Safety and style shouldn't be mutually exclusive in the world of women's safety glasses. Ditch too-large frames and masculine designs with fashionable safety glasses designed just for her. Not only do they provide the highest level of ANSI-rated protection, but they're also a perfect fit on smaller faces. Discover our opticians' top 5 picks for the best women's safety glasses that look so good — you may never want to take them off.

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Safety Glasses for Women
B. Best Women's Safety Glasses
1. Wiley X Sleek
2. Wiley X Serenity
3. Wiley X Weekender
4. OnGuard by Hilco OG220S
5. ArmouRx 6008
C. Safety Glasses FAQs
D. Shop Women's Prescription Safety Glasses Online at SportRx

What to Look for in Safety Glasses for Women

There's a lot that goes into making a pair of women's safety glasses, and even more requirements set by our opticians to make it onto our best of list. Continue reading below to see our optician's criteria when curating today's lineup of safety glasses for women. You can also visit our Ultimate Safety Glasses Buyer's Guide for more information.


Regardless of gender, all safety glasses must pass the strict safety standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). To earn ANSI-certification, frames and lenses go through multiple rounds of rigorous testing to guarantee they're delivering adequate protection. These tests are designed to mirror common workplace hazards such as blunt impacts, airborne dirt, dust, and debris, and chemical splashes.

If your employer requires safety-rated eyewear, chances are they're referring to ANSI Z87.1-certification. This safety rating is one of the most common workplace eyewear requirements. Every frame in our lineup of the best women's safety glasses is ANSI Z87.1-certified. They also have an ANSI Z87-2 safety rating, which is the prescription equivalent of Z87.1.

Generous Coverage

Coverage is key to protecting your vision against external threats. The frame and lenses act as a physical barrier between your eyes and any potential hazards, while also providing the clear vision required to complete the job. The best safety glasses for women will deliver a generous amount of coverage with a wide field of view. Whether it's an 8-base wrap around design, protective side shields, or tall and wide lenses, all of today's frames provide generous coverage, so you can focus on the task-at-hand.

Perfect Fit

Without a proper fit, eyewear can quickly become distracting instead of performance-enhancing. If they're too large, slipping frames will require frequent readjustments. Oversized frames can also leave gaps between your eyes and external factors, which leaves your vision susceptible to the very elements you're trying to block out. Conversely, if your eyewear is too small, squeezing temples can quickly lead to uncomfortable headaches. To get the most out of your women's safety glasses, a properly-fitting frame ensures concentration during your workflow and the maximum amount of protection.

To help you get a perfect fit, we've come up with a reliable way to understand and determine frame size. SportRx Frame Width gives you a true sense of how a frame will fit, and how it aligns with your personal SFW. Every frame in our lineup of stylish safety glasses has an SFW measurement and can be used as a point of reference when comparing sizes.

Best Safety Glasses

Let's check out the frames!

Wiley X Sleek

The first three frames in our lineup come from Wiley X, a pioneer in the protective eyewear industry. All Wiley X women's safety glasses boast ANSI Z87.1-certification and feature stylish designs you'll actually want to wear. Our first design is the Wiley X Sleek. It is the smallest frame in the WX Climate Control Series, making it a perfect fit for those with smaller faces or petite features. The WX Seal features a removable Facial Cavity™ Seal, which creates a complete seal between your eyes and dirt, dust, debris, and wind. Then, for after hours, simply remove the foam eyecup for a stylish look that acts as a finishing accessory to all your favorite outfits. And can we talk about that color? Purple safety glasses have never looked, or performed, better.

Wiley X Sleek women's safety glasses in matte violet purple with silver lenses.

Wiley X Sleek in Matte Violet with Smoke Grey with Silver Lenses

Shop Wiley X Sleek

WX Sleek Key Features:

  • Safety ratings: ANSI Z87.1 & ANSI Z87-2
  • 8-base Triloid™ nylon frame is impact-resistant, durable, & lightweight
  • Facial Cavity™ Seal is removable & replacable; optional leash cord for extra security
  • Available with Rx-able Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lens technology
  • SFW: 129

Wiley X Serenity

Don't let these stylish safety glasses fool you; the Wiley X Serenity can keep up with the toughest of protective eyewear. The hand-polished Triloid™ nylon frame is durable, lightweight, and plays with light to reveal an eye-catching sheen. Elegant temples create a refined profile and are compatible with the included removable side shields. In mere seconds, you can add extra peripheral protection, then remove the side shields when you're heading out for date night. The WX Serenity, and all Wiley X safety glasses, use shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses, so you get pristine vision and superior protection.

Wiley X Serenity in the lineup of the best women's sunglasses. Tortoise frame with square clear lenses.

