When it comes to keeping your sunglasses, glasses, and goggles clean and scratch-free, our mantra is "On your face or in the case, that way you don't have to replace!" But in the case of football, your football goggles or glasses are going to get pretty dirty no matter what you do. Especially considering football season tends to be during the coldest and wettest part of the year. To help you keep your football goggles or glasses in good shape for longer, check out our list of tips!

1. Use Water & Optical Cleaner

If your goggles or glasses are covered in mud or dirt, give them a quick rinse before wiping the lenses. That way you won't be rubbing scratches into the lenses. And when you wipe them down, we suggest a microfiber cloth and optical cleaner. Many people use a T-shirt or towel on glasses, but those materials can actually scratch your lenses over time.

Many goggles and glasses these days come in a soft case that doubles as a cleaning cloth, so make use of it! You can also wash this cloth—throw it in with your towels, and don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets. As for optical cleaner, you can find that at almost any eyewear store. Avoid cleaners with ammonia in them (such as Windex).

If you have an anti-fog coating on your football goggles or glasses, however, you should avoid water and optical cleaner. Only use them if the glasses are really dirty. Dousing the lenses in too much water or another chemical can cause the anti-fog coating to not work as well.

Be sure not to neglect the strap if you wear goggles, either. Keeping both the frame and lenses clean will help your goggles last longer.

2. Visors

Unfortunately, you can't get your helmet visor in prescription, but having a clear one over your goggles or glasses can help prevent your lenses from getting scratched. Be sure to keep that clean in addition to your glasses.

In cold weather, though, you may find it better to forego the visor to prevent additional fogging.

3. Replace Often

As much as you might love your goggles or glasses, you will eventually have to replace them. Whether this is due to scratching or an updated prescription, it can be hard to let go.

To stay on top of your game, you should replace your goggles or glasses every year or two. But hey, there's a silver lining—if the frames are still in good shape, you can order new lenses for them by contacting our opticians. A durable frame like the Wiley X Gamer is the way to go if keeping the same look appeals to you.

We also suggest having a backup pair of glasses or goggles, or different pairs for practice versus games. You never know what can happen on the field after all, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Having a different pair for practice versus games is also helpful if you practice during the day but your games are at night. That way, you can wear dark lenses in your practice pair and clear lenses at night.

Our last tip is not to leave your goggles or glasses in direct sunlight or a car. Heat can cause problems with prescription lenses, so spare yourself the trouble and keep them with you. On your face or in the case, that way you don't have to replace!

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