Asian Fit Goggles: For Ski & Snowboarding

There's something to be said for perfectly fit eyewear. And for snow goggles, that fit is the difference between performance and putting your run on hold to fix them. But even if you tried the small, medium, and large of your favorite snow goggles, there may still be a gap between your nose and the foam seal above. A gap that will let in air, moisture, and snow to ruin your cruise down the slope. That's because snow goggle sizing doesn't account for variation in nose bridge size. Instead, try on asian fit snow goggles. They have extra foam lining at the nose bridge to form a complete seal around the face to give you that perfect fit.



Do I Always Need Asian Fit Snow Goggles?

The short answer is no. Having a smaller nose will not preclude you from purchasing all non-Asian Fit snow goggles. Unlike sunglasses and eyeglasses, snow goggles are more forgiving when finding the right fit. They feature adjustable straps to stay on your head, so you could technically walk into a sporting goods store and grab any pair off the rack. But if you’re going to spend the money, you should buy snow goggles that fit. Look for a pair that gives you that full seal around your eyes. Any goggles that comfortably press against you face and nose bridge works.

The reason Oakley and Smith make Asian Fit snow goggles is to offer more customers their popular products, so you don't have to sacrifice performance for style. Think of Asian Fit as another option that can put you closer to a perfect fit with quality snow gear. All of this year's top Oakley goggles come available in asian fit. In fact, we have a separate review of all the Oakley asian fit goggles. And if you don't see what you like there you can always check out SMITH too.

Even with diligence and anti-fog technology, a broken seal will lead to obstructed vision. Keep your eyes free of visual obstructions with well fitted goggles and have fun on the slopes the whole time.

Flight Deck Asian Fit Oakley Flight Deck Asian Fit in Matte Black with PRIZM Sapphire

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Prescription Snow Goggle Inserts For Asian Fit Snow Goggles

Asian Fit goggles are available in prescription with SportRx prescription snow goggle inserts. A range of inserts have been designed to fit the range of snow goggle shapes, sizes, and prescription strengths (because there's no such thing as a "universal insert"!) Yes, you can buy OTG, over the glasses, goggles with technology to keep your frames in place, but why risk losing them on the slopes? Plus, fogging becomes a major issue when shoving regular glasses under your goggles. Snow goggles inserts have four points of contact for easy installation and provide a reliable alternative to OTG options. Find your Asian Fit snow goggles and prescription lens at SportRx. We have everything you need with a See Better Guarantee. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our certified sports opticians are happy to help!