A man wearing a prescription scuba mask on his face while waist deep in the ocean

Prescription Scuba Mask

Whether you're swimming with fish in a vibrant coral reef, or delving into the depths of the dark ocean, custom prescription diving goggles from SportRx give you crystal-clear vision on every descent. Forget struggling with blurry vision underwater—our team of experts will help you find the perfect scuba goggles for all your underwater adventures.READ MORE


When it comes to safety during underwater exploration, investing without limits is crucial. No more dealing with uncomfortable contacts that stick to your eyes after encountering saltwater. Make the most of every adventure with a prescription scuba mask! At SportRx, you'll find dive masks customizable for you and your specific underwater environments, guaranteeing a perfect fit and enhanced vision during each dive.

What sets our scuba masks apart is the exceptional seal they create. Our masks provide a snug and watertight fit. With a well-fitted mask, you can focus on exploring the wonders beneath the surface without any worries about leaks or discomfort. They also combat fogging, which can often be a nuisance during dives. The advanced anti-fog technology keeps your vision crystal clear, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the underwater world without interruptions.

There are more affordable prescription alternatives for diving masks, but each has its limitations. For a truly personalized goggle and 20/20 vision, nothing beats a prescription scuba mask. Learn more in our blog Prescription Scuba Mask: It's a Thing!


Choosing the right scuba mask lens color depends on the diving environment and lighting conditions you typically encounter.

  • Night Diving and Caves: a clear lens is ideal as it allows the maximum amount of light in.
  • Caves and Murkey Waters: yellow lenses excel in low-light conditions.
  • Colorful Environments: a magenta tint enhances your ability to see brighter colors at greater depths.


    Safety is our priority, and if you’re not 100% confident in your prescription dive mask, don’t worry! You’re backed by the See Better Guarantee. Take 45 days with your diving goggles. If you aren’t happy with them, send them back for a full refund or credit towards a new purchase. We’ve got shipping covered. Get your custom, USA-made diving mask online at SportRx today!

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