Compensating for your vision needs while playing your favorite sport isn't always easy. We get that. So we're here to answer the question that's been causing you some consternation: Can you wear glasses and play football?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: There are a lot of solutions, none of them perfect. Glasses may not be the best for you, but we explain the importance of football-specific glasses below!

Protection from the Elements

Football season comes with a lot of rain, snow, and mud, and a lot of it might get kicked in your face. Glasses will protect your eyes from the worst of it, plus our premium anti-fog coating works against wet weather too. It causes water to bead off the lens; you just have to apply the rejuvenating spray to dry them out.

Helmet Compatibility

Sport-specific glasses or goggles generally come with helmet-compatible temples. Football helmets in particular have a lot of padding to protect against concussions and spinal injuries. Because of that padding, it can be tough to negotiate the space with thick, bulky temples. If you get sports goggles with thin, straight temples, you won't have to shove your regular glasses under your helmet.

Besides, wearing non sports glasses for a rough sport like football can lead to eye injury. Check for ANSI or ASTM certification to be sure you're keeping your eyes safe, and give your everyday glasses a break by not breaking them!

High Performance

Along with safety ratings, sport-specific glasses are made with better-quality materials that can withstand the impacts of football. For example, they might have extra padding on the nose bridge and be made of a sturdy polymer.

On the other hand, wearing regular glasses under your helmet means it's only a matter of time before they break and possibly injure you in the process.


When you have glasses instead of contacts, you can customize them for play in any weather. This includes dark lenses. According to the 2018 NFHS rulebook, "Tinted eyewear worn on the face and under the face mask is legal." Tinted visors are still banned because they can make it harder for medical personnel to spot a concussion or other injury, but as far as the NFHS is concerned you can wear something like Transitions in your glasses.

Transitions are great for dealing with varying lighting conditions, since the photochromic lens changes tint according to how much UV light is outside. If you expect to be playing in a lot of sunny weather, you may consider football glasses with a permanent dark tint. If you anticipate nighttime or cloudy days, a light tint works better. For all of the above, go Transitions!

To get a better idea of the features to look for, check out our Football Goggles Buyer's Guide. And to get started with some great frames, we recommend the Wiley X Youth Force collection.

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