The short answer? Yes. Yes, you can. If you’re worried about breaking your glasses and injuring your eyes or ruining your game with poor vision, then we have the solution for you: prescription tennis glasses. These glasses will help improve your moves on the court while keeping your eyes safe.

Man playing tennis

How Do Prescription Tennis Glasses Keep You Safe?

Your top performance depends on sharp sight. Sports glasses work with your prescription while also being safer than wearing regular prescription glasses out on the court.


Lenses in sports eyewear are typically made out of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant, which is good for protecting against fast-moving objects, like a tennis ball flying at you at more than 60 miles per hour or rackets coming at your face during doubles. Polycarbonate is also scratch-resistant and has built-in UV protection, which is perfect for outdoor sports.


Frames are built with highly impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate. Some frames even come with rubber paddings along the forehead and nose bridge to provide cushioning. A popular style for sports sunglasses contours the curve of your face to wrap around your eyes, providing coverage from all sides.

Pros and Prescriptions

In the past, people with minor vision correction needs would play tennis without wearing eyeglasses or contacts. But the pros know that corrective eyewear for sports helps you compete at your best.

Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King

King started wearing glasses when she was 13. Some people told her she could not win matches because she wore glasses. Of course, she didn’t listen and became a tennis champ. Now she has embraced her glasses and loves to show them off as accessories.

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova

Even with missed shots and dimly lit courts, Martina did not realize she might need glasses. She kept losing matches, having more mis-hit balls in a few months than she has in her entire life. Once she put on her famous aviator-style glasses, the courts were no longer dark and each shot was crystal clear in her sight. She attributes her tournament victory, and the whole new world she can see, to her glasses.

Chung Hyeon

Chung Hyeon

A more modern example stars Korea’s tennis champ Chung Hyeon. A bit of a fashion icon in Korea, when Chung wears clothes and accessories to tournaments, customers flood the stores to mimic his style. Chung always had poor eyesight. He has had astigmatism since he was a child and has to wear glasses all the time. His glasses are especially important on the court, where he wears his white Oakley Flak Beta for every match.

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