on the right shores (I appologize for the islandy beach references, but this is a Maui Jim blog, after all). Maui Jim's rimless look has been finely crafted over the years to give us the clean-looking frames you'll be seeing today. And if you wanted the best rimless sunglasses on the market, you've found the right blog.

Everything you need to know about Maui Jim Rimless Sunglasses

A. What are Rimless Sunglasses?
B. Why Should you Choose Rimless Frames?
1. Are they sturdy?
2. Does anyone wear rimless sunglasses?
3. What face shape works with rimless frames?
C. Types of Rimless Sunglasses
1. Shapes
2. Activity
3. Materials
D. The Best Maui Jim Rimless Sunglasses of 2021
Video Review
1. Ho'okipa
2. Nanea
3. Ohai
4. Makaha
5. Hikina
6. Lighthouse
7. Banyans
E. Maui Jim Prescription Rimless Sunglasses Online at SportRx


What are Rimless Sunglasses?

If you've heard the term "rimless sunglasses" and wondered what that meant, you aren't alone. Rimless frames simply don't have an outer frame rim around the lenses. A bridge connects the two lenses, while the temples attach at the corners of each lens. Maui Jim's rimless frames are well-known for favorites like the Ho'okipa and Banyans, but those aren't the only great rimless options on our list. Read on to find out what Maui Jim rimless frames have to offer and our list of the top 7.

Why should you Choose Rimless Frames?

Rimless frames have a few notable features that separate them from other shades. They tend to be very light because of the lesser amount of frame material used than on other frames. The removal of a frame rim around the lenses also allows for a wider unincumbered field of vision. This makes them a great choice for active people. To add to that, Maui Jim rimless frames will always feature their PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, meaning you get the best polarized lenses on the market.

Are they sturdy?

I already mentioned above that these are ultra-lightweight sunglasses, good for active people. Considering this, it's fair to ask if a super-light frame can withstand what an active lifestyle might throw at it. All of Maui's rimless frames are constructed with their most durable materials and impact-resistant lenses so that they can play just as hard as you can.

Does anyone wear rimless sunglasses?

Totally! There are a lot of different versions of the rimless frame offered from Maui and other brands. Our list below features rimless frames for men, and rimless frames for women. The functionality of rimless and semi-rimless options is simply better for athletic people. But that doesn't mean that they don't also look great sitting by the beach or on board a sailboat. People wear them everywhere.

What face shape works with rimless frames?

Rimless frames can work with a variety of face shapes. The lens shape of a frame is the key in knowing whether your face shape will work best with a frame. If you want to know more about face shape and finding the right frame, we have a great blog on that topic.

Types of Rimless Sunglasses

Most of the frames on this list are curtailed towards the active person, but that doesn't mean that some are a little more flashy than others. Let's dig into what you can expect from Maui's rimless shades.


You'll find a mix of rounded, rectangular, and even square-shaped lenses in this collection. You'll also notice that many of the frames have a descent wrap to ensure you get a wide range of coverage from the sun.


As mentioned above, rimless frames and semi-rimless frames make for great active sunglasses. Whether you do something relatively low impact, like hiking, sailing, or something a little more vigorous like running, volleyball, tennis, golf, or fishing, these frames are up to the task.

Frame Material

In this list, you will see frames made of the following materials;

  • Grilamid: highly durable thermoplastic
  • MauiFlex™: a proprietary memory metal made of titanium-nickel
  • High Grade Nylon: nylon is often used in the industry for it's durability, strength, and lightweight qualities

The Best Maui Jim Rimless Sunglasses of 2021

With a lot of great-looking frames to choose from, we narrowed it down to our top 7 Maui Jim rimless sunglasses. If you want to see more from this collection, you can always check our website to find the newest releases and ones we didn't feature here. Just because somethings not on our list doesn't mean that it isn't great.

Video Review

Join Maui Jim Brand Expert, Graham as he highlights the 2021 list of best Maui Jim rimless sunglasses. For more on each frame, continue reading!

Maui Jim Ho'okipa

Now, a Maui Jim rimless collection list wouldn't be complete without mention of the legendary Ho'okipa. Infact the Ho'okipa is one of Maui Jim's most popular shades and you'll see it's influence throughout our list. This is for good reason, as the ultra-lightweight frame combines all of the elements that make for a high-quality pair of sunglasses. Despite being a featherweight, the frame and polycarbonate lenses are very durable. The adjustable nose pads and rubber temple inlays have a tacky quality, making sure they'll stay put whether you're leaning over the deck, reeling in a prize catch or simply leaning over to grab your drink from a hammock. We could go on, but really, there's too many reasons why this is Maui's best-selling frame.

Maui Jim Ho'Okipa rimless sunglasses

Maui Jim Ho'okipa in Gloss Black with HCL Bronze Lenses

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Ho'okipa Features:

  • SFW: (134mm) Men's M/L and a women's L
  • Grilamid frame fitted with Maui-Polycarbonate lenses
  • Maui Jim's top-selling frame... Ever
  • Comes in prescription

Maui Jim Nanea

The Nanea is one of the newer rimless styles from Maui on this list and we LOVE them. The thin metal frame comes in colors that compliment the lens options perfectly, making for a very smooth-looking frame. When compared to the classic Ho'okipa, you'll notice a thinner-profile nose bridge. Adjustable nose pads allow you to have that perfect fit and rubberized temple tips mean a comfortable, grippy fit around the ears. When it comes to looks, the Nanea really stands out with all of Maui's brightest lens options. Of course, if classic bronze or grey are more your style, you'll find that the classics look great in this frame as well.

