Love to game, but find yourself signing out because of dry eye, headaches, and digital eye strain? Reach the next level with Oakley gaming glasses, designed to alleviate these symptoms while also providing greater contrast to the game. Featuring Oakley's proprietary blue-light blocking lens technology, PRIZM™ Gaming, join us as we share the top 5 best Oakley gaming glasses!

Table of Contents

A. Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming
B. Best Oakley Gaming Glasses
New Release: NXTLVL
1. Activate
2. Metalink
3. Litebeam
4. Wheel House
5. Airdrop
C. Oakley Prescription Gaming Glasses Online at SportRx

Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming

Before we jump into our lineup of the best Oakley gaming glasses, let's quickly review Oakley's proprietary lens technology, PRIZM™ Gaming, which is available in prescription in all of today's frames.
Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming lenses are designed to enhance your gaming experience with superior optics and visual comfort. Here are the main benefits of this lens technology:

  • Yellow tint acts as a blue light filter to reduce harmful blue light exposure by 40%
  • Enhances contrast by separating colors within the visible light spectrum
  • Razor-sharp vision to make the details pop
  • Available in prescription at SportRx!

Want to learn more? For an in-depth review, visit our blog on Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming and discover the harmful effects of blue light.

Best Oakley Gaming Glasses

Now that we're familiar with Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming, let's check out Oakley's first ever gaming eyeglasses!


Time to elevate your game with the NXTLVL, Oakley’s first eyeglass designed specifically for adult gamers. The unique temple architecture was crafted to provide a long-lasting and comfortable fit while wearing over-the-ear headsets. The NXTLVL also features a lightweight O-Matter™ frame front combined with mixed O-Matter and C-5 temples, along with an Unobtainium® nosepads and ear socks for personalized comfort that will keep you playing for hours without distraction or discomfort. The larger square lens shape was designed to provide an unobstructed field-of-view for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Oakley NXTLVL with Satin Black Frames

Oakley NXTLVL in Satin Black

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Oakley NXTLVL Key Features

  • 6-base curve provides wide unobstructed field-of-view
  • Durable and lightweight O-Matter front with mixed O-Matter/C-5 temples designed to fit under headphones with minimal obstruction
  • HEADSET COMPATABLE -Thin C-5 temples are designed to provide a seamless and comfortable fit while wearing headsets
  • TruBridge™ technology comes with multiple nose pads so you can pick the best fit for you
  • SportRx Frame Width (What is SFW?): 56 Eyesize - 132mm; 58 Eyesize - 135mm


Leave it to Oakley to create an everyday eyeglasses frame with wrap. Unlike traditional eyeglasses with a flat 4-base lens, the Oakley Activate features a 6-base design. *This contour delivers a wider field of vision while also providing extra coverage from harmful blue light. Built from proprietary O Matter™, the Activate is perfect for long gaming sessions due to its extremely lightweight and durable wear.

As for sizing, you'll get a custom fit thanks to two unique frame features: Ace Fit temples and TruBridge™ technology. Starting with the Ace Fit, you can easily heat and mold the temples to create a perfect fit free from pressure points. Following suite: the TruBridge™ technology allows you to select from a variety of Unobtainium™ nose pads, so you get a custom fit unique to your nose shape and bridge.

Oakley Activate gaming glasses in satin black with Oakley PRIZM Gaming blue light lenses.

Oakley Activate in Satin Black with PRIZM™ Gaming Lenses

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Oakley Activate Key Features

  • 6-base curve provides wide field of vision
  • O Matter™ frame is lightweight & durable
  • Ace Fit temples are easily heated, then molded to create a custom fit
  • TruBridge™ technology comes with multiple nose pads so you can pick the best fit for you
  • SportRx Frame Width: 53 Eyesize - 125mm; 55 Eyesize - 130mm

*If the frame is purchased with a blue light block technology like Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming or SportRx BlueDefense™.


