Are you looking to level up your gaming performance? Oakley PRIZM Gaming lenses are specifically designed to give you an edge over your competition in the Esports world. Enhanced contrast and improved reaction time are just a few of the benefits of this new lens technology. Learn more in our full review below.

oakley prizm gaming

Oakley originally introduced PRIZM Lens Technology to improve athletic performance on the playing field. These lenses use specific dyes that mute distracting colors while enhancing the colors your eyes are more sensitive to. This separation of color is what boosts contrast, allowing you to see every detail in your environment more clearly. PRIZM Gaming lenses are built in a similar way but are designed to allow you to focus better and game longer

Oakley Blue Light Lens Protection

Although this lens is ideal for gamers, it works just as well for anyone else looking for extra protection from electronic screens. Whether you have found yourself working from home or just spend a lot of time on your phone or computer, this lens will help block artificial blue light.

Lens Features:

  • Razor sharp vision
  • Enhanced contrast
  • The yellow tint acts as a blue-light filtering technology to reduce 40% of blue light within 380-500 nanometers

Oakley PRIZM Gaming Glasses

Oakley is known for designing sport frames to meet the demands of world class athletes. In the eyeglass world the function and design is different but Oakley continues to deliver. The dedication to comfort, fit, and design is an integral part of all Oakley eyeglasses. However, there are a select few that work especially well for gamers because they feature sleeker temple arms. This means they are extra comfortable and headset compatible.

Oakley Holbrook Rx


Oakley Holbrook Rx

Oakley Holbrook Rx in Satin Black with PRIZM Gaming lenses

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Oakley Metalink

Oakley Metalink

Oakley Metalink in Satin Black with PRIZM Gaming lenses

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Oakley Money Clip

Oakley Money Clip

Oakley Money Clip in Satin Black with PRIZM Gaming lenses

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Oakley Wheel House

Oakley Wheel House

Oakley Wheel House in Satin Black with PRIZM Gaming lenses

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