Are prescription needs getting in the way of your love for the water? Contact lenses aren't an option for everyone, nor do they play nicely with salt water or chlorinated pools. At SportRx, we take your vision needs and favorite sports seriously. It's our mission to help people see better while doing the things they love — even if those activities are underwater. That's why our Sports Opticians put two top performance brands to the test. Join us as we stack up Rec Specs vs. Wiley X prescription goggles for swimming!

Rec Specs vs. Wiley X Swim Goggles

A. Similarities
1. Goggles
2. Lenses
B. Differences
1. Strap Style
2. Adjustable Nose Piece
3. Sizing
C. Prescription Goggles for Swimming
1. Wiley X Propulsion
2. Rec Specs Shark
3. Rec Specs Shark K
D. Rx Goggles for Swimming FAQs
E. Shop Prescription Goggles for Swimming Online at SportRx


Let's dive into the shared features of Rec Specs and Wiley X swim goggles.


Both brands use silicone eyecups to create a comfortable, watertight seal. The straps are also silicone, although the cut and style of the strap varies among the different swim goggles. Each pair also has adjustable nose piece features, which we'll explain when we look at the individual goggles.


For the lenses, both Rec Specs and Wiley X swim goggles are available in prescription. Each goggle has a variety of SportRx lens options that are completely customizable. From your choice of lens material to lens colors and coatings, our simple lens configurator will walk you through every step of the customization process. We also have friendly Sports Opticians who are available to help you create the perfect pair of prescription goggles for swimming. Give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your typical swimming environment and Rx needs.


Now that we're familiar with the similarities, let's investigate how these swim goggles differ from one another. As we look at both brands, it's important to note that Wiley X offers one goggle, the WX Propulsion, while Rec Specs offers two. Rec Specs has one style for adults (the Shark) and one for kids (the Shark K).

Strap Style

  • Wiley X Propulsion: A long strap that doubles up with one adjustment spot.
  • Rec Specs Shark: A single strap that splits into two pieces and has two adjustment spots.
  • Rec Specs Shark K: A shorter, single strap that is thicker at the center and has two adjustment spots.

While strap style is largely dependent on personal preference, let's take a closer look at each brand's offering of goggle straps. Wiley X uses a traditional double strap, also known as a dual strap. This type of strap is one long piece that doubles up to create essentially two straps. You can wear them together, although most swimmers prefer adjusting the placement of the two straps to have one piece just above the ears and the other piece slightly higher on the head. It features one adjustment spot.

For Rec Specs, they use two different strap styles for their adult and children's swim goggles. For the adult style, the Shark, it features a split strap. It starts as a single piece at each temple, then splits into two pieces as it nears the back of the head. This fit creates a secure and comfortable hold. For the Rec Specs kids' swim goggles, it is a single piece that thickens as you near the back of the head. This style is easier for children to secure themselves and creates a secure fit that doesn't slip. Both Rec Specs swim goggles have two adjustable spots, one at each temple.

Adjustable Nose Piece

  • Wiley X Propulsion: Includes four interchangeable nose pieces sizing S-XL.
  • Rec Specs Shark: One cut-to-length nose piece that is fully customizable.
  • Rec Specs Shark K: One cut-to-length nose piece that is fully customizable.

While both brands offer adjustable nose pieces, they each go about it in a different way. The Wiley X Propulsion comes with four interchangeable nose pieces that allow you to select your perfect fit. These nose pieces vary in sizing from small to extra-large.

For Rec Specs, both their swim goggles feature one long nose piece that is cut-to-length. This system allows you to create a completely custom size that guarantees a perfect fit.


  • Wiley X Propulsion: Suitable for adults and children.
  • Rec Specs Shark: Designed for adults.
  • Rec Specs Shark K: Designed for kids.

As for sizing, Wiley X uses their unique interchangeable nose piece design to make a one-size-fits-all swim goggle. Both adults and children can wear the WX Propulsion by simply selecting the appropriately fitting nose piece. For Rec Specs, they designed two goggles to accommodate adults and children separately. The children's version has slightly smaller eyecups and a shorter strap than the adult goggle.

Prescription Goggles for Swimming

Now that we've seen the similarities and differences between Rec Specs and Wiley X swim goggles, let's give each pair their moment in the spotlight. Here's each frame we've discussed today and links to shop.

Wiley X Propulsion

The Wiley X Propulsion is a one-size-fits-all prescription swim goggle. It utilizes an interchangeable nose piece system to create a custom and comfortable fit for both adults and children. From the four included nose pieces, select the one that best fits your unique facial features. A double strap creates a secure hold and features a single adjustment spot for a perfect fit.

Wiley X Propulsion prescription goggles for swimming in white with black strap.

Wiley X Propulsion in White

Shop Wiley X Propulsion

WX Propulsion Key Features:

  • Fits adults & children
  • Includes four interchangeable nose pieces for a perfect fit
  • Double strap creates a secure hold
  • Rx-able

Rec Specs Shark

Designed for adults, the Rec Specs Shark goggles give you clear vision underwater. Prescription-ready and comfortable to wear, you'll make dry eye and blurry vision a thing of the past. A cut-to-length nose piece ensures a custom fit and the split strap creates a non-slip grip.

Rec Specs Shark prescription swim goggles in light grey with clear strap.

Rec Specs Shark in Light Grey

Shop Rec Specs Shark

Rec Specs Shark Key Features:

  • Designed for adults
  • Cut-to-length nose piece guarantees a perfect fit
  • Split strap with two adjustment spots for a comfortable hold
  • Rx-able

Rec Specs Shark K

Inspired by the adult version, but in a fit just for kids, the Rec Specs Shark K is ready to hit the water. With fun colors to choose from, these kids' prescription swim goggles stand out from the crowd and deliver clear vision. The Shark K has a shorter strap and smaller eyecups compared to the adults goggle.

Rec Specs Shark kids swim goggles in purple with clear strap.

Rec Specs Shark K in Purple

Shop Rec Specs Shark K

Rec Specs Shark K Key Features:

  • Designed for kids
  • Cut-to-length nose piece guarantees a perfect fit
  • Single strap thickens at back of head for non-slip grip
  • Rx-able

Rx Goggles for Swimming FAQs

Sports Opticians answer some of our most frequently asked questions about prescription swimming goggles!

How much do prescription swim goggles cost?

Prescription swim goggles are considered a custom product, so costs will vary. For the most basic options, costs typically start around $200. This price increases as additional lens options are selected. At, we are transparent with prices throughout the customization process, so you always know how much you will pay for each option. We will also give you the final price with a cost breakdown once you've completed customization.

Does anyone make swim goggles with prescription?

Not all swim goggles are Rx-able. Sports Opticians recommend Rec Specs and Wiley X for performance swim goggles that are prescription-friendly.

Are prescription swim goggles worth it?

If you're an avid swimmer and have prescription vision needs, Rx goggles for swimming are absolutely worth it. They give you 20/20 underwater vision and will allow you to experience the water like never before. They're also a great option for those who can't wear contact lenses or find that contacts are drying and uncomfortable in chlorinated pools or saltwater. Certain contact lens brands are also not recommended for swimming.

Where can I get prescription swimming goggles?

At SportRx! We're proud to offer prescription swim goggles from top performance brands, like Rec Specs and Wiley X. Our intuitive customization process will walk you through every step of creating your custom pair. We also have in-house opticians available to help 7 days a week. Reach out to us!

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