oakley gaming glasses & oakley prescription gaming glasses

Oakley Gaming Glasses & Oakley Prescription Gaming Glasses

Oakley gaming glasses are perfect for the gamer who wants to wear their glasses outside of the house as well. With video games growing in popularity, there is a widespread need for quality gaming glasses.

Gaming glasses work similar to how computer glasses filter out the harmful blue light from monitors, tablets, and phones. The negative blue light from electronics screens can have a negative lasting impact on the health of your eyes, and a pair of Oakley gaming glasses can help mitigate the effects of computer and tv screen stare.

Benefits of Oakley Gaming Glasses

Gamers are exposed to high levels of blue light for extended periods of time, and gaming lenses filter out this light and protect your eyes while gaming. Long-wave blue light can be harmful and there can be many long-term consequences. Some are more immediate, such as eye fatigue, but can be as detrimental as macular degeneration. This is when the light damages the sensors that provide detail and clarity in our vision. Gaming glasses can also give you a more consistent sleep schedule because the blue light can suppress melatonin production which can cause sleep disruption.

Oakley Prescription Gaming Glasses Online

SportRx prides itself in being the best place to buy prescription lenses. Hands Down. If you choose to buy gaming glasses and want to include your prescription in the lenses we can do that. A certified optician will be there for every step of the way to answer your questions during the ordering and production process. If at any time before the buying process, you have questions, Please contact us and we will help you answer them to the best of our ability. We are the best in the business and hope to continue that with every customer we meet!

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Satisfaction is our number one priority at SportRx and our shipping and return policy reflects that motto. We are dedicated to making sure that you are 100% satisfied with your glasses! If you are not completely psyched on your new glasses, you can return them to us within 45 days for a refund. Check out our See Better Guarantee for more details about what the return policy entails. We want to help you find something that you have no doubts about and are proud to wear every day!

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    Oakley Airdrop
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    Oakley Crosslink XS (Youth)
  5. Oakley Chamfer Squared
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    Oakley Chamfer Squared
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    Oakley Airdrop XS
  7. Oakley Tie Bar
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    Oakley Tie Bar
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    Oakley Wingback Squared
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    Oakley Bevel
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    Oakley Crosslink Fit