Maui Jim Nanea Rimless Sunglasses

Maui Jim Nanea in Matte Black with Hawaii Lava Lenses

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Nanea Features:

  • SFW: (134mm) Men's M/L and a women's L
  • MauiFlex™ frame construction and highly advanced MauiBriliant™ lenses
  • This savvy, rimless frame is going to catch the eye with it's fresh style
  • Comes in prescription

Maui Jim Ohai

If you loved the Nanea but looked at the SFW and thought, "these are too small for my coconut", there's still hope for you! Meet the Nanea's big sibling, the Ohai. This sleek frame is the spitting image of the Nanea in just about every way. If you don't believe us, just scroll up and see for yourself. The similarities don't just end at the sleek looks, either. The same proprietary MauiFlex™ frame material and top-notch MauiBrilliant lenses are used, too. You can also get the Ohai in the same eye-catching colorways, which means you get style options.

Maui Jim Ohai rimless sunglasses

Maui Jim Ohai in gunmetal with Blue Hawaii Lenses

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Ohai Features:

  • SFW: (142mm) Men's and women's XL
  • MauiFlex™ frame construction and highly advanced MauiBriliant™ lenses
  • Nope! You didn't see the same frame twice. This is the Ohai
  • Comes in prescription

Maui Jim Makaha

The Makaha definitely shows off some relation to the Ho'okipa, so let's talk about what's different. The first thing you might notice is the sportier nose bridge, matching the nylon-frame material used in the temples of this frame. The polycarbonate lenses cut a much sleeker profile due to their shorter height. The adjustable nose pads are similar to those on the Ho'okipa due to their grippy rubber. The same trusty temple grips are used as well to maximize this frames wearability for hiking, fishing, volleyball, or whatever else you might get up to.

Maui Jim Makaha rimless sunglasses

Maui Jim Makaha in Tortoise with HCL Bronze lenses

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Makaha Features:

  • SFW: (135mm) Men's M/L and a women's L
  • Ultra lightweight nylon frame combined with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • The Makaha is one of the best frames on this list for those who want to live an active lifestyle in style
  • Comes in prescription

Maui Jim Hikina

One trait that will be found in all Maui Jim rimless sunglasses is that they are lightweight. With that said, the Hikina might be in it's own class for lightweight. Maui Jim opted for their lightest lens material, MauiPure® LT, then paired it with a razor-thin nylon frame. The result is a frame that weighs 10 grams, or 1/3 of an ounce, or 1/100th of a pineapple. You'll notice that the adjustable, non-slip silicone nose pads have even been given the lightweight treatment with their hollowed-out centers. Rubberized temple grips make sure these don't simply float away in the breeze.


Maui Jim Hikina rimless sunglasses

Maui Jim Hikina in Matte Tortoise & Maui Sunrise

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Hikina Features:

  • SFW: (140mm) Men's L/XL and women's XL
  • Nylon frame construction paired with MauiPure® LT lenses
  • These only weigh 10 grams
  • Does not come in prescription

Maui Jim Lighthouse

The lighthouse is another classic rimless frame that's oriented towards active people. A wrapped frame means great peripheral coverage for those long days in the sun. Polycarbonate lenses give you peace of mind when it comes to impact resistance and lightweight nylon means you get a featherlike fit. The lenses of the lighthouse have a rectangular fit, which stands out from the rest of the frames on this list. Non-slip rubber nosepads combine with the same rubberized temple grips you've seen on frames like the Makaha and Ho'okipa. Though similar to many of the other rimless options from Maui Jim, the Lighthouse definitely stands out for it's unique shape.

Maui Jim Lighthouse Rimless sunglasses

Maui Jim Lighthouse sunglasses in Gloss Black with Neutral Grey Lenses

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Lighthouse Features:

  • SFW: (136mm) Men's M/L and a women's L
  • Lightweight High Grade Nylon frame with Polycarbonate lenses
  • The lighthouse's unique lens shape makes it a fit for oval, round, and oblong face shapes
  • Does not come in prescription

Maui Jim Banyans

And we've finally come to the final frame on our list! Much like the Ho'okipa, our list of top Maui Jim rimless frames couldn't be complete without this classic. The Banyans are another top-selling frame that have stood the test of time for their clean design and capable usability. Designed with the active person in mind, you get a wrapped frame constructed of Maui's highly durable grilamid frame material. The sturdy frame is fitted with adjustable non-stick rubber nose pads and rubberized temple tips so they stay in place. Wether you're summiting mountain peaks or simply enjoying a walk along the shore, these frames will do the job and then some.

Maui Jim Banyans polarized sunglasses

Maui Jim Banyans in Gloss Black with Maui HT Lenses

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Banyans Features:

    • SFW: (138mm) Men's L and a women's L/XL
    • Ultra durable Grilamid frame and Maui Evolution® lenses
    • Another Maui classic that looks as good as it ever has
    • Comes in prescription

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