If you've been wondering how MauiPure lenses compare to the rest, you're in luck. We have all the answers for you on all of Maui's incredible lens options. However, this blog, will cover all you need to know about the MauiPure® and MauiPure® LT lenses. For more info on their other lenses and lens tech, check out our PolarizedPlus2® lens tech guide.

MauiPure Lens Guide

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Maui Jim Lenses

First things first! We have to touch on Maui Jim's PolarizedPlus2® lens tech before we wade into all the details on MauiPure® lenses. Maui Jim's PolarizedPlus2® lens tech is a big part of what makes Maui lenses so great. These highly advanced polarized lenses were developed in Maui Jim's birthplace. If you guessed this to be Hawaii, then you are correct. The goal was to eliminate glare while also embellishing the natural scenery of a place as gorgeous as the Hawaiian islands. If you've ever looked through Maui lenses, you can probably agree that they nailed it.

The benefits of PolarizedPlus2 are enhanced contrast, better eye protection, and of course, a more vivid view from wherever you're standing. If you have more questions about this technology, head on over to our PolarizedPlus2® lens guide.

Maui Jim MauiPure® and MauiPure® LT Lenses

So the first thing to know about MauiPure® and MauiPure® LT lenses is that you cannot get them in prescription. If you are looking for a prescription option, your best similar option will be MauiBrilliant™. This is Maui's most advanced lens tech and shares many of the same attributes. With that out of the way, let's dive in to MauiPure®.


MauiPure® is Maui Jim's most popular lens material. This isn't a big surprise. Other than not being prescription friendly, these lenses do pretty much everything well. They're as light as MauiBrilliant lenses, making them the second lightest option available. They also offer incredible shatter and scratch resistance, which is great if you're an active person. Remember, that you don't have to be an active person to enjoy the benefits of a shatter and scratch-resistant lens. If you have owned sunglasses, you know that they get dropped, mishandled, and generally pick up wear over time. Durable lenses help mitigate the damage. And now the most important part, the optics. If you are wondering whether MauiPure® optics are worth it, the answer is yes. The optics are almost as good as Maui's SuperThin Glass, making them an all-around great option.

MauiPure® LT

MauiPure® LT lenses simply capitalize on all the benefits of MauiPure® and take it a step further. The first thing to mention is that LT is the lightest lens option from Maui Jim's already ridiculously ultra-lightweight lens lineup. These lenses somehow manage to be 35% thinner than MauiPure®, which truly is mind-boggling. You get extraordinary scratch and shatter resistance while the optics are again, almost as crisp as SuperThin Glass.

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