SMITH Optics has a motto of living life outside walls, and with this motto, they have created products for their customers to help them get the most out of every moment. Driven by this, SMITH has become a front-runner in the cycling industry. Countless athletes worldwide entrust SMITH to equip them with the best sunglasses so that they can perform at their peak performance. Luckily enough for you, SportRx-perts have selected the Best SMITH Cycling Glasses 2019 to help you have a seamless ride.



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What to Look for in a Pair of Cycling Glasses
Best SMITH Cycling Glasses of 2019
1. SMITH Attack
2.SMITH Pivlock Arena
3. SMITH Tempo Max
4. SMITH Rebound


What To Look For in a Pair of Cycling Glasses


First and foremost when trying on any pair of sunglasses, making sure that you have the proper fit is key. Now when it comes to cycling this is even more important because not only do you have to make sure that the sunglasses fit your face, but that they also fit under your helmet. Frames that have straight-back temples are going to be prime for cycling versus the traditional hooked temples. These straight-back temples are also going to make it easier to replace when you need to.


Sunglasses that are specific to cycling will have rubber on both the nosepiece and the temples. This is critical for maintaining a precise optimal alignment when you begin to sweat. This is especially key for those with prescription sunglasses.

Coverage & Protection

When it comes to cycling glasses, having maximum coverage is key. The reason for this is you want ample wind and debris protection so that you have no mishaps when cycling. Ideally, for cycling, you want a wraparound frame design. The reason for this is that the more wrap you have the more coverage and extended peripherals. A side note to remember, as a cyclist having coverage on the top by the brow is important for when you are in the drop position. This will allow for a better visual.

Lightweight Build

Having a pair of sunglasses when cycling is a very important piece of equipment. However, you do not want to feel as though you have a piece of equipment on when riding. Basically, you want to feel as though there is nothing there at all. The reason for this is that when you are leaning over, in the drop position, heavy sunglasses may begin to slide off your face. This will greatly impair your riding experience.

Optimal Lenses for Road Conditions

For a cyclist, it is important to go with lighter lenses for your sunglasses. The reason is that darker lenses may cause you to miss obstacles such as potholes which will hinder your riding experience. Lighter lenses provide enhanced contrast, which will allow you to spot those obstacles and avoid them ahead of time.

Wanting to dig deeper into the specifics of finding a killer pair of cycling sunglasses? Check out our Cycling Glasses Buyer’s Guide for the down-low.

Best SMITH Cycling Glasses of 2019


SMITH Attack

Best Smith Cycling Glasses of 2019

SMITH Attack in Matte Black with ChromaPop Platinum & Contrast Rose Flash lens


Shop SMITH Attack

The SMITH Attack sunglasses are SportRx’s top choice when it comes to the best SMITH cycling glasses of 2019. The SMITH Attack sunglasses are equipped with interchangeable lens technology to allow you to swap out lenses for various light conditions. The Attack comes with two ChromaPop lenses that offer a lower brow design to allow for increased ventilation on hot days.

SMITH Pivlock Arena

best smith cycling glasses 2019

SMITH Pivlock Arena in Matte Black Reactor with ChromaPop Green lens


Shop SMITH Pivlock Arena

The SMITH Pivlock Arena sunglasses are built for optimum comfort for athletes who train in every condition. This lightweight frame provides a lot of coverage and a shield lens to keep out unwanted wind and sunlight. The Pivlock Arena has interchangeable lenses for a quick and seamless swap out. The added rubber on the nose bridge and temples keep these awesome sunglasses in place.

SMITH Tempo Max

Best Smith Cycling Glasses 2018

SMITH Tempo Max in Black with ChromaPop Polarized Platinum lenses

Shop SMITH Tempo Max

The SMITH Tempo Max is a great choice for those riders needing a prescription lens. The Tempo frame has two different lens sizes to choose from, regular and Max. The difference being the height of the lens, and the Max being the longer of the two. The semi-rimless design is optimal for cycling as seeing the edge of the bottom frame as you ride isn’t desirable. With rubber nose pads and temples the Tempo Max is staying put through every bump and jostle of your ride.

SMITH Rebound

Best Smith Cycling Glasses 2019

SMITH Rebound in Matte Rise with ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror lenses

Shop SMITH Rebound

For the riders looking for a more traditional full frame, the SMITH Rebound has got you covered. Designed with the need for speed in mind, the Rebound gives you a full range of coverage, all with style at the forefront. They are equipped with megol nose pads and temples allowing for both a secure fit and a smooth helmet integration.

Prescription SMITH Cycling Glasses at SportRx

Need prescription SMITH Cycling Glasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription SMITH Cycling Glasses.

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