5 Tips to Keep Your Goggles from Fogging

The first fog bloom always comes at the worst time. It spreads until the entire lens is covered. No matter when, eventually we all have to stop to clean our lens. Unfortunately, fogging is bound to happen, but there is technology and maintenance to help you keep goggles from fogging up. Stay on the slopes longer fog free this winter with the right gear and a little bit of care.

Why Does Fogging Happen?

Without giving an overly scientific answer, fogging happens when the hot air inside the goggles comes into contact with the chilled lens. The moisture inside turns into tiny beads of water, producing fog. Our best chances for preventing this is normalizing the temperature inside the goggles and regulating the moisture.

Pick the Right Snow Goggles

Right now there isn't a single technology that can stop fogging, but it's on everyone's watch list. Until then, we'll have to shop smart and look at the options available today.

Dual Pane Lenses

First, look for snow goggles with this type of lens. The concept is similar to double pane windows for homes. Air between the two lenses acts as a buffer for the temperature difference. It won't solve the fogging issue, but it goes a long way in keeping the lens clear.

However, don't buy just any set of goggles with a double pan lens. Inspect the design first. Like a home, your goggles are an investment, and you want to make sure the design works. Having a double pane is useless if air can come in from either side.

Anti-Fog Coating

Next, look for a lens with an anti-fog treatment on the inside. It's a hydrophilic coating. Yes, a moisture-loving coating on the lens. The treatment works by spreading the moisture into a thin film across the lens evenly so light can still filter through. We'll talk about lens care later.


Once you find a good lens design with an anti-fog coating, try the goggles on. A great pair of snow goggles is only great if the fit is too. Look for the foam lining creating a perfect seal around your eyes. Then you've got a match. Move on to the next pair if there are any gaps. If you're finding a gap every time, especially above your nose, you may want to look for Asian Fit snow goggles.

If you are unsure about a product, find out. Know what you're buying to get the best goggles possible. We have a video on the Best Ski & Snow Goggles of 2018 to get you started.

Take Care of Your Snow Goggles

Even perfect snow goggles need love and attention.

Take extra care with anti-fog coating. A vigorous buffing can remove it from the surface leaving the lens exposed. If anything gets on the lens use a microfiber cloth to gently clean it. The key here is removing the obstruction with as little force as possible to preserve the coating.

Keep the vents clear. Most snow goggles have them for air management. Brush them off if in the middle of a run, and let them air dry for use the next day.

Manage Your Heat

Don't couch your goggles on top of your head or helmet, trapping hot air inside. Let them breath on your way up the slope. Take every opportunity to give them a chance to cool to decrease the likelihood of fogging.

And When All Else Fails

There are two options: the Oakley Inferno Line Miner or one of Smith's Turbo Fan goggles. These features push the boundaries of anti-fog technology. The Inferno is a heating system that defogs the lens, much like the defroster on a car. Our product review details its operation and technical specs. Alternatively, Smith has their turbo fan design for a select number of their goggles. These fans suck out moisture to keep the lens clear.

Get Anti-Fog Prescription Inserts for Snow Goggles at SportRx

All this preparation for a fog free experience will go to waste with eyeglasses. A typical pair won't have an anti-fog treatment. But even with that treatment, going OTG (over the glasses) with snow goggles is no comparison to grabbing a pair of prescription inserts. The lenses are bigger for a better field of view and they sit closer to the vents of the goggles so the temperature is closer to that of the lens than the face.

SportRx carries prescription inserts for snow goggles. They come in five sizes to fit most goggles and are easy to install and remove.

If you need help finding what's right for you, Contact Us. Our certified opticians are available to answer all your questions, so don't hesitate. Find the style you want in the fit you need at SportRx.