The design and technology of snow goggles continue to improve year after year. With so many awesome ski and snowboard goggles to choose from, it's difficult to narrow it down to just one.

SportRx is here with all the details on the best snow goggles of 2020 to make choosing your perfect goggle much easier. Browse these Top 7 frames and all their awesome features to find a pair that suits your needs, and winter season shreds.

Best of 2020 | Ski + Snowboard Goggles

1. Oakley Flight Deck
2. Smith Squad Mag
3. Dragon PXV
4. Anon M4
5. Anon WM3
6. SMITH 4D Mag
7. Zeal Portal
Best of 2019 | Ski + Snowboard Goggles

Best Ski & Snowboard Goggles of 2020

Knowing what to look for when buying snow goggles is crucial in narrowing down your search. Choosing a lens, finding the right fit, and picking out a colorway is all part of the decision-making process. Check out our top picks for 2020.

Oakley Flight Deck

We kick the list off with a tried and true Oakley favorite. Flight Deck has all the top features to make it everything you need for the snow. The rimless spherical lens imitates the curvature of your eye which gives you better optical clarity so you can look out for other riders and obstacles on the mountain. You will make the most of your view with PRIZM lens technology which enhances color and contrast.

Flight Deck is a large fit but it is also offered in a medium fit, Flight Deck XM. We have a separate review comparing the two goggles if you want to learn more about the differences between the Flight Deck and Flight Deck XM. Both models are available in Asian fit.

Oakley Flight Deck prizm rose

Oakley Flight Deck in Matte Black with PRIZM Rose

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Key Features:

  • Rimless, spherical lens for a wide field of view
  • Contrast-enhancing PRIZM lens technology
  • Ridgelock Technology for quick & easy lens swapping in varying conditions

Smith Squad Mag

SMITH Squad Mag snow goggles are ready and waiting for your wildest adventures down the mountain this season. Combing SMITH seamless and secure MAG™ lens changing system with a semi-frameless design, the Squad Mag goggles are elite. These lens feature change with lighting conditions so you get unmatched clarity while also getting SMITH ChromaPop™ lens technology which enhances colors so you can see every snowflake falling down on the path ahead.

Smith Squad Mag in Chromapop Everyday Green

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Key Features:

  • Bonus Lenses Included
  • MAG™ lens changing system
  • SMITH’s AirEvac™ anti-fog technology
  • Triple-layer DriWix face foam

  • Dragon PXV

    New frame, new lens, new technology. Dragon PXV is built brand new from the ground up with Panotech lens technology. This goggle blends the optics of a spherical lens with the aesthetics of a cylindrical lens. If having two sets of interchangeable lenses isn't your thing, the PXV is also available with a photochromic lens that will adapt to changing light conditions.

    Armored venting, increased anti-fog coating, and Lumalens Technology make the Dragon PXV a goggle that can be worn all day long. Check out our full Dragon PXV review.

    Dragon PXV in Abstract with Lumalens Purple Ion + Lumalens Amber Lenses Product Image

    Dragon PXV in Abstract with Lumalens Purple Ion + Lumalens Amber Lenses

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    Key Features:

  • Lumalens photochromic lens technology
  • Super anti-fog treatment
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Patented Frameless Design & Panotech Lens for panoramic views

  • Anon M4

    Take it easy down the mountain in Anon M4 snow goggles. These bad boys are equipped with everything you need to enjoy your ride all day long. Featuring a Toric Injected Lens for ultimate clarity, peripherals, and vent volume. MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change system allows you to easily swap a toric for a cylindrical style lens. And Anon’s PERCEIVE lens technology sharpens contrast on the mountainous terrain so you see every obstacle up ahead.

  • Anon Optics M4 Toric MFI in Perceive in Green

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    Key Features:

  • MFI® technology (Magnetic Facemask Integration) - seamlessly capable to clip your facemask to your goggles
  • Toric Injected Lens
  • MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change system
  • Bonus Lenses Included

  • Anon WM3

  • Designed with women in mind, the Anon WM3 has a low-profile cylindrical injected lens system that hugs the natural curve of your face to give you clear peripheral vision all the way down the mountain. WM3 features a terrain-defining PERCEIVE lens which you'll need for all the snow you'll shred. They're also equipped with MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change technology for seamless lens swapping capabilities. And they're finished with triple-layer moisture-wicking face fleece, to make you in these snow goggles unstoppable.

    Anon WM3 in Noom PERCEIVE Variable Blue + Cloudy Pink

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    Key Features:

  • PERCEIVE lens
  • MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change technology - seamless lens swapping
  • Triple-layer moisture-wicking face fleece
  • Bonus Lenses Included

  • SMITH 4D Mag

    The SMITH 4D Mag is a new addition to the SMITH family, here to revolutionize snow sports. An extended downward field of vision lets you see more of the slopes and your sick new threads due to the lens's curved bottom. Like the others in the MAG family, you can easily swap ChromaPop lenses with the MAG lens changing system in a snap.

