From chlorinated pools to open waters, swimmers of all kinds require, and deserve, goggles that properly fit and protect their eyes. If you’re wondering how to pick the right swimming goggles for you, SportRx is here to help. Follow along with our Swimming Goggles Buyer’s Guide for more on what to look for in aquatic eyewear, swimming goggles lenses, and our top recommendations!

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Swimming Goggles
B. Swimming Goggle Lens Guide
C. Top Swimming Goggles
1. Rec Specs Shark K
2. Rec Specs Shark
3. Wiley X Propulsion
D. Swimming Goggles FAQs
E. Shop Prescription Swimming Goggles Online at SportRx

What to Look for in Swimming Goggles

Adjustable Bridge

Faces come in many shapes and sizes, and an adjustable bridge strap can accommodate them all. Having an adjustable or interchangeable bridge ensures proper spacing of the eyecups, allowing the goggles to achieve a perfect seal around your eyes. A secure seal isn’t just about keeping water out of the goggles, but also about keeping pressure off your nose.

Proper Fit

There’s nothing worse than wearing goggles that don’t properly fit or cause discomfort. Goggles with strap integration help relieve those issues. A silicone strap guarantees prime retention and a comfortable fit for a full swimming meet or training session.

Anti-Fog Coatings

Keeping swimming goggle lenses from fogging underwater is a constant struggle. Fogging occurs by the constant change in temperature to the surface of the lens as it moves in and out of the water. This causes condensation to form on the inside of the lens, fogging up your vision. An anti-fog coating can minimize lens obstructions and help you achieve optical clarity.

Swimming Goggle Lens Guide

Swimming goggle lenses can make or break your experience. Not all lenses are ideal for every situation, and our swimming goggles lens guide breaks down which goggle lenses work best in specific environments.


When you’re swimming in an indoor pool, opt for a clear or light-colored lens. Clear lenses allow the maximum amount of light through, while lens colors like amber and vermilion cut a small amount of light transmission but create a brighter visual experience.

Swimming indoor goggle lenses


For outdoor swimming, a mirror coating on a dark tint is the way to go. They’re ideal for bright outside, daytime-use as they’ll block sunlight and tone down the brightness.

If you’re looking for a versatile option, a contrast-enhancing lens color like rose copper works for cloudy days and indoor pools that are well-lit.

Swimming outdoor goggle lenses


When swimming in the pool, and especially the ocean, glare can greatly affect your vision. Polarized swimming goggle lenses help combat blinding and irritating light, making it easier to focus and enjoy your activity.

Swimming polarized goggle lenses


Transition lenses adjust to accommodate varying lighting conditions by reacting to the amount of UV light present. For swimming goggles, you’re able to swim in any environment, as your lenses will respond to the current conditions.

Swimming transition goggle lenses

Top Swimming Goggles

From competitive swimmers to those with super-active imaginations pretending to be mermaids, quality swimming goggles make aquatic activities more enjoyable. Continue reading for our picks on the top swimming goggles!

Rec Specs Shark K

The Rec Specs Shark K swimming goggles are the perfect goggles for your little one. Made from lightweight material, the Shark K is incredibly easy to wear. The integrated silicone strap keeps the goggles secure and comfortable, and the adjustable nose bridge means your mini-me will get the perfect fit. These prescription-friendly goggles are made for pool days and cannon balls.

Shark K Swimming Goggles

Rec Specs Shark K in Purple with Clear Lenses

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Shark K Key Features:

  • Strap integration maintains goggle retention
  • Adjustable nose bridge allows for customized fit
  • Rx-able
  • Extra small fit, perfect for kids

Rec Specs Shark

A larger version of the Shark K, the Rec Specs Shark is a medium fit and perfect for adults. The silicone strap keeps the goggles firmly and comfortably in place. The adjustability feature of the cut-to-fit nose bridge allows you to customize the goggles to properly fit your face, creating a perfect seal and thus, unobstructed vision. Whether you’re swimming laps at the pool or training for a triathlon, the Shark swimming goggles are a top choice.

Shark Swimming Goggles

Rec Specs Shark in Grey with Yellow Lenses

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Shark Key Features:

  • Silicone strap provides a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Rx-able
  • Medium fit

Wiley X Propulsion

Perfect for men, women, and kids alike, the Wiley X Propulsion is a great all-around swimming goggle. Four interchangeable nose bridge sizes help you achieve the perfect fit, while silicone eye cups properly seal and protect your eyes. The Propulsion strap allows you to adjust the fitting, making sure it remains secure. Equipped with multiple lens coatings, your goggle lenses will be free from oils, scratches, and fog.

Wiley X Propulsion Swimming Goggles

Wiley X Propulsion Swimming Goggles in White

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Propulsion Key Features:

  • Interchangeable nose bridges allow for tailor-made fit
  • Anti-fog coating keeps lenses clear
  • Rx-able
  • Medium fit

Swimming Goggles FAQs

Can I use swimming goggles when scuba diving?

While they share similarities, swimming and scuba diving are two different activities that require two different types of equipment. When swimming in a pool or open bodies of water, you’re keeping mostly to the surface and swimming goggles will work perfectly fine. For scuba diving, you’re exploring deeper than the water’s surface, meaning you’ll require heavier duty eyewear. Scuba goggles cover your nose and offer larger lenses and visibility but are not ideal for competitive swimming.

Can you swim with goggles and contacts?

If it works well for you, then don’t fix what isn’t broken. However, as opticians, we have learned to expect that contacts can be a bit of a liability. They can fall out, create eye irritation (especially from pool chemicals), and create a distraction. Not to mention, sometimes eye infections happen, which means you have to go without contacts for a few weeks. Swimming goggles offer an eyewear solution when contact lenses aren't an option, or if you're struggling to achieve 20/20 vision underwater.

Can I get swimming goggles in prescription?

Absolutely! Vision needs should not hinder your performance, and prescription swimming goggles can give you the clear vision you deserve.

If you’re looking for top picks for Rx-friendly goggles, visit our blog on the Best Prescription Swimming Goggles.

Where can I buy prescription swimming goggles?

Through SportRx! When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tool tips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair of prescription swimming goggles. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, give us a call. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians, and fellow cyclists, who can help you build your swimming goggles in prescription.

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