If you've been scouring the internet looking for prescription football visors, chances are the search results have come up short. Unfortunately, no company can manufacture prescription football visors. There's a better solution: prescription football goggles designed for optimized play on the field. Learn why prescription football visors can't be made and why football goggles are the answer.



1. Why Don't Prescription Football Visors Exist?
2. The Next Best Thing
3. Best Prescription Football Goggles
4. What You Need
5. Prescription Football Goggles at SportRx

You don't want to miss Tim and Sunglass Rob from SportRx discussing why prescription football goggles are the ultimate solution.

Why Don't Prescription Football Visors Exist?

The first and biggest reason is that a football visor has too much curvature. When it comes to lenses, a curve means distortion; something called "the fishbowl effect." Many prescription-wearers have a tough time getting Rx sunglasses with a lot of "wrap" or curve for this reason. We're great at finding high Rx solutions, but even then, there's only so much technology can do. Some eyewear companies have developed inserts, docks, or adaptors to help combat the difficulty of wearing a thick lens in a curved frame. But compared to the curve of a sunglass lens, the curve of a football visor is even more extreme.

Another issue preventing the development of prescription football visors is something called "vertex distance." This is the distance between the eye and the corrective lens. In this case, it's the prescription football visor. The football visor sits farther away from the eyes than would a pair of glasses. This increased vertex distance makes your existing prescription ineffective. As an example, the vertex distance is also why a contact lens prescription is different than a glasses prescription and why you can't use one in place of the other when buying.

The Next Best Thing

The truth is, there is no perfect solution; there is only making the best of the situation you have. Your everyday glasses won't last long if you wear them under your helmet, so if football is your passion, it's time to browse something better.

Many football players wear contacts. However, contact lenses are not a viable solution for everybody, especially when it comes to kids. Sometimes it’s also a matter of personal preference or not being able to wear them for health reasons. You might also try not wearing anything at all, but in a sport like football, not seeing clearly will affect your game negatively.

So if contact lenses are out and you're not a fan of playing without anything, you've got to go with the next best thing—prescription football goggles. Learn about what you need to know before buying prescription football goggles.

Best Prescription Football Goggles

Our favorite picks for prescription football goggles are the Wiley X Youth Force line. They are all safety-rated (ASTM-F803) to be able to withstand the impact of football.

Wiley X Gamer

wiley x gamer prescription football glasses

Wiley X Gamer in Gloss Black/Metallic Blue

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The Youth Force line comes in different sizes from small children to older kids or even adults, the Gamer being the biggest one in the collection. These goggles are all convertible frames, meaning the temples are detachable, so you can wear them either as pictured above or with a strap. We find that temples tend to work better for football players, however, because goggle straps can move around and it'll be hard to find a moment to fix them. There is also a detachable leash for the temples themselves. For more info, check out our review of the Wiley X Gamer.

Basically, one pair of goggles can cover pretty much all of your sports needs (not just football!), whether you prefer straps or temples.

What You Need

One you've picked out a pair of sports goggles you like, you have the option to customize your lenses according to your needs. For football, we suggest an anti-fog coating. It’s a really great defense against fogging; however, it can't stop it completely. This is especially true when it comes to football players because football is a game of starting and stopping, which causes the rising and cooling of body temperature, which then accelerates the fogging of the lenses. Nevertheless, the anti-fog coating combats this issue pretty well.

We also suggest a skull cap. This helps the football goggles stay in place underneath the helmet. You can find a good one at any sporting goods store.

For best results, put on the football goggles, put on the skull cap, and then put on the helmet. If your helmet fits just right without wearing anything underneath it, the goggles will most likely not fit. In this case, you may need to weigh the option of getting slightly thinner helmet pads on the sides of your helmet so that everything fits underneath comfortably and securely.

As of now, this is our best prescription eyewear solution on the football field. Perhaps technology will catch up with us one day. When it does, we’ll be the first to let you know!

Prescription Football Goggles at SportRx

Need prescription football goggles? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription football goggles.

Ditch risky online shopping with the See Better Guarantee. Try your goggles for 45 days. If you’re not satisfied, send them back. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? Covered. Get your pair of prescription football goggles at SportRx today!

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