Caution: Viewing the world with rose colored glasses may cause absolute optimism and positive thoughts. Not to mention the boost in contrast that will help you see every detail on the mountain. Oakley PRIZM Rose lens technology will add happiness as you ride down the mountain. Check out our team's review of the PRIZM Rose. We also have an updated review of PRIZM Rose if you don't find what you are looking for here.

PRIZM Rose is a great flat light lens that will still get you by even when the clouds clear up and the sun comes out. The Rose lenses are the 2nd lightest in Oakley's PRIZM Snow technology spectrum and are specific for flat light, even inching towards medium light. There are also PRIZM lens option such as Jade, Torch, and Sapphire that are great all-weather lenses. PRIZM Rose is slightly darker than PRIZM HI Pink and you can find out all about the differences between the two on our updated PRIZM Rose vs. HI Pink guide.

Oakley PRIZM Rose

Oakley Lien Miner XM

Oakley Line Miner XM in Matte Black with a PRIZM Rose lens

This lens tint is built for cloudy days with the sun slightly peeking out. These goggles are customized for snow and overcast conditions. PRIZM Rose has a 25-28% light transmission and an increased contrast. The base lens color is Rose. If you're the kind of person who dreads bad weather conditions and struggles to see clearly, the PRIZM Rose will change that. When you're going snowboarding or skiing on a whiteout day, PRIZM Rose will give you the contrast needed to find your lines and make it down the hill safely.

Oakley PRIZM Snow

See how PRIZM Rose stacks up against all the other PRIZM Snow lenses in the chart below!

oakley prizm snow

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Oakley's PRIZM Rose lens will bring you that rose colored glasses feeling, even during the worst weather conditions. Need to add prescription to your Oakley snow googles? If you have any additional questions, contact us and one of our trained opticians will help you out with any of your prescription or non-prescription goggle needs.