    Smith 4D Mag Snow Goggle in White Vapor with Chromapop Everyday Green Mirror + Chromapop Storm Rose Flash Lenses

    SMITH 4D Mag in White Vapor with ChromaPop Everyday Green Mirror + ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash Lenses

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    Key Features:

  • ChromaPop color-enhancing lens technology
  • MAG lens change system for seamless lens swapping
  • BirdsEye Vision peripherals
  • DriWiz moisture-wicking face foam
  • AirEvac ventilation system for fog-free lenses

  • Zeal Portal

    Rounding out this year's Best Snow Goggles of 2020 is the Zeal Portal. Equipped with the most advanced lens changing system, Portal is ready for any trail you take them down. Portal features polarized automatic lenses that work in any light condition as they naturally adjust to the different weather conditions, making your ride easy and breezy. If you're looking for the pair to finish off your season, Zeal Portal snow goggles should be your go-to.

    Zeal Portal in Dark Night Jade Mirror Sky Blue lens

  • Shop Zeal Portal

    Key Features:

  • Spare Persimmon Sky Blue lens
  • Anti-Fog & Hydrophobic coatings
  • Rail Lock Lens Changing System
  • Portal Polarized Automatic Lenses

    2019 Best Ski and Snowboard Goggles Roundup

    Some of last years favorites made it to the 2020 list. If so, the product description can be found above on the NEW 2020 List.

    Oakley Flight Deck

    Flight Deck PRIZM Jade

    Oakley Flight Deck in Factory Pilot Blackout with PRIZM Jade

    Shop Oakley Flight Deck

    Oakley Line Miner

    line miner black prizm torch

    Oakley Line Miner in Matte Black with PRIZM Torch

    Shop Oakley Line Miner

    The Line Miner is Oakley's entry piece that is jam packed with technology. The sturdy full frame design is hard to match. The Line Miner has a large to oversize fit, giving you a more expansive view out on the mountain. PRIZM Lens Technology will give you the contrast needed to see all of the details on the slopes. And if you prefer a medium fit, Oakley introduced the Line Miner XM this season. both the Line Miner and Line Miner XM are also available in asian fit.

    Smith I/O Mag

    Smith I/O Mag in AC Austin Smith X North Face with Chromapop Sun Black

    Smith I/O Mag in AC Austin Smith X North Face with Chromapop Sun Black

    Shop Smith I/O Mag

    Smith I/O X

    Smith IOX chromapop snow goggles

    Smith I/OX in Black with Chromapop Everyday Green Sun Platinum

    Shop Smith I/O X

    The Smith I/O X is the largest goggle in the Smith I/O series. This model has a large fit and features an interchangeable lens system with a bonus lens included. Smith's 5X anti-fog technology is infused on the inside of the lens and will keep you fog free throughout your day. If you are looking for an alternative fit, the I/OX is also available in asian fit.

    Dragon PXV

    Dragon PXV in Black with Lemalens Red Ion

    Dragon PXV in Black with Lemalens Red Ion

    Shop Dragon PXV

    Dragon X2

    Dragon X2 Split in Lumalens Blue Ion

    Dragon X2 Split in Lumalens Blue Ion

    Shop Dragon X2

    Anon M4 Toric MFI

    anon m4

    Anon M4 in Blue with Infrared Blue

    Shop Anon M4

    SPY Legacy

    Spy Legacy Prescription Goggles

    Spy Legacy in Old School White with Red Spectra

    Shop SPY Legacy

    If you need a large goggle or dig the oversize look, the SPY Legacy is for you! Happy lens is SPY's proprietary technology designed to boost contrast while giving you superior optical quality. The Legacy features a spherical lens which increases peripheral view. The Legacy also comes with a bonus Happy lens and is available in asian fit. The silicone-ribbed strap will keep the goggles optically aligned and free from any slipping when you are out on the slopes.

    SPY Bravo

    Spy Bravo Prescription Goggle

    Spy Bravo in Stacked Pink with the Happy Dark Blue Spectra lens

    Shop SPY Bravo

    Zeal Hatchet

    Zeal Hatchet in Dark Night with Dark Grey

    Zeal Hatchet in Dark Night with Dark Grey

    The first-ever cylindrical goggle from Zeal has arrived. The optically tapered cylindrical lens gives you the optics of a spherical lens with a new look. Changing lenses has never been easier with Zeal's patented Rail Lock System. The lenses slide into place vertically and grab the rail system to guarantee a sealed and secure fit. And if you are building up a sweat hiking the backcountry, you can slide the lens up to let more air in to cool you down. Every pair of Hatchets come with a bonus Sky Blue Mirror lens for overcast or whiteout days.

    Prescription Ski and Snowboard Goggles at SportRx

    If you want to know how to choose the right lens type , take a look at our How to Choose a Snow Goggle Lens Guide. All the goggles featured above are compatible with prescription inserts. Wearing eyeglasses underneath snow goggles is a thing of the past, and the friendly opticians at SportRx are here to answer any question you may have. Simply Contact Us and we can get started on finding you the styles you want in the fit you need.