Wiley X Serenity in Gloss Brown Demi / Champagne with Clear Lenses

Shop Wiley X Serenity

WX Serenity Key Features:

  • Safety ratings: ANSI Z87.1 & ANSI Z87-2
  • 4-base frame is extremely Rx-friendly & available with authentic Wiley X lenses
  • Hand-polished Triloid™ nylon is durable & boasts incredible sheen
  • Includes removable side shields for extra peripheral protection
  • SFW: 130

Wiley X Weekender

If you've been on the hunt for pink safety glasses, your search ends here. The Wiley X Weekender fulfills every female's fashionable eyewear desires and need for serious safety. Round, oversized lenses provide a casual, lifestyle look, but also serve a protective purpose by providing generous coverage. A refined saddle bridge even distributes weight across the nose and delivers a flattering look for a variety of face shapes. Overall, these pink safety glasses are some of the most versatile, stylish, and durable frames that have come through SportRx doors — and our female opticians are here for it.

Wiley X Weekender pink safety glasses with rose gold mirror lenses.

Wiley X Weekender in Crystal Blush with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X Weekender

WX Weekender Key Features:

  • Safety ratings: ANSI Z87.1 & ANSI Z87-2
  • Coveted pink safety glasses with ANSI-certification!
  • Oversized, round lenses provide generous coverage & glamorous look
  • Available with Rx-able CAPTIVATE™ lens technology
  • SFW: 135

OnGuard by Hilco OG220S

Our next frame is ideal for workers in healthcare, laboratory, or electrical fields. This metal-free frame is non-conductive, making it a smart choice for everyday wear. A 6-base design acts as the perfect medium between the Rx-ability of a flatter lens and the contoured fit of a wrap around style. This slightly wrapped fit creates coverage from all angles, while the side shields deliver extra peripheral protection. The OnGuard by Hilco OG220S also features a dust dam and textured nose pads, so you get unobstructed vision and comfortable wear. Both of these accessories are also replaceable, so you can wear these stylish safety glasses for years to come.

OnGuard by Hilco OG2220S clear and pink safety glasses.

OnGuard by Hilco OG220S in Grey / Pink with Clear Prescription Lenses

Shop OnGuard by Hilco OG220S

OnGuard by Hilco OG2202S Key Features:

  • Safety ratings: ANSI Z87.1 & CSA Z94.3
  • 6-base frame with side shields for one-eighty protection
  • Replaceable dust dam & textured nose pads
  • Available with Rx only - choose from SportRx Safety Optimized Lenses or Custom Lenses
  • SFW: 55 eyesize - 125; 58 eyesize - 135

ArmouRx 6008

Closing out our lineup of the best women's safety glasses, we have a frame that was hand-picked by our opticians for those with prescription needs. The ArmouRx 6008 is an Rx-friendly frame that serves great style with 20/20 vision. Similar to the OG220S, these pink safety glasses are also non-conductive, meaning there are no metal parts within the frame. Rubber nose pads and temple tips enhance comfort, while also providing grip to stay securely in place. The ArmouRx 6008 features a removable dust bar and integrated side shields, so your eyes are free from harm's way. These womens' prescription safety glasses are available with SportRx Safety Optimized Lenses or Custom Lenses, so you get a unique look tailor-made to your Rx.

ArmouRx 6008 pink safety glasses for women

ArmouRx 6008 in Pink with Clear Prescription Lenses

Shop ArmouRx 6008

ArmouRx 6008 Key Features:

  • Safety ratings: ANSI Z87.1 & CSA Z94.3
  • 8-base wrap around style with integrated side shields
  • Removable dust dam & rubber nose pads fo comfortable, clear vision
  • Available with Rx only - choose from SportRx Safety Optimized Lenses or Custom Lenses
  • SFW: 137

Safety Glasses FAQs

If you still have questions about safety glasses for women, we still have answers! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions received by our opticians.

Who makes the most stylish safety glasses?

Wiley X makes some of the most stylish safety glasses for women (and men!). All Wiley X frames are safety-rated and feature fashionable designs fit for any situation. Some of our favorite women's styles are the Wiley X Sleek, WX Weekender, WX Glory, and WX Affinity. They're also all Rx-able!

Can I get women's safety glasses with prescription?

Yes. Many styles of women's safety glasses are available with prescription lenses. At SportRx, almost every safety frame we carry is Rx-able! Customize your Rx lenses to your prescription needs and personal style to achieve a unique look in your women's prescription safety glasses.

Can I get women's safety sunglasses for outdoor use?

Absolutely. ANSI safety standards apply to both eyeglasses and sunglasses, so you get the perfect level of tint for your job or activity. Women's safety sunglasses are available in a variety of lens colors, allowing you to get the most contrast-enhancing vision for the task. With 100% UV protection, you'll get comfortable vision as you focus on outdoor tasks.

Shop Women's Prescription Safety Glasses Online at SportRx

We hope today's blog has equipped you with five reliable options for high-quality, fashionable safety glasses. Every frame is available with Rx lenses at SportRx, and we have video guides and tool tips as you customize your perfect pair of prescription safety glasses. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house Sports Opticians who can help you build your women's prescription safety glasses.

Ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee™. Try any of our picks for the best women's safety glasses and if you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know. Get a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? We've got you covered there, too. Get women's safety sunglasses online at SportRx today!

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