For those who prioritize top-notch eye protection and performance, Maui Jim fishing sunglasses are the ideal choice. With advanced technology and fashionable designs, they offer extreme clarity, comfort, and protection. Whether you're an experienced angler or new to the sport, find your ideal pair with our Maui Jim fishing sunglass buyer’s guide.

Maui Jim Fishing Sunglasses

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E. Maui Jim Fishing Sunglasses FAQs

Maui Jim Fishing Frames

Whether you're battling the elements in the open sea or casting lines in tranquil rivers, fishing demands focus and precision. To master the waters with ease, look for the following features when shopping for Maui Jim fishing sunglasses.


When fishing in open waters, you need sunglasses that combat everything from harsh sunlight to relentless wind. 8-base frames, also known as wrap around glasses, shield your eyes at every angle. Thick temples add extra peripheral coverage to block light trying to seep in from the sides.

Frame Materials

Maui Jim premium nylon frames offer a perfect balance between comfort and strength. Unlike traditional materials prone to warping or corrosion, Maui Jim frames withstand the rigors of fishing environments.


Make sure your Maui Jim fishing sunglasses provide a snug yet comfortable fit. You don't want your sunglasses sliding down your nose or squeezing at your temples during a long day on the water. You can also look for adjustable nose pads for a customized fit.

Frame Features

When you feel a tug on your line, there’s no time to fiddle around with your sunglasses. Frames that don’t stay put are a hassle and take away from your concentration. Maui Jim fishing sunglasses with rubber grips stay locked in place so you're always ready to reel one in.‌

Maui Jim Fishing Lenses

Maui Jim Fishing Sunglasses 1
For being such a small piece of equipment, Maui Jim lenses have an amazing amount of technology in them. Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2 lenses enhance colors and contrast, revealing hidden depths and nuances that would otherwise go unnoticed. Whether you're scanning the open ocean or probing the shallows, these lenses provide a window into a world teeming with life. How do they accomplish this? Their lenses bring out red, green, and blue light waves. They boost colors seen by the natural eye and filter out blinding light. This is ideal in all fishing settings because you have to navigate through every shade of blue and green. Their patented anti-reflective treatment also prevents light from bouncing between your eye and the back of the lens, so you don’t have your reflection staring back at you.

Lens Material

Maui Jim Lenses
Each Maui Jim lens material serves a specific purpose, whether it's offering superior optical clarity or lightweight versatility. Here’s a quick look at the top four for fishing and how they improve your experience.

  • SuperThin Glass is an excellent option for fishing sunglasses because of its superior optical clarity and high level of scratch and solvent resistance. It’s 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass lenses.
  • MauiBrilliant is the most lightweight lens material ‌in the eyewear industry. It weighs ⅓ the weight of glass so you can fish comfortably all day.
  • MauiPure is perfect for outdoorsmen. It’s impact-resistant and can withstand fishing in the heat or hunting on frosty mornings.
  • Maui Evolution is the go-to for those with high prescriptions. It’s available with MauiGradient and bi-gradient lens treatments so you can customize it to your liking.

To learn more about Maui Jim lens materials, check out our Maui Jim Buyer's Guide.

Lens Color

Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2 Fishing Lens Guide
Maui Jim offers four different PolarizedPlus2 lens base colors. It is important to choose the right one based on your fishing conditions to maximize your vision.


For the vast expanse of the open ocean, where sunlight reigns supreme, a neutral grey lens is your best bet. By filtering out the blues and intensifying contrast, these lenses guarantee nothing escapes your keen gaze.

  • Neutral Grey: Bright, open water conditions.


Inshore fishing requires a lighter lens to enhance contrast and brighten your environment so you can see beneath the water’s surface. Maui Jim offers a range of options to suit different inshore fishing needs.

  • HCL Bronze: Inshore fishing and overcast/cloudy days.
  • Maui HT: Low-light and shaded areas.
  • Maui Rose: Overcast to sunny conditions.

For more information on the best Maui Jim lens for fishing, check out our Maui Jim Fishing Lens Buyers Guide.

Prescription Maui Jim Fishing Sunglasses

Need prescription Maui Jim fishing sunglasses? When you shop at SportRx, you’ll find video guides and tooltips as you customize the perfect pair. We offer a variety of prescription options, and have in-house opticians who are happy to answer any of your eyewear questions. Just give us a call!

Prescription Maui Jim fishing sunglasses qualify as FSA and HSA eligible items, and we gladly accept FSA and HSA cards as forms of payment. At checkout, simply add your card information like you would any other debit card. It’s that easy.

Shop Maui Jim Fishing Sunglasses Risk-Free

At SportRx, we offer a wide variety of Maui Jim fishing sunglass styles, colors, and materials. Find the perfect combination to suit your fishing needs! We are so confident you’ll love them that we offer a 45-day See Better Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your new sunglasses, simply return them for a full refund or store credit. And shipping? It’s covered, too. Dive into the world of Maui Jim fishing sunglasses and see the difference for yourself. Get your Maui Jim fishing sunglasses at SportRx today!

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Maui Jim Fishing Sunglasses FAQs

What if I’m not happy with my new Maui Jim fishing sunglasses?

When you shop with SportRx, you’re backed by our See Better Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Maui Jim fishing sunglasses, return them within 45 days. We’ll give you a full refund or store credit towards a future purchase.

I have questions about Maui Jim fishing sunglasses. Who can I talk to?

Give us a call! We have in-house opticians available to answer your Maui Jim fishing sunglasses questions.

Can I use my FSA/HSA funds on prescription Maui Jim fishing sunglasses?

Yes! Prescription Maui Jim fishing sunglasses are FSA/HSA eligible expenses.

Can I buy new Maui Jim fishing sunglass lenses for my current frame?

Yes! At SportRx, we offer Maui Jim fishing sunglass replacement lenses. Call our friendly opticians to get started.