This mixed composition frame is anything but ordinary. The Oakley Metalink features a similar custom fit to the Activate with its TruBridge™ technology. Made from Oakley's NanO Matter™, which is 67% thinner than acetate, you'll get a fit so lightweight you may even forget they're on. Stainless steel temples are coated in Unobtainium™ rubber, so you get extra grip when combatting the final boss. They're also headset-compatible!

oakley metalink gaming glasses in satin black with oakley prizm gaming lens technology

Oakley Metalink in Satin Black with PRIZM™ Gaming Lenses

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Oakley Metalink Key Features

  • NanO Matter™ frame is 67% thinner & 3X stronger than acetate
  • Stainless steel temples covered in Unobtainium™ rubber grip gets tackier with sweat
  • TruBridge™ technology comes with multiple nose pads so you can pick the best fit for you
  • SFW: 53 Eyesize - 135mm; 55 Eyesize - 139mm


If you're one who gets animated while they play, the Litebeam will stay perfectly in place no matter how much you move. Featuring Oakley's Three-Point-Fit system, it comfortably hugs your head without creating uncomfortable pressure points. It also has adjustable wire core temples so you can customize the wrap. Similar to the previous two frames in our lineup, the Litebeam also comes with modular nose pads due to its TruBridge™ technology.

Oakley Litebeam gaming glasses in grey smoke with green Oakley logo on temples. Lenses are Oakley PRIZM Gaming blue light defense lenses.

Oakley Litebeam in Satin Grey Smoke with PRIZM™ Gaming Lenses

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Oakley Litebeam Key Features

  • O Matter™ frame construction is lightweight & durable
  • Three-Point-Fit system creates secure & comfortable fit
  • Unobtainium™ rubber nose pads are interchangeable thanks to TruBridge™ technology
  • SFW: 53 Eyesize - 134mm; 55 Eyesize - 138mm

Wheel House

Gaming glasses get a stylish look with the clean lines of the Oakley Wheel House. This elegant design is constructed of lightweight O Matter™ and features stainless steel temples. The Hollowpoint™ hinges have a spring cam mechanism that creates a comfortable fit while maintaining the Wheel House's minimalist design. Generous square lenses work well with a range of prescriptions and even come as sunglasses for days when you're disconnected from the virtual world.

Oakley Wheel House gaming glasses in satin black with Oakley PRIZM gaming yellow tinted lenses.

Oakley Wheel House in Satin Black with PRIZM™ Gaming Lenses

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Oakley Wheel House Key Features

  • Made from lightweight O Matter™ and stainless steel temples
  • Hollowpoint™ hinges create comfortable grip & maintain a minimalist design
  • Also available as Wheel House sunglasses
  • SFW: 52 Eyesize - 136mm; 54 Eyesize - 141mm


The ever-popular Oakley Servo inspires the final frame in our lineup of the best Oakley gaming glasses: the Airdrop. Now 25% lighter with double the strength, the Airdrop is constructed of durable O Matter™. Unobtainium™ ear socks keep it securely in place and the Three-Point-Fit relieves uncomfortable pressure points. We also love the rectangular shape, since it flatters a variety of face shapes. Available in 4 sizes, you'll achieve a perfect fit in the Oakley Airdrop.

Oakley Airdrop eyeglasses in black with Oakley PRIZM gaming blue light lenses.

Oakley Airdrop in Black Ink with PRIZM™ Gaming Lenses

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Oakley Airdrop Key Features

  • Made from O Matter™ & features Unobtainium™ rubber grip
  • Three-Point-Fit alleviates uncomfortable pressure points
  • Most sizing options available, the Airdrop is available in 4 eyesizes
  • SFW: 51 Eyesize - 130mm; 53 Eyesize - 134mm; 55 Eyesize - 138mm; 57 Eyesize - 142mm

Oakley Prescription Gaming Glasses Online at SportRx

Need Oakley gaming glasses with prescription? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your Oakley prescription gaming glasses.

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