The Oakley Fall Line XL is the big brother to the Fall Line XM. PRIZM Lens Technology, a full rimless cylindrical lens, and unimpeded views are just some of the benefits you get from the Fall Line XL. Tyler got a sneak peek of this 2019-2020 goggle at Outdoor Retailer. See what he has to say about this new addition to the Oakley lineup.

Much of the customer feedback we got about the original Fall Line is that the fit was off. It wasn't quite a large goggle but it was too large if you were looking for a medium fit goggle. As always, Oakley found a solution by creating a Fall Line XL (bigger) and Fall Line XM( smaller) to cater to your specific needs. We have a separate review comparison of the Fall Line XL and XM if you want to explore the differences between the two models.

Oakley Fall Line XL

Oakley Fall Line XL

Oakley Fall Line XL in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch

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What You Get With Your Oakley Fall Line XL Goggles

  • PRIZM Lens Technology - Oakley created PRIZM Snow lenses to give you the benefit of having a lens for every condition imaginable on the slopes. These lenses enhance contrast so you can pick up on every little detail. This makes finding lines and seeing bumps in the snow easier.


  • Pro Strap Compatibility - New to the 2019-20 season, the pro strap is offered as an accessory to the Fall Line XL. This strap is different from the traditional adjustable straps because it doesn't have a buckle on it. This strap is specifically designed to increase comfort when wearing the goggle under your helmet or on your beanie.


  • Rimless Design - Having an unimpeded view of your surroundings will help you safely navigate any tricky terrain.


  • Dual Pane Lenses - Regulate your heat and balance interior and exterior temperatures better. This greatly reduces any chance of fogging.


  • Anti-Fog - All Fall Line XL's come with anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens.


  • Triple-Layer Foam - This is crucial for a proper seal around the edges of the goggles. With three layers of anti-microbial foam it is also very comfortable to be worn for extended periods of time.



The innovation of Oakley PRIZM Snow lenses make this goggle even more awesome. Based on decades of color science research, Oakley patented the PRIZM Lens technology to provide unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. This is possible through an emphasis of specific wavelengths along the color spectrum by filtering some others. Optimizing the contrast and fine-tuned vision will give you a level of detail that you cannot get with the naked eye. This will also enable you to ride in a wider range of lighting conditions, decreasing the need to switch lenses as conditions change.

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