Mountain biking isn't easy. The last thing you should have to worry about is your glasses. Fogging, view obstruction, fit, and grip are common complaints that field researchers took into account when developing the Oakley Field Jacket. This multi-purpose frame solves those issues through new technology and modifications of tried and true frames.

Expansive Lens

Originally, the Jawbone from Oakley was the go-to glasses for all things riding. Over time researchers discovered three core flaws in the pair. First being the impaired field of view. The brow line forced people to move their entire head upwards in order to see out of the lens. Oakley has counteracted this with one of their highest raised brow lines of any model. And if you're wondering, it IS available in prescription!

Advancer Anti-Fog Technology

Another common issue was fogging. Obviously mountain biking takes a physical toll on your body and sweating is expected. With the new Advancer, all you have to do is press the button in the center of the glasses and it pulls the frame directly forward by 7mm. This acts as an entryway for air circulation to prevent fogging without losing the optical center of the lens.

PRIZM Lens Technology

Having a competitive edge with frame design goes hand-in-hand with lens technology. Oakley PRIZM lenses are sport-specific lenses designed to boost contrast and provide optimal clarity to enhance performance. For example, PRIZM Trail lenses are built for the conditions you will encounter on the trail. Being able to spot a rut or rock ahead of time can mean the difference between landing or slamming. With PRIZM lenses designed for just about any sport or activity under the sun, you will have a visually pleasing experience doing what you love!


Oakley Field Jacket in Matte Dark Grey and Celeste

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Frame Dimensions

  • Bridge: 15mm
  • Temple: 131mm
  • Lens Width: 64mm
  • Lens Height: 47mm

Oakley Field Jacket Prescription Glasses at SportRx

The Field Jacket is ideal for all bikers and sport enthusiasts across the world. And we say "all" because this frame is prescription friendly and available with Oakley PRIZM lenses! SportRx offers prescription glasses in a variety of Oakley glasses. If you're still not convinced, browse the store and find the pair of glasses that is right for you. Powered by certified opticians we are here 7 days a week and looking to help so Contact Us.