Does Maui Jim make prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses? Of course! However, it may help to understand what exactly you're investing your money into before committing to a luxury Maui Jim purchase. We're here to break down everything you need to know about Maui Jim so you can go into your purchase feeling nothing but excitement.

Maui Jim Buyer's Guide

A. Where And How Are Maui Jims Made?
B. Are Maui Jims Worth It?
C. Maui Jim Frame Materials
1. Durable Metals
2. High-Quality Plastics
3. Alternative Options
D. Maui Jim Sunglass Lens Materials
1. Plano Sunglass Lenses
2. Prescription Sunglass Lenses
E. Maui Jim Eyeglass Lens Materials
1. Proprietary Eyeglass Lenses
2. Maui Jim Other Lens Options
F. Shop Maui Jims Online

Where And How Are Maui Jims Made?

There are over 250 steps put into making a pair of Maui Jim premium frames. They not only focus on design, but comfortability and functionality too. Each frame starts as an idea in the Maui Jim design studio before being crafted into a prototype, which is then sent to Maui Jim's long-standing partners in Italy or Japan. After each frame is created, they get tumbled and polished for 60–130 hours! Once finished, each Maui Jim frame gets hand-assembled and visually inspected.

Are Maui Jims Worth It?

For those who have experienced Maui Jim luxury eyewear already, it's no wonder why the average Maui Jim customer owns about four pairs of Maui Jims. Why are Maui Jims so great? Let me explain. There is nothing worse than having a fun-filled day ruined because your glasses keep sliding down your nose due to the weight of the frame. Thankfully, even Maui Jim's metal and acetate frames are a pure joy to all-day wearers, focusing not only on style and design but balance and comfort.

Better yet, the quality of Maui Jim lenses is unparalleled. Their labs are advanced and have an excellent turnaround time so you can start seeing clearly, quickly. All Maui Jim lenses include several premium coatings, no matter which lenses you get. Hydrophobic coatings help repel water. Oleophobic coatings repel oil and dirt, making them easy to clean. Anti-reflective coatings on the front and back of each lens reduce reflections, and ClearShell coatings help prevent scratching. As if that weren't enough, all Maui Jim lenses provide 100% UV protection. Yes, even their eyeglass lenses! And if you're new to SportRx, you can try them risk-free with our See Better Guarantee. But more about that later.

Maui Jim Frame Materials

Maui Jim Eyeglasses MJO2232 MJO2416 MJO2712 MJO2720

Durable Metals

Maui Jim Titanium Frames: Maui Jim's titanium frame material is lightweight and durable. It is perfect for those looking for a minimalist, yet noticeably premium look.
Maui Jim Stainless Steel Frames: Stainless steel is lightweight and anti-corrosive. It's the perfect material for those looking for an affordable titanium alternative.
Maui Jim MauiFlex™ Frames: MauiFlex is Maui Jim's proprietary frame material. It is considered a memory metal as it bounces back to its original shape through rugged wear and tear. It's perfect for those who demand perfect performance from their frames.
Maui Jim Monel Frames: Monel metal is hypoallergenic and rigid. It is a great frame material for those looking for a very sturdy frame.

High-Quality Plastics

Maui Jim Acetate Frames: Acetate is Maui Jim's premium plastic. It holds colors and patterns well, and is easy to adjust. It is the perfect frame material for those looking for bold and rich designs.
Maui Jim Nylon Frames: Maui Jim nylon is ultra-lightweight and typically features embedded or adjustable nose pads. It is perfect for those looking for a frame that performs and adjusts to temperature changes without bending.
Maui Jim Hexetate Eyeglass Frames: Hexetate is Maui Jim's proprietary ophthalmic frame material. It is a stronger and more flexible version of acetate, and is perfect for those looking for the benefits of acetate but with better all-day wearability.

Alternative Options

Maui Jim Carbon Fiber Frames: Carbon fiber is prized for its lightweight and durable construction. It is perfect for those looking for an alternative to metal frames, and subtle frame patterns.

Maui Jim Sunglass Lens Materials

man wearing maui jim wrap sunglasses with green lenses on face

All Maui Jim sunglass lenses are polarized but won't blackout your digital screens. Like Maui Jim frames, Maui Jim sunglass lenses have varying functionality. Each lens color provides its own benefits. If you want to find out which lens color suits your preferences and lifestyle needs, you can learn more from our Maui Jim Lens Color Guide.

Plano Sunglass Lenses

SuperThin (ST) Glass: Maui Jim glass lenses are 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass lenses.
Maui Brilliant™: The lightest lens in the industry, Maui Brilliant's clarity is almost equal to glass yet is 1/3 the weight! It is impact and scratch resistant, and is the only Maui Jim lens material that is available in Plano and prescription.
Maui Pure® & Maui Pure® LT: The second lightest lenses in the industry, Maui Pure and Maui Pure LT lenses are a great alternative to polycarbonate as they provide more clarity and are the most impact resistant of all Maui Jim lenses.

Prescription Sunglass Lenses

Maui Brilliant™: As mentioned above, Maui Brilliant is the only Maui Jim lens material that is available in plano and prescription. It is the lightest lens in the industry, has the best clarity of all Maui Jim prescription lenses, and is impact resistant. It is available with all Maui Jim front lens treatment options.
Maui Evolution®: A high index option at 1.60, Maui Evolution is recommended for higher prescriptions. It is available in all polarized colors with MauiGradient and bi-gradient frontside treatments.
Polycarbonate: Positioned for entry-level pricing, polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact resistant. It is not recommended for drill mounts or acetate frames, and is only available in biogradient lenses.

Maui Jim Clear Lens Materials

woman wearing maui jim eyeglasses with blue light protection lenses on face
Maui Jim only uses digital lenses of the highest quality. Digital lenses provide better peripheral vision and prescription accuracy.

Proprietary Eyeglass Lenses

Maui Jim Blue Light Protect™: This lens is made of a high index 1.67 material. It prevents eye strain and eye fatigue caused by staring at digital screens.
Maui High Contrast™: This lens is made of a high index 1.67 material. It is aesthetically more noticeable than the Maui Blue Light Protect due to the slight light-blue or purple tint you’ll see when you view these lenses straight on. These lenses makes it easier to read fine print, and they are a great lens for nighttime driving as it gives a boost of contrast in low light conditions.

Other Eyeglass Lens Options

1.67 Clear: 1.67 lens material is lightweight and thin, making it a great option for those with higher prescriptions.
1.60 Clear: 1.60 lens material is a good alternative to 1.67 but is slightly thicker and heavier.
Trivex®: Trivex is hard to scratch. It is the lightest and most impact-resistant of all the featured ophthalmic lenses but is thicker than poly.
Polycarbonate Clear: Polycarbonate is thin, lightweight, and impact-resistant. It is the most inexpensive of all the featured clear lens materials but provides lower optical clarity.

Maui Jim Prescription Glasses Online

Need prescription lenses to go with your Maui Jim frames? Contact SportRx! We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians to help you build your Maui Jim prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses. They’re available 7 days a week, just waiting to lend you a hand.

Ditch risky online shopping with SportRx’s See Better Guarantee. Try your Maui Jims for 45 days. If you’re not satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. Even on prescription orders! And return shipping? It’s on us. Get your prescription Maui Jim glasses online at SportRx today!

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