Maui Jim blue light glasses are the luxury-standard in blue light protective eyewear. You probably already understand why you need them. However, in case you need a refresher, we’re going to go over the benefits of Maui Jim blue light protection eyeglasses before heading into our top five frames. Stick around to find the style variation that speaks to you.

Best Maui Jim Blue Light Glasses

A. Maui Jim Blue Light Protect™
B. Best Maui Jim Blue Light Glasses
1. Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses
2. Oversized Cat-Eye Glasses
3. Ultra-Unique Glasses
4. Iconic Glasses
5. Vintage Glasses
C. Prescription Maui Jim Blue Light Glasses Online

Maui Jim Blue Light Protect™

Maui Blue Light Protect prevents eye fatigue and headaches caused by staring at digital screens. Oftentimes, blue light blocking lenses are noticeable with a yellow tint or iridescent blue coating on the lens surface. Maui Jim blue light lenses have neither and simply look like perfectly clear lenses. They are made of a high index 1.67 material. Typically, the higher the index the lighter and thinner the lens, making them a good option for higher prescriptions.

Best Maui Jim Blue Light Glasses

person wearing maui jim eyeglasses on face blue light protection banner

Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses


maui jim mjo2143 eyeglasses jeffrey dahmer glasses in brass sand color frame with clear lenses

Maui Jim MJO2143 in Sand Frame

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Since its release on Netflix, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has caused quite a stir. One question we’ve been getting asked lately is, “What glasses does Jeffrey Dahmer wear in the Netflix series?” If you’re looking to rock the iconic look, the square aviator design isn’t only for the infamous. The Maui Jim MJO2143 is for you.

Oversized Cat-Eye Glasses

maui jim blue light blocking glasses mjo2302 eyeglasses cat eye and ovresized Yellow Havana frame clear lenses

Maui Jim MJO2302 in Yellow Havana Frame

Shop Maui Jim MJO2302

If you’re a fan of oversized glasses, cat-eye glasses – or both, the Maui Jim MJO2302 is right up your alley. Available in eye-catching colors, you’ll stand out with these bold frames. If you want to see these Maui Jim eyeglasses on a face, you can catch me wearing them in the overview video below. *Excuse the bad hair day.

Ultra-Unique Glasses

maui jim mjo2729 blue light blocking glasses with silver frame and clear rounded lenses with flat top

Maui Jim MJO2729 in Gloss Gold Frame

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The freshly released Maui Jim MJO2729 is truly unique. Rimless eyeglasses aren’t something you see every day. Its airy look and untraditional rounded shape have piqued the interest of many. It’s like a blank canvas that you can build your own fashion onto. How would you style this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Iconic Glasses

maui jim clubmaster computer eyeglasses frame in shiny tortoise

Maui Jim MJO2230 in Shiny Tortoise Frame

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This design got its start in the late 1940’s and it’s not going anywhere. The sophisticated clubmaster style of the Maui Jim MJO2230 looks great on just about any face shape and has its perks. Unlike acetate from other well-known brands, Maui Jim acetate is a relief to those who struggle with heavy glasses sliding down their nose. It is not heavy like other brand’s acetate frames. You get lightweight nylon-like comfortability with acetate quality.

Vintage Glasses

maui jim mjo2417 vintage gold round eyeglasses frame with clear lenses

Maui Jim MJO2417 in Gold with Brown Fabric Pattern Eye Rim Frame

Shop Maui Jim MJO2417

A vintage framework with intricate design details, who could go wrong? Maui Jim MJO2417 round eyeglasses can be worn by many. If you’re anything like me and switch up your style based on your mood, let me show you something. Feeling like a flower child today? Round eyeglasses. Want a softer, more innocent grunge look? Round eyeglasses. Want a classy, sophisticated look? Round eyeglasses! You get my point.

Prescription Maui Jim Blue Light Glasses Online

SportRx makes shopping for Maui Jim blue light glasses easy. Simply find the eyeglass frame of your liking and select Maui Blue Light Protect when customizing your order. The answers to all of your questions are at your fingertips. If you want to chat with an expert, contact us! We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription Maui Jim eyeglasses.

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