A trip to the pool or beach is made better when you can see clearly beneath the water’s surface. A quality pair of swimming goggles remove obstacles — distracting glare, distorted underwater vision — and give you a 20/20 view of the world around you. And if you have prescription needs, then this is the list for you. Join SportRx as we highlight our top picks for the best prescription swimming goggles!

Table of Contents

A. Video Overview
B. What to Look for in Swimming Goggles
C. Best Prescription Swimming Goggles
1. Rec Specs Shark K
2. Rec Specs Shark
3. Wiley X Propulsion
D. Prescription Swimming Goggles at SportRx

Video Overview

Join Sports Optician Tyler as he introduces the best prescription swimming goggles! Read on to learn more about the frames.

What to Look for in Swimming Goggles

Whether you’re swimming laps or playing in the shallow end, you want clear visibility and an enjoyable experience. A comfortable strap helps secure your goggles, while an adjustable or interchangeable nose bridge allows you to achieve the best fit and proper seal around your eyes. A perfect seal not only keeps water out, but also alleviates unwanted pressure on your nose.

The right lenses for your swimming goggles will provide you with the best aquatic optical experience. For Rx-wearers, prescription lenses mean not worrying about taking out contacts and storing them, allowing for a better and easier swimming session. Lens coatings and features, like anti-fog and polarization, keep the lenses clear and block glare bouncing off the water.

For more information on picking the right goggles for you, check out our Swimming Goggles Buyer’s Guide.

Best Prescription Swimming Goggles

From Olympic swimmers to casual water aerobic participants, all prescription-wearers want to enjoy their favorite activity without their eyewear needs getting in the way. Continue reading for our top picks!

Rec Specs Shark K

Starting our list strong with the Rec Specs Shark K goggles. Strap integration ensures the goggles remain in place and the smaller size is ideal for kids. The nose bridge includes an adjustability feature, meaning the goggles will have a tailor-made fit. Constructed from lightweight material, the Rec Specs goggles are easy and effortless to wear. Whether your kiddo is a mermaid, doing underwater handstands, or swimming through the water like a shark, the Shark K is the perfect pair of swim goggles for your little one.


Rec Specs Shark K in Purple with Clear Lenses

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Shark K Key Features:

  • Silicone strap provides top-notch retention
  • Adjustable nose bridge prevents water from leaking in
  • Colorful frames are fun to wear
  • Extra small fit, ideal for kids

Rec Specs Shark

Next up is another Rec Specs frame! At a slightly bigger size than the Shark K, the Shark goggles are a medium fit and great for men and women alike. To secure the swimming goggles, a silicone strap comfortably adheres them to your head and prevents the goggles from slipping off. You can depend on the Rec Specs Shark to keep water away from your eyes, as the adjustable bridge allows you to customize the fit for a proper and comfortable seal.


Rec Specs Shark in Grey with Yellow Lenses

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Shark Key Features:

  • Adjustable silicone strap allows for customized fit
  • Crafted from lightweight material
  • Fits and flatters a variety of face shapes
  • Medium fit

Wiley X Propulsion

Rounding out our list is the Wiley X Propulsion. The high-quality swim goggles feature silicone eye cups for a secure seal and an anti-fog lens coating that thwarts blurry and distorted vision. Strap integration keeps the goggles secure and comfortably placed on your face, meaning you can breaststroke and backstroke without worrying about your goggles falling off. The Propulsion comes with four interchangeable nose bridges, which allow you to easily swap out for the perfect fit.


Wiley X Propulsion Swimming Goggles - White

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Propulsion Key Features:

  • Interchangeable nose bridges provide the best fit
  • Anti-fog coating ensures clear lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating reduces irritating reflective light
  • Medium fit

Prescription Swimming Goggles at SportRx

Ready for your pair of prescription swimming goggles? When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tool tips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair of goggles. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, give us a call. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians, who can help you build your prescription swimming goggles.

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