An optional yet beneficial addition to a football helmet is a visor. Sometimes called a shield, the visor is a curved piece of plastic that protects your eyes, reduces glare, and hides potential next moves from your opponents. Still have questions? Keep reading to discover why a football visor may not be the solution for a high-RX, and how they enhance your vision.

Do Football Visors Come in Prescription?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While they do enhance your vision, they're not prescriptive and can't enable you to see in the first place. A football visor has too much curvature for even the highest RX solution. It also sits too far away from your eyes for a prescription to be effective. The best way to accommodate your prescription while playing football is to wear prescription football goggles.

For more details on why prescription football visors don't exist and to find out what's so special about football goggles, head over to Prescription Football Goggles: Better Than Prescription Football Visors.

How do Football Visors Enhance Vision?

On top of reducing glare from stadium lights and sunlight, football visors come in a variety of colored tints. A tinted shield lens enhances depth perception, colors, and contrast. These features are a huge advantage on the field because it helps you to spot and track a football easily.

Traditionally, the NFL had a rule against tinted visors, but they have recently made an exception for Oakley's PRIZM lens technology. You can find out all the details on these hot new visors from the impact and UV protection, to the anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings by checking out Oakley PRIZM Football Shields.

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