For the woman who wears many hats, Wiley X women's sunglasses are the do-it-all eyewear that can keep up with the variety of your days. Whether you're heading out the door for a weekend brunch, to watch Susie's soccer game, or to clock in at your job, Wiley X women's sunglasses deliver great style, clear vision, and safety-rated protection in every situation. Discover opticians' top picks for the best Wiley X women's sunglasses that you won't want to leave home without.

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Wiley X Women's Sunglasses
B. Best Wiley X Women's Sunglasses
1. WX Affinity
2. WX Helix
3. WX Mystique
4. WX Glory
5. WX Weekender
C. Wiley X Women's Sunglasses FAQs
D. Shop Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx

What to Look for in Wiley X Women's Sunglasses

Before we get into our frame lineup, let's review common features you'll find across all Wiley X women's sunglasses.


Women's safety glasses have never looked better. In fact, Wiley X women's sunglasses are so stylish, you may have never guessed they're ANSI-rated. All adult Wiley X eyewear is ANSI Z87.1-certified to meet strict safety standards and regulations set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This safety rating protects against high mass and high velocity impacts, so you can go confidently as you seize the day.

CAPTIVATE™ Lens Technology

All frames included here are available with Wiley X CAPTIVATE™ lenses. This proprietary lens technology manipulates the visible light spectrum to reveal brighter colors, greater contrast, and better depth perception. With eight colors to choose from, you're guaranteed the perfect tint for your environment. They're also all polarized!


At SportRx, all Wiley X sunglasses are Rx-able. That's because we believe in helping you see better while doing the things you love, and Wiley X makes it easy. We're proud to offer authentic Wiley X prescription lenses in your favorite styles, so you get 20/20 vision wherever the day takes you. And since safety is at the core of everything Wiley X, your prescription lenses will also be ANSI-rated!

Best Wiley X Women's Sunglasses

Time to check out the frames!

WX Affinity

Kicking off our lineup, we have the Wiley X Affinity. These 8-base wrap around sunglasses provide all the coverage you need in one sleek, stylish design. You'll appreciate the wide field of vision and unobstructed peripherals you get from the Affinity's contoured fit. Like the rest of today's frames, it features a Triloid™ nylon construction, which is impact-resistant, durable, and extremely lightweight. Elegant temples create a refined profile and metal accents are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Wiley X Affinity women's sunglasses in black with silver flash lenses.

Wiley X Affinity in Gloss Black with Grey Silver Flash Lenses

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WX Affinity Key Features:

  • 8-base wrap provides maximum coverage
  • Lightweight Triloid™ nylon construction is impact-resistant
  • Comes with leash cord for additional frame security
  • Rx-able
  • SportRx Frame Width: 130 (What is SFW?)

WX Helix

Our next frame is a member of the Wiley X Active 6 Collection, which boasts performance designs with a prescription-friendly 6-base wrap. The Wiley X Helix is a Wayfarer-inspired frame whose classic shape never goes out of style. Square lenses flatter a variety of face shapes, and the saddle bridge evenly distributes weight across the nose. You'll get a comfortable fit for hours on end and effortless style that fits in at any occasion. The Wiley X Helix also comes with removable swivel side shields, should the day call for extra peripheral protection.

Wiley X Helix sunglasses in brown with gold accents and polarized green mirror lenses.

Wiley X Helix in Gloss Demi with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Green Mirror Lenses

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WX Helix Key Features:

  • REXY Nominee for Versatility Award
  • 6-base design can hold a range of prescriptions with ease
  • Classic styling with square lens and tapered temple design
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 132

WX Mystique

Oversized sunglass lovers, this frame is for you. The Wiley X Mystique gives you all the coverage you could need in one gorgeous, glamorous design. Softly rounded square lenses provide 100% UV protection while adding a dose of allure. An eight-base wrap delivers a contoured fit and the lightweight frame material makes sure you're comfortable throughout the day. And can we talk about that rose gold lens? We'll take two, please!

Wiley X Mystique women's sunglasses in black with pink polarized lenses.

Wiley X Mystique in Gloss Black with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Mirror Lenses

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WX Mystique Key Features:

  • 8-base wrap provides coverage from all angles
  • Glamorous, oversized lens design delivers 100% UV protection
  • Wiley X logo inlay at temples for extra visual interest
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 133

WX Glory

Your search for the perfect pair of sports performance sunglasses ends here. The Wiley X Glory is packed with everything you need in a sports frame to help you achieve that win. Its 8-base design provides full wrap around coverage, and the contoured fit helps you spot the competition coming in from your peripherals. Rubber grip along the nose pads and temples keeps your frames securely in place, even when you break a sweat. Our Sports Opticians also love the unique temple design, which fits seamlessly under your helmet or hat.

Wiley X Glory sunglasses in purple with grey lenses.

Wiley X Glory in Dark Crystal Purple with Grey Lenses

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WX Glory Key Features:

  • 8-base performance wrap for all-around coverage
  • Rubber nose pads & temples for comfortable grip
  • Unique temple design fits seamlessly with helmets & hats
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 135

WX Weekender

Last, but certainly not least, we couldn't be more excited to present the Wiley X Weekender. These stunning Wiley X women's sunglasses look so good, you may never want to take them off. They're an Rx-friendly 6-base frame and their generous round lenses hold a range of prescriptions with ease. The extended frame design replicates the effect of side shields to deliver subtle peripheral protection and prevent light leak. You'll achieve clear, comfortable vision without the harsh effects of glare and blinding light. On top of its gorgeous design, the Wiley X Weekender is as tough as they come. This beauty made it into our Best Women's Safety Glasses lineup for its impact-resistance and ANSI-certified protection.

Wiley X Weekender pink safety glasses with rose gold mirror lenses.

Wiley X Weekender in Crystal Blush with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Rose Gold Mirror Lenses

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WX Weekender Key Features:

  • 6-base design can hold a range of prescriptions with ease
  • Extended frame design creates subtle side shields
  • Featured in the Best Women's Safety Glasses
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 135

Wiley X Women's Sunglasses FAQs

When no two days look alike, finding an adaptable frame can feel like an impossible feat. Wiley X understands that every person's vision needs and daily pursuits are different, so versatility is one of their specialties. Read some of our most frequently asked questions to discover your perfect match for Wiley X women's sunglasses.

Are all Wiley X women's sunglasses considered safety glasses?

Yes. All Wiley X women's sunglasses (and mens!) are safety-rated. All adult Wiley X frames meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety standards and testing. This safety certification guarantees protection against high mass and high velocity impacts.

How are Wiley X sunglasses for women different from their men's designs?

From their aesthetic design to their physical fit, every component of Wiley X women's sunglasses is created for her. With softer shapes and more flattering forms than men's or unisex styles, Wiley X sunglasses for women compliment a female's unique facial features. They're also available in a variety of classic and feminine colors, so the wearer can express her personal style and color preferences.

Can I get Wiley X women's sunglasses with polarized lenses?

Absolutely. Each frame included in this post are available with polarized CAPTIVATE™ lens technology, which blocks glare and reduces haze. There are also several unpolarized lens colors, should you prefer a standard lens.

Where can I buy prescription Wiley X sunglasses for women?

At SportRx, we're proud to offer Wiley X women's sunglasses in prescription that are tailor-made to your vision needs. Simply select “Authentic Wiley X Lenses” during the customization step and we'll take you through every piece of the build process. From selecting the lens material to the color, we've got you covered. Have questions as you create your perfect pair? Reach out to us and one of our friendly in-house opticians will be happy to help!

Shop Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee™. Try any of our picks for the best Wiley X women's sunglasses, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know. We'll get you set up with a full refund, exchange, or credit towards a better pair. And return shipping? We’ve got you covered there, too. Get Wiley X sunglasses for women online at SportRx